Is the rtx 3070ti worth getting over the normal 3070?

  1. Well in this situation, 10% of the price is $90 so OP would be paying an extra 10% for an extra 10% performance.

  2. Bruh, you didn't ask this but I'm going to say it anyway: prices are dropping like a stone right now. Unless you absolutely need it, wait.

  3. I guess it depends on the country, here in Chile the 3070s used are like 850 bucks and new are like 1100USD or so.

  4. idk man i feel like the 3080 will be the same price for awhile. The 3070 prolly go down to 550-600 and the 3060ti will prolly go back down to 480ish but until the 40 series cards we are paying a bit over msrp.

  5. The key deciding factor between the two is heat. The 3070Ti is essentially an overclocked version of the 3070, it has 3% more CUDA cores, 35% faster vram and 27% higher TDP (220W vs 290W) which combine to give only a 5-7% performance boost. That's a lot of extra power and heat you're generating for a somewhat disappointing performance increase. If you have sufficient cooling and decent ambient room temps, Ti is worth considering. Otherwise go with the 3070.

  6. Most of the heat is the GDDR6X, as those will need around 60W, but it still is only 8gb. The best card to buy so late in the cycle would be the 3060 Tie, as it’s almost 3070 level but msrp was more attractive

  7. I had a two fan 3070 and upgraded it to a 3 fan 3070 ti. Mostly did it for better cooling and it looked tiny in my large case but the better performance was a bonus. Also at the time a 3080 was unobtanium.

  8. Only if you can find them at a good price, the only one I seen that's even close to MSRP is the 3060 to, and even that's still about $150-$200 over msrp

  9. Just got a 3060ti for 550 dollars the other day which is good IMO, above MSRP but better than what it was a few months ago or even a year ago

  10. Thats a no brainer then imo, i wouldnt pay significantly extra for a 70ti over a 70 as the perf difference is not worth it, id jump to the 80 instead, but if the price is the same its worth it.

  11. All I can say is avoid the founders edition ti. I got the 3070ti fe and that bitch is hot. I had to set a custom msi curve to keep the temps below 85, and looking online I am far from the only one with this issue.

  12. I've got a founders 3070ti and my peak temp is 77 degrees and that's while playing quake RTX. Normal temps for me are 65-72 under load and 28 idle

  13. I dont know if replacing thermal pads would help, i remember people doing that when 3000 series came out

  14. As a miner, this is just the 3070 Ti in general. The FE cards have some of the better cooling for 3070 Ti's to be honest. Obviously the Suprim X, FTW3 and Strix cards are better, but the FE is noticeable better than the TUF and all MSI and Gigabyte cards. (for 3070 Ti's)

  15. I got a founders edition 3070ti and temps never reach 80c. It usually averages 74c. Stock fan curve. I have 10 fans in my case all set to balanced. Maybe airflow is your problem.

  16. I agree 100%, the 60ti is a great card..i have a 3080ti too and its a solid argument that its not worth the price bump over the 3080. I do VR though so for me it was literally the best card i could afford even if the bump over the regular 80 is not massive, in VR extra perf even if its only upto 10% is a big deal.

  17. I was considering a 3070ti or a 3070 too, then i decided since I upgrade every 4-5 years I decided to go for the 3080 12gb instead. And so glad I did, if people tell you the 3070 is great for 1440p idk i'd say it would be ok if not playing graphically demanding games, where as the 3080 let's me max out every setting including raytracing in all games at get's me around 60-130fps depending on the game.

  18. Performance wise, 3070ti is just slightly faster than 3070. Like 10%? I will choose 3070 for the thermal performance. 3070ti used gddr6x which is so hot and can cause thermal issues. 3070 generally doesn’t have such an issue because it uses gddr6.

  19. Those are not entirely accurate and often use bad testing methodologies (i.e. not properly creating a perfectly GPU bound situation when testing GPUs). It’s better to actually watch performance benchmarks either with gameplay or from a reputable reviewer such as Gamers Nexus and then do the calculations yourself.

  20. The Founder's Edition is supposed to be $500, and it still is. Founder's Edition MSRPs are NOT the MSRP for AIB cards.

  21. Technically it makes sense with those prices. Normally, no. But in your case, 8-14% better fps for extra 11% money isn’t awful. I’m not sure where you live, but in the US, 3080’s are going for 900$ USD. If 3080 prices aren’t through the roof I’d rather have a 3080 than a 3070ti

  22. The 3070ti is roughly 6-8% faster than the non ti. So no the 11% increase in price is not really worth the 6-8% increase in performance.

  23. I couldn't find the 3070 cheaper than the 3070ti so I got the ti. If you plan to game at 1440p I think the extra $100 is worth it.

  24. you'll most likely be using identical settings for both these cards , e.g. using same DLSS quality settings, so definitely no, not worth it.

  25. This is question of do you like saving money or not. You don't need reddit lol. Think it's pretty obvious if you got it spend it, but if you're into value tech then go with 3070.

  26. Probably not worth it. Like others have said, its a marginal increase, and higher power draw too.

  27. It is not value driven at those inflated prices. I got a 3070TI as it was the only card available in stock at my exchange. Luckily they were all MSRP. If I went a week earlier I may have caught a 3080 but all tax free and MSRP us beggars can't be choosers

  28. I don't think a 3070Ti is worth it over a base 3070 as most games will only net single digit FPS improvements. There are a few you might get around 10 FPS difference. Is that worth another $100 to you?

  29. I would buy if they are at 20% discount over their MSRP because who are we kidding? 30x0 series is now almost 1.5 yrs old and will be outdated within 6 months.

  30. I got the 3070ti over the 3070 mainly for VR. The extra 10% makes a huge difference if you're playing high resource intensive games. I would swing for the highest tier card my wallet would allow pretty much.

  31. A lot of people here are talking about temp issues for the Ti, but I have a 3 fan version and it never went above 57 overclocked so I would get a 3 fan version if you get the Ti

  32. it's not worth in my opinion. If it was a 3080 and 3080 12G then ok, but same Vram, slightly higher frequency. The Benchmarks in Games show maximal 5-10 fps. I would rather invest the money in fast nvme drive, and put the game on this drive.

  33. I'm gonna be the black sheep here... but regular 3070's can mine much faster than 3070 Ti's due to those being limited from the factory in the Ethash and Dagger-Hashimoto algorithms.

  34. I just picked up an MSI Supreme for 800 after taxes the cheapest was a gigabyte Eagle for 699 so about 740 after tax so I think it was worth it to get that

  35. If they are similarly priced then go for the ti, but 3080 10g have started becoming close in price to the 70ti, more of an upgrade imo.

  36. Depends on what your using it for, if you just using it for gaming a 3070 will be fine, even a 3060 can run most games at 60 fps, so just get the 3070. If your using it for something like 3d animation get the 3070 ti or better, $100 more for only 10% more performance isn't very good but its still 10% more, so what do you value more? Cost or performance?

  37. If you hadn't gotten yourself a card yet, here in the USA you can get the 3070ti at Best buy right now at MSRP. Just bought myself one and waiting a week for when I can pick it uo

  38. If you can get the 3080 go 3080ti. I have the 3080 to and my son is rocking the 3090. In gaming there is not much difference

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