I’m curious how others feel about this job posting

  1. In 2006, i started at Kmart as a seasonal cashier for $12/hr. When they hired me on as a regular part-time, i went to $14/hr.

  2. Yea a basic wear house gig around here starts at over 20. Beats healthcare. Unfortunately/fortunately nursing pays far more than that. There’s nothing else I can do where I can make this much money :/.

  3. MA here...that's all the stuff I do/have done. That's an MA job description with receptionist pay. Very strange to throw nurse role in there. Going to deter MA applicants just using that. I'm not a nurse and wouldn't apply to a position saying I would be.

  4. Did you do patient education and med reconciliation? Those were the only two on that list I wasn’t allowed to do when I was in that role, but I’m going back a lot of years.

  5. It’s definitely not anything outside of the scope of a MA, I can’t understand how they think “nurse role” clarifies the MA position they posted.

  6. It sounds like a practice owned and run by physicians, who don't understand or appreciate the role of an RN in the office setting. I once worked in a place like this and they tried to put MA's and RN's in equal roles. (And then the MAs called themselves nurses.)

  7. I was an MA before… the only time I didn’t correct pts/family about calling me a nurse the pt was under 10. Most of the time it was “follow the nurse to the room”.

  8. In my state, it's illegal to represent yourself as a 'nurse' unless you are an RN or LPN/LVN. It's a misdemeanor, but carries possible jail time and/or a fine. Being even the most awesome MA ever does not make someone a nurse.

  9. I once worked in a primary care office like this as the only nurse, and got in trouble when I answered a few of a patient’s questions about BP (what causes high BP, lifestyle modifications to prevent, real basic nursing stuff).

  10. I wonder if this would affect a lawsuit? I’d imagine the patient would be able to claim/fault an office for not having best care/teaching by a RN?

  11. I was an MA before I was a nurse and that was pretty much my job description except add doing EKGs, wound care, foleys. I got paid way more though, what shit wages they’re offering

  12. Kaiser, in Portland OR, went through a decade or so ago and fired most of their clinic nurses, to replace them with medical assistants. Curious as to how it looked these days I checked their job listings. Only MAs for clinics, “excellent assessment skills” required.

  13. Someone needs to forward it to the licensing board and ask if they can clarify how an MA can be hired into a nurse role.

  14. Well this is how physicians have traditionally referred to the MAs that work in their offices: “my nurse will do…”. This has always annoyed me. I actually thought it was getting better because I know of offices now that refer to the MAs as “medical assistants” instead of “nurses.” But I think it’s so disrespectful and actually deceptive to call them nurses. Nothing wrong with being an MA—but an MA is not a NURSE.

  15. This. I work with MAs and the “nurse role” thing is suspect. This is an MA job 100% and the shit pay is pretty par for the course in GA.

  16. I thought MAs couldn’t refill medication? In my state, they’re also not supposed to provide patient education either. But everything else seems okay, except the atrocious pay.

  17. I agree. To me it seems like a bad way of trying to talk about how everyone thinks the non-provider people in a dr office are nurses. So to me its just saying like "the person you see that you think is a nurse" when they say nurse role, which to me is stupid and confusing but the actual job description is essentially what our MAs do

  18. I’ve been told previously that Hospital Assistant jobs usually involve more hands on care, while Medical Assistant jobs are usually more clerical and prepping spaces. Maybe they’re trying to say it’s more hands on, direct patient care, but because it’s in a clinic/office setting they can’t call it “Hospital” Assistant? Either way, for $13.50/hour they can go fuck themselves.

  19. The pay is crap too. That’s the bullshit part. CMA is a community college level program where I am. This is what I made teaching swimming lessons after the two weekend Red Cross certification back in the early aughts. I can’t imagine being a CMA and taking a cushy job working at the bottom of my license for that pay.

  20. Yup. Our LPN program is through the college and is two semesters. The local CMA program is 10 months through a vocational school (same school also has a 19 month RN ADN program). LPN definitely gets paid more than the CMA, RN gets paid more than an LPN, and our clinic will hire any of the three to do almost the exact same job for three totally different wages 🤪

  21. A "physician extender" sounds about as phoney as "seafood extender" (which is what we call that orange "crab" stick stuff in Australia).

  22. Physician Extender is another bullshit corporate term like "provider" or "midlevel" for NP or PA that is an attempt to break us all down into levels of reimbursement.

  23. I’m really surprised to read that this is a typical role for medical assistants in the US! I don’t think we really have an equivalent where I am in Canada. This would at minimum be an LPN role here and with better pay, as everyone else is suggesting.

  24. There are several training options for MA and many states soo not required licensing or registration with the state. There is a wide variety of preparation from online training to an associate’s degree.

