Game Thread: New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings

  1. Some big drops and missed throws. But the killer to me is throwing it on third down at the 1 yard line when the Vikes still have a timeout. You run it and at worst make them burn the TO. If you get to the 2-3 yard line on 1st down and can't punch it in with 4 runs then wtf is going on.

  2. This game proved Mike White is high quality NFL QB. He’s our guy. Buffalo, Miami and Seattle are legit games we can win. Toss up games but we got a 50/60 chance of winning. That’s a conversation i like. Plus we are likely to win 10 games n make the playoffs. If the D can have 60 min solid game, we are beating teams down the road.

  3. As long as we're cherry picking takes here, Wilson could have had 2 tds if he doesn't step out of bounds in the second half and has a quarter of a step more speed in the first

  4. Heartbreaking loss but the past years would have been a beat down. Absolutely needed this win though because don't feel good about going into Buffalo next week.

  5. Team was too focused on running down the clock the berrios drop drive. We weren't playing the bills and chiefs and the defense was playing amazing. The last drive had too much focus on scoring too far out, when they could have easily gotten closer.

  6. Mike White with a 59.0 passer rating. Slightly better than Zach in the most recent Patriots game, worse than Zach‘s first Patriots game (even despite Zach’s 3 bone headed picks in the first Pats game). Other than the Zach’s Steelers game which was about the same as this game, Zach statistically out played Mike White every other start this year.

  7. At the end of the day he’s got the confidence to drive the ball down the field in the clutch moments and the whole team is behind him. Zach has done that once against the Steelers and has been abysmal since. Mike white got us to the red zone 3 times in the 4th quarter alone while being down 17 at one point. I’m not saying he’s gonna be our franchise QB yet but the red zone play calling was fucking horrible. This fan base has to stop calling for a QB job after every loss it’s insane. He’s played two games this season and thrown for 300+ yards each game . When Zachs on the field our wide outs aren’t even touching the fuckin ball

  8. I don't understand wtf LaFleur was thinking in those red zones possessions. His play calling was simply horrendous and the reason we lost this game.

  9. ive never had a jets qb in my 23 years make throws like mike did today. yea he missed wilson but berrios has to catch that fuckkiingg balll. im 3 twiste teas deep and im not stopping until i pass out.

  10. If we could've actually established the run, this could've been a W. White played great for how much we needed to rely on the pass game


  12. You run it 3 times or QB sneak it 9/10 times it’s a touchdown. Piss poor redzone one play calling by MiLf today. Get a fucking analytics guy next to him.

  13. Vikings fan here Gg! Mike White is legit! I'm rooting for you guys come play off time! We say FTP (Fuck the packers) do you guys say FTP? (Fuck the patriots) If so, FTP AND FTP!

  14. Red zone calls were terrible. Lafleur still sucks. Mike makes the easy passes but Wilson makes some of the other ones. Need mike to scramble a few times. He doesn’t. Wilson would have. D put us behind too early. Stayed on the field too long. Offense was woken up too late. Great freaking game though. I’m a jets fan. Whatever qb we have is who I’m rooting for. But this one could have played out different I feel. Initiate downvoting.

  15. I partially agree with your take. Except with ZW out there, he would have missed 70% of those first down check downs MW made. Zach would have made the GW pass that MW overthrew, but probably would have been behind him and not been a TD. He also would have scrambled for a couple more first downs. MW's ability to lead players on short routes is far superior to ZW. Either way, if MiLF would wake the fuck up this was an easy win. MiLF made ZW look way worse than he his, but ZW still needed to be sat. It was encouraging to see him not sulking like a little bitch on the sidelines this week.

  16. Regardless of how we all feel about the loss I think Mike White has made it obvious that he is VERY clearly more deserving of the starting job right now than anyone else on the roster.

  17. I dont understand why everyone is killing Berrios when the throw was slightly behind him just like a lot of other throws that receivers couldn't hold onto this game. It's a tough catch. Yeah he probably should have caught it but by no means was it easy.

  18. Dude wtf that pass was right on the money. Elijah Moore brings that in. Shame on MLF for the shit play calling and Berrios for dropping it.

  19. Yeah it’s a little behind him but if you wanna be a receiver in the NFL, ya gotta be able to catch that.

  20. He’s a fucking NFL receiver. If it hits you in the hands you catch it, and if you don’t it’s considered a drop..

  21. Lost is lost. Man up and look forward to the remaining games. Just play hard and see if we make the playoffs

  22. I dont know how any of you can call for anyone to be fired after a game like this. The play was there and Berrios just dropped it. MiLF was cooking up completions all game. Give me a break.. Jets played very very well and are a competitive team who lost to another very good competitive team. Sucks to lose but that was the most entertaining Jets game I’ve watched since maybe 2010

  23. I feel like a lot of people didnt watch the last decade of sickening performances by this team. We were down 20-3 and they never quit for a second today. Best game since last year's game vs Cincinnati which was maybe the best game since Geno in ATL on MNF.

