Heard any news from the other provinces?

  1. There’s been some terrible trouble at the chapel in Anvil. All of dibellas priests and priestesses, murdered

  2. Orcs don't ride horses. They eat horses. And sometimes I think they're the smart ones. Wait, maybe it's Dunmer who eat horses.

  3. And no, we don't sell horses. But we do eat well. The stables are owned by an Orc. And you know... Orcs and horses.

  4. Rumour has it the Nerevarine has left Morrowind on an expedition to Akavir, and has not been heard from since.

  5. Nothing I ever heard about. But Jauffre would be the one to know. He is the Grandmaster of my Order.

  6. Best way to take out a skeleton is with a big weapon. Forget spells. Just smack them and watch the bones fly!

  7. I heard that thieves broke into the Arcane University, The Imperial Legion Compound, and the Temple, all on the same night!...wait a minute let me do that one again...I heard that Thieves broke into the Arcane University, The Imperial Legion Compound, and the Temple, all on the same night!

  8. STOP! You’ve violated the law; your stolen goods are now forfeit! Pay the court a fine or it’s off to jail…….then pay with your blood!!

  9. They say the Ukrainians are driving back the Daedra in the land of the Slavics. I don’t know how they do it!

  10. Ho hey, sweet lady of wayrest! Ho hey, sweet lady of mine! Oh I'll see you again, yes I'll see you again, sweet lady of wayrest so fine!

  11. The Chestnut Handy Stables used to sell horses. But they're gone. Our horses. All gone. Big mystery. No idea where they went. [burp]

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