  25. MA course is 3 months. It is about the same amount as the first year of nursing school. Can draw blood, give shots, medical records/ billing, ekg. The last place I worked there was 1 doc on duty and 4 MA's. It was a pain clinic, also in Georgia. We saw about 15 patients a day in around 10 hours. Basically they do everything a doctor doesn't do in an office. We had to count the patients meds, to ensure the proper number of opioids. I quit as working at a gas station $15/ hour was much better than working for $12/hour. The biggest factor was the gas station had a cleaning person and the doctors office did not. Spoiler the doctor did not share in the cleaning duties. Also $3+ an hour not too shabby. Left medical assisting in 2016.... COVID has not made me want to go back... Working from home at Amazon for more money than I could make as a med assistant..

  26. This just a medical assistant job description. Idk what they’re talking about “in a nurse role” it’s literally just doing tasks (I was a medical assistant before nurse) the two are not comparable

  27. The “nurse role” portion is going to attract dangerous employee who like to (illegally) represent themselves as LPN or RN when they are MAs. Sounds like these “critical care physicians” have no idea what nurses do. Also I’ve never heard the term “physician extenders”.

  28. The MA’s in my clinic do all that (private practice outpatient oncology) but they are paid much better and don’t refer to themselves as in a nurse role. This just seems like an underpaid ma position to me

  29. Idk what the scope of practice is in GA but in CT you need a certification for a CNA to admin medications and I don’t think that covers injections but I could be wrong. Drawing blood you can get a certification for but legally idk where that sits… like since it is a certificate can the facility just teach it to you?

  30. “A medical assistant in a nurse role” for $16/hr or less. Idk whether I’m more disappointed in the shit pay or the blatant threat to my scope of practice.

  31. I don’t know about Georgia, but where I live nurse is a protected term and one cannot call themselves a nurse if they are not in fact licensed as a nurse. This job posting would cause trouble among the nurses in my state, I guarantee the Nurses Association would be bringing this to the state Board’s attention.

  32. The job description is for a Medical assistant, I don't understand why they felt the need to add "in the nurse role" in there. It just confuses things, and sets their MAs up to misrepresent themselves as nurses.

  33. We have this at my office. Our hospital paid for her to get her MA and they wanted her to get a limited license for radiology. She gets our patients ready to see they doctor, which includes for us, verifying meds, history, etc. Its a great role. She also handles referrals, PAs, appointments. It's a very valuable position. It's not a nurse role though. I do think uts weird how that's labeled.

  34. So in the U.S we have RN's, LPN's, Medical Assistants, Med Techs, pretty soon they'll have a new job title it'll just be someone who owns a drug book and has used a pharmacy before.

  35. This is an MA job description. I work as an MA while I’m studying for nursing school. We give injections and draw blood all the time

  36. I didn’t know this. At our facility we have cnas and they don’t do blood draws. Even our nurses don’t do blood draws, the lab comes and gets them. Not that the nurses can’t but the cnas definitely wouldn’t.

  37. Typical MA job description and pay for my area. The public/layperson often refers to office MAs as “nurses” so I’m thinking that might have contributed to the incorrect “nurse role” description.

  38. The pay: it is amazing what regional differences exist in healthcare pay. 20 years ago in Iowa, I finished my grocery store job at $15/hr to start my new graduate RN job making $18/hr. Three years later I moved to the Pacific NW and made $42/hr. Now, nurses with similar experience here in NW are ~$65/hr. The role: I agree, it seems like terminology ignorance on the part of the practice (& a big red flag!!)

  39. All clinic staff around here that aren’t administrative or secretarial call themselves “ nurses”. Drives me nuts because they will literally tell people that they are a nurse!

  40. Feels like a trap whoever goes into apply for this is going to be written up by the nursing board and somehow find for trying to act like a nurse.

  41. Cheapskates!! They want to get away with a medical assistant, doing a nurses role for peanuts not to mention the added responsibility

  42. What’s the legality of have a tech in a nursing role? Aren’t there standards that are supposed to be adhered to, after all this sounds as though it’s very hands on.

  43. McDonald's: "Open availability gets you $15 minimum" This place: "Come deal with needy people who want to fight or screw you for $13.50. You also have to wipe ass"

  44. Often times my patients refer to the MAs as nurse and all the responsibilities are in the scope of a MA. The only thing I’d complain about is the pay range listed

  45. This seems like they want someone to do things that would be verging on illegal? You can’t just put someone in the nurse role and call them a nurse…also, what the hell are “physician extenders?”

  46. Im just saying I was a medical assistant before I was a nurse. Those were my job duties and I started at $13 an hour.

  47. This is a pretty accurate description of CMA duties with a low salary even for CMA. The only part that’s really an issue for me is “in a nurse role.” A CMA is not a nurse.

  48. I have moments where I really think, I should have just been a medical assistant. But when I left my call center job to go to nursing school I was already making more than this to do the least stressful job I have ever had in my life.

  49. Medication refills and patient education shouldn’t be an MA duty… and the pay is atrocious. I’m not surprised though. The low pay and having to deal with nasty parents are what keeps my office chronically short-staffed when it comes to CMAs (and MOAs too).

  50. This shit is going to have so many MAs, CNA, certified stay at home moms, vet tech, phlebotomist “I’m a nurse” types applying just for the clout 😂

  51. Sounds pretty much like medical assistant basics, I’m not sure what the whole “nurse role” description means, other than the doctor being able to say “The nurse will be in to ____” to the patient.