  24. For real, I'm with you man. We had nearly 500 yards of offense and people are acting like we got our asses handed to us or something.

  25. Just short, it happens. Mike White is still the answer, WRs just let us down a bit in some key spots.

  26. Is it too much to ask for to see a Jets team execute in all 3 phases of the game? It feels like with an average level of performance from our WRs we win that game pretty comfortably

  27. Jets are a good QB away from being legit SB contenders.Hope they go after a vet QB in the off-season.Defense is spectacular.

  28. I know it's not a popular take but I'm fucking proud of how they fought back on the road against a loud crowd against a now 10-2 team. I'm not happy with some things but this is a team to be proud of for their fight.

  29. refs didn't help us in key moments, defense had some holes, great game overall. Berrios please catch that lol

  30. That one’s on coaching. Abysmal play calling at the 1. Can’t stand trying to get cute when you have 2 downs to go one yard. QB sneak is the single harfest play to stop for one yard or less. Get some guys to push and get the td

  31. I’m devastated but this team fought tonight. We were out of this at HT and the Vikes are a good team this year. It’s too early for these Jets to peak but my god, we’ve got a hell of a team here with a few acquisitions on offense for next year. We will crush the division within the next two years.

  32. Mike White balled out and showed so much grit. Just wish our WRs could’ve made one more play for him. Defense played their asses off despite playing vs the refs in the first half. I know it sucks to lose but really proud of how the team played today

  33. We almost pulled off the insane comeback. Our redzone issue are haunting today. Mike white is a baller anyone who says its his fault is wrong. Terrible drops and terrible penalties cost us this game

  34. Some of you are fucking delusional bashing Mike White in this thread. Zach Wilson would have NEVER, EVER had this team in this game like White did today.

  35. Oh man!!! Pulling my hair out today. What damn damn good defensive ball game for us today. The offense sure turned it around in the second half too. Mike white put us on position to win that game when Braxton dropped it. We clean up our ability to close out drives and we’re a serious contender. What a game though. I haven’t been so excited watching us play in a while

  36. Questionable playcalling to say the least, but the Jets should have been ahead very late. That Berrios drop might define the entire season. Backbreaking.

  37. We had the game on lock if we ran the ball on 3rd and 4th down at the 1. Throwing it twice was bad. Once, sure, but two times is bad.

  38. Sure it sucks, but fuck it man White wasn't done any favors with those dropped passes, we were in that game right up to the last second.

  39. y'all Mike White did not have a great game. was making the wrong throws all game and could not do anything in the red zone. better than Zach but anyone saying he deserves no responsibility for this loss is blind

  40. Lmao what a bunch of babies in this thread. That was a top 3 team. Our receivers( minus gw) sold all game. White looked pretty fucking good. Refs were all over our D early.

  41. That’s what I’m saying. Other than the play calling, which has been kinda bad since week 1, this was an awesome game.

  42. You’re celebrating losing dude. This “happy to be here” bullshit is a loser’s mentality. We threw it twice from the one…OC is accountable

  43. Anyone else think that last pass was on the way to Garrett Wilson in the back of the endzone before Mike White got hit?

  44. No it doesn’t. They proved this is a different team. They came back from 3 score deficit and honestly should’ve won if Berrios held on. We wanted to hang with the big boys in December well we just did. This is a gigantic turnaround in 1 year and they are massively over performing.

  45. we dont need a stellar offense but for this to work we need an offense that can take advantage of situations like that. luckily i think we can grow into that team

  46. This team just doesn't have the push for short yardage running. The injuries and underperformance from Tomlinson are killers in red zone offense.

  47. We deserve to lose 2nd and goal at the 1. We’re not going anywhere unless Lafluer fixes that we had two golden opportunities

  48. Such a winnable game. God damn man, just so brutal. LaFluer was great outside of the redzone but was maybe the worst we have ever seen in the redzone. So many drops from our receivers. Just a heart breaking brutal lose.

  49. I think Mike LaFleur could be an outstanding coach, but I think he really isn't gameplanning well at all. He is the one I believe is holding the team back.

  50. MLF had a bad game no doubt but fact is the GW td was in berrios's chest and he dropped it. Can scheme all you want if players don't execute it doesn't matter.

  51. Time. Probably had no idea exactly what the clock was, but no TO's, wouldn't have gotten out of bounds and wouldn't have picked up the first.

  52. We should be proud of that performance that was a hell of slog especially with the crappy ref calls. We are playing meaningful football folks! We go again!

  53. Ya this is the takeaway. A lot of mistakes and things to cleanup but that was a good game that we had a chance to win (and should have) against a very good opponent.

  54. Now I'd rather go for it 4th and goal but do you kick the FG then hold them to a 3 and out and attempt to get into FG range and win instead? That goal series was fucking pitiful play call.

  55. I don't think so. Having the ball from their 25 after a FG would make the field position way worse. It was the right decision absolutely. Playcalling leading up to it not great.

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