Healthy and Cheap Zero Calorie Drinks?

  1. This. Water will have no ill effects (other than having to pee!) and is guaranteed to make you feel good/better.

  2. Plain black tea, green tea, water. If it taste sweet and has zero calories.. I’d stay away. Nothing nutritious about that.

  3. How about fruit-infused water? Buy yourself a big jug and fill it with water and add whatever fruits and herbs you like and let it steep overnight. Strawberry slices and basil, lemon and mint, watermelon and lime, etc.

  4. Natural flavor extract won’t work. It sucks really. They just never taste right. You can try is but everything I have tried have tasted bad or required so much ingredients to flavor it even close to right that it wasn’t worth it. Like you need more than flavor and sweetness, it is a whole recipe with sourness from citrus needed to make it taste decent. You can get flavored stivia drops from Whole Foods and those will work but Stur is cheaper and has more flavor options. You could try adding sweetener to already flavor sparking water/seltzer water but i never tried that yet.

  5. I love Tazo Passion tea. It brews cold so you can just put a couple of bags in a pitcher of water and keep it in the refrigerator.

  6. Not zero cal, but I use a preqorkout that’s only like 10kcals. Tastes great, has electrolytes and gives you a little boost of energy to work out!

  7. Check if your mio is the caffeinated/ vitamin one if you drink it a lot and it has either of those that might be why

  8. Adding to the above-fruit infused water- if you need something a bit more exciting, buy a soda stream and make it fizzy. Don’t add any syrups, just fruit.

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