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  1. I understand the quote, but it's ironic since they're so messed up in the head now from all this trauma. They're not alright. Not even close.

  2. I mean it can still be an excuse to ditch. If I was in HS and someone said we are organizing a walk out for people that stick raw spaghetti noodles in their dicks I would say that is wild as hell but sign me up.

  3. Do they realize that it's not boomers shooting up schools? It's their fellow kids. Boomers also aren't the parents of these kids shooting up schools.

  4. Being a boomer is literally a disability at this point. It's almost pathetic how clueless they are. Fuckers stood by as their children were getting shot up in school, addicted to opioids, straddled with crippling debt....and yet they have processed zero of that information and continue to put blame elsewhere. Boomers are the problem.

  5. Students have a right to a safe learning environment, so I don't understand why people get all annoyed that the kids are staging a photo op to remind school admins what exactly is at stake here given recent events.

  6. There was a teacher on this sub the other day warning FCPS was ready to implode. Not enough teachers per students, Covid spreading in the schools, kids not getting picked up by parents while sick, no masks, no pay raises for teachers with massive student debt. Lots of teachers leaving for better jobs. I grew up in FCPS schools but have no children. I still feel very worried sad and angry for students and teachers. These kids are taking actions like this to get the community to start paying attention.

  7. It’s so sad that as one of the richest counties in the country we face so many issues with the education system. My high school was on government watch because of our graduation rate and used to have metal detectors to get into school. We have to demand better

  8. They actually just had a lockdown the other week. It was accidental, a staff member who wasnt working that day had lent their keycard to a parent for teacher appreciation week and when it scanned in, it triggered a lockdown (something along those lines).

  9. Good for them. These are mostly educated students in a well off area. Hopefully they vote well. Glad I didn't have to deal with this stuff in school. But I don't think we will see actual change until a certain generation is gone.

  10. The picture is very impactful. Those who need to feel it, won't. I hope those seniors about to turn 18 before November register to vote. Perhaps then politicians will feel their wrath. (And ours)

  11. GMU students do actions all the time. They did actions when Trayvon martin was killed and many other student actions like against the circus animal treatment that was a regular one until the circus stopped. We also protested the law school being named after Scalia but money is what buys for names of schools. Everyone thought the patriot center name change was dumb. I was working information on campus when both Trump and Obama came. More folks showed up for Obama, Trump folks were rude and mostly dressed as the tiki torchers in Charlottesville and dominated by males. Students and teachers were always doing little things to remind GMU they used to own slaves.

  12. I know someone in an Arlington county school whose kid was harassed by a teacher for NOT participating in a walkout. That is BS when an adult is forcing your kid to participate in a protest. I admire kids that stand up for what they believe but not on the cost of their parents paying property tax to go to school. I would rather my kids stay in class than do a “ walk out”.

  13. Here's a simple fix that everyone can get onboard for: if you are under the age of 21, you need both a parent or guardian's permission, and the school's sign-off to purchase a gun! It's that simple! So even if the kid has crazy parents who don't care, at least there's the school. If the kid is known to the school as being a problem, they can deny the purchase.

  14. Very few people get mad when cops use their weapons in a justified manner. The problem is trigger happy cops that would rather shoot in dubious circumstances, or who abuse their ability to use force to cause harm. People also get mad at the supposed “bad apples” that rarely get weeded out or face real consequences for their actions.

  15. You’re not wrong. Half the country doesn’t want cops until THEY need the cops, other half supports cops but appreciates having the option to defend themselves.

  16. Am I the only one who finds this “walkout” a bit… cringe and insensitive? I closely know people who lost their babies in Sandy Hook. This comes off a bit like an overprivileged mockery.

  17. I know a girl who participated, she genuinely cares about this issue and wanted to participate in this to send a message. Looks like it is getting attention so good for them for sparking more conversation!

  18. Have you not paid any attention to the ridiculous number of school shootings that have been happening since, say, the ‘90s?

  19. And we have small government now? And we have small government when the other party is in power? I think people advocate a pivoting of priorities and resources more than “size.” And what is small government? Less and less government interference in your daily life and ceding more power to companies that already dominate you now?

  20. I'm sure they'll be looking for a government big enough to keep guns away from children and people who are a danger to others, but not big enough to put women in jail for miscarriages and control their bodies

  21. the right thinks big government is the problem, and they get big corporations instead, who answer to nobody and control everyone through the ultimate means - the dollar.

  22. Cause them doing that will somehow make a significant difference? Maybe they could’ve donated the significant amount of money that’s made from the sports games, theater, etc to the families of the kids and teachers that were killed.

  23. You know the kids don't profit from those games right? And that the administration usually has little to do with (and typically discourages) the walk-outs.

  24. What...the kids don't keep that homie. It's just to cover the uniforms and costumes. Where did you go to school that the extracurriculars made profit lmao?

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