  52. That’s some low pay… I made $13 as a CNA in 2015… IDK what MAs make here but a I make more as a CNA then RNs in a doctor office setting… granted I work in a LTC and don’t have their nice hours.

  53. The job description seems to be describing an average Medical Assisting role, so not sure where "nurse" comes in here. But at $13.50-16 per hour following certification, they can get fucked.

  54. I worked in Savannah during undergrad at Georgia Southern. After 4 years as a paramedic then preceptor, I got up to $19.75 with all my raises. They didn’t care how many degrees, extra certifications, etc. We had prior flight medics, crit care medics, I was a special operations military medic. The pay rate didn’t change.

  55. Have you always wanted to be a nurse but didn’t go to nursing school? Well look no further! We are seeking someone to do nurse duties without the nurse pay! Don’t waste your time getting an expensive formal nursing education, instead join this fun team where you’ll not only earn just slightly better than minimum wage, but also receive just slightly more than minimum appreciation as well!

  56. $16/Hr at a max is a crock of bull poo. I make $20/hr as a brand new CNA at a LTC in a small town of 1500 people. An MA should make at least $20/hr on the low side. I’m so tired of the healthcare industry underpaying their staff and mistreating them. No wonder these places are understaffed. Know your worth and learn to negotiate 😊

  57. Hello, Also a certified MA. I do all these things for way more than 13 an hour. Gtfo. I never represent myself a a nurse. The nurses in our clinic do other things (wound care/ patient consults/ answering epic messages). The heading in this job posting is not ok.

  58. I make more than that as a waitress. Hell, even as a hostess I made $13/hr. And you want me to have medical experience + certifications for a measly 50 cents more? No way.

  59. Not a nurse but saw this and wanted to say that in our mill the bottom job that does the cleanup of sewers etc gets nearly $30/hr.....and are responsible for trying not to get hurt on the job. The responsibilities listed.... in my world.... would mean making 3-5 times what is offered in that posting.

  60. Sounds like a standard sort of medical assistant job. Calling it a “nurse role” is weird. I’d probably call it a clinical role (differentiating it from an administrative medical assistant job).

  61. I’ve had a similar experience in outpatient. Other than RN specific nurse assessments and giving narcotics, which a CMA can not, the roles are very similar in an outpatient clinic and my biggest concern has been losing some of the basic hospital nursing skills I’ve acquired in such an environment.

  62. I mean yeah, when i worked as an MA i did a lot of stuff that could be considered “nursing”. There’s overlap for sure. But why market it like this when it literally isn’t a nursing role

  63. I made more than this in 1988. I made $16.50 base+$2/HR shift diff+$4/charge pay and I got paid full time for 36 hrs/wk. Oh, and I got overtime for anything longer than an 8 HR ahift, which they ALL were. This place is an insult.

  64. I believe that any licensed MA in the state of Georgia would be wise to verify their scope of practice before they took this job that will have them so far out of it.

  65. Handing out an instruction sheet for say, colonoscopy prep or post op wound care or VIS for a vaccine might be the extent of teaching referred to.

  66. As LPN in homecare for elderly, i used to make 13€/h, now 17€/h. As LPN. In homecare for elderly. I give them food, medicine PO and talk to them. Thats it basicly. Maybe insulin on some days. Like who the hell would even apply in that job in US, who is more fucked in nursing field than enyone else?

  67. But, we the nurses are the “HEROES”! So what if we are overworked, underpaid and our education under appreciated!

  68. They made their ad stand out. We here discussing it right. If its just saying MA it would not be interesting

  69. MAs rarely make anywhere near what they should. As I understand, the field is pretty inundated with applicants and licensing (even a need for a license) varies greatly by state.

  70. Yeah, this is the problem with a lot of clinical offices. I’ve worked in one. I have been told-“I don’t need to pay for nurses, I train them here. They’re just as good.” No. Education, and training are important. The importance of certain VS, medications, orders, pt calls and requests-fall on blind eyes and ears without it.

  71. This is crazy. I mean, almost the literal definition of crazy. Our local Chic-Fi-A and grocery stores can do better. The "salary" offered is obscene.

  72. I have zero qualifications as a Medical Assistant yet get paid more than that in a big city in Tn. That job likely pays less than star bucks at $15/hr. Don’t take it or demand $16 minimum start.

  73. The local grocery store near me has a sign for cashiers starting at $18. Who the fuck is getting close to a human being with a needle for less than $25/hr?

  74. " Nurse role". They have no idea of what nurses actually do. Just trying to attract low-paid workers by enticing them with the title. Happened to me long before nursing school. Dr office job telling me I would be "just like a nurse" because they would train me to draw blood and "give shots". Was actually a receptionist. Didn't last long.

  75. As a former MA, all of these things are under the scope of an MA. But the pay is extremely low. Not sure why the “nurses role” is mentioned.

  76. I used to make $11/hr as a Certified Medical Assistant back in 2010 before I went to nursing school. Awful what people are making 😢

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