Jordan Peterson Breaks Down in Tears When Asked About Olivia Wilde Calling Him a ‘Hero to the Incel Community’: ‘Sure, Why Not?’

  1. I think he’s just crying because he’s on the piers Morgan show. I’d cry too if that were the only show I could book.

  2. It's possible to stand up for marginalized people without legitimizing the reason they are marginalized if that reason is rational, which he doesn't do in this particular segment of the interview, but his audience isn't just listening to this segment.

  3. okay but this is genuinely sad. he’s right that so many young man are demoralized, but my lord it’s disheartening that he’s the one that got across. there are some groups of people i can’t have certain conversations with for various reasons, but this shit is why i’m not giving up on the boys. they need someone better desperately

  4. I might be the only one, but I think he makes a fine point. Words like "Incel" and "Addict" and "Ex-Con" are words we use to put people in boxes. To feel good about ourselves while minimizing the suffering of others. To attack simple words instead of complicated and nuanced issues. We should not mock anyone for genuinely expressing emotions.

  5. JP is such a drama queen. Playing the victim, finding ways to change the narrative, blaming others. And when all else fails, use emotion. He screams red flag.

  6. The comments kill me. Everyone talking about how this Peterson saved them and ironically it happened cuz he taught them to stop being incels. Like I dont understand how he can talk about the self esteem of dudes who harass women and then go on to call a larger model "unattractive" totally unprompted

  7. Oh he is pandering to his audience. His audience that go to patreon and give him money every month. How is this not more obvious?

  8. Jokes aside, the author wrote the article in a coherent, understandable way to convey the message from both parties. I wasn't expecting it from Variety.

  9. Variety has a history of excellent journalism. Excellent work on Monsanto suing farmers a few years ago comes to mind

  10. It's like Teen Vogue; you expect Hot Girl Summer articles, but a substantial amount is dedicated to well written and thought provoking political pieces on activism, identity, even policy that might [edit: affect] the next decade of a teen's life.

  11. Variety isn't like a tabloid mag or a fluff magazine like People, it's one of the primary industry publications for Hollywood/entertainment. Given that industry, their articles might be more oriented towards popular topics than, say, the Financial Times, but it's a serious publication that does a lot of strong work.

  12. Variety is pretty good actually. Vanity Fair is another one you'd expect to be shit but it turns out it's good. Opinionated maybe. Probably not a great primary news source but the opinion pieces are really well written and they have the best headlines.

  13. While incels take their frustration out on the world, the majority of disenfranchised young men take it out on themselves. Suicide is the leading cause of death for 15-40 year old males. That doesn't just come out of the blue.

  14. No! Reddit says that we have to hate him and that any message he says is wrong because some of the other messages he says are wrong!

  15. This comment section is an EXACT representation of what he means. They prove him right in an attempt to discredit him.

  16. Interesting coming from the guy who immediately mocked a plus size swimsuit cover model and said forcing her on the publics poor eyes was “authoritarian,” and then made himself the victim when people disagreed and said she was in fact hot.

  17. For every valid point he makes there are TEN insane ones. From saying that women want to protect Muslims out of some natural need for "brutal male domination" to his ludicrous and dangerous crusade against trans people that was based on a lie from the very start, he's a dangerous conservative idealogue who got catapulted into popularity because he read a bill incorrectly and captivated an audience of lonely young men who are happy to listen to him talk about anything as long as he throws some BS in there about "trans ideology" or how women are destroying society.

  18. Tbh 90% of what he says is just deepities. Of the 10% thats not just bloviation ide say its atleast 2 or 3 moronic, or incorherent or flat out wrong things per accurate comment.

  19. The ratio is definitely less impressive than 50/50 for JP's claims. The guy is obsessed with mysticism and uses an intellectual affect to disguise some genuinely disgusting and often completely misinformed takes.

  20. I remeber when years ago I first encountered one of his speach/articles on a topic. The first sentence was something really reasonable and I could being a productive perspective to evaluate. It was along the lines of "Men in society are struggling, they are angry....they are struggling in their relationships and monogamy"

  21. A big part of his issue is he keeps leaving his lane. By that I meant he is acting like an expert who’s political opinions are valid despite being a clinical psychologist. His beliefs on psychology are controversial but so are the opinions of most people in academia. His lecture videos have some wild ideas but he seems like the dude who would make for an eccentric college professor who atleast is engaging.

  22. I mean I guess I'm technically involuntary celibate and I have no illusions of that changing anytime soon. But I don't hate women for it.

  23. Yeah the whole term “incel” to mean misogynist now is definitely troubling. We now demonize all lost and confused young men regardless of circumstances. I know tons of men who exhibit “incel” behaviors and are womanizers because women still find them attractive. I know tons of guys who can’t attract women even though they are great people and just looking for a connection in life. Misogynists are the problem, it shouldn’t matter how attractive you are in my opinion, but it does.

  24. Well it's both right? These poorly integrated people get a degenerate idea as to how to interact with other people, in particular women.

  25. Reddit is all about encouraging men to show emotion and cry and not be locked in to traditional masculinity, unless it's someone they hate in which case fuck that little crybaby lol

  26. I haven't really seen people make fun of him for it, more just calling him unstable for the reasons he cries, which I think it's fair. Public figures having wired reactions to stuff is kind of worth pointing out, especially when it's a person giving life advice too other people.

  27. I’ll take it a step further: historically one of the biggest signs of a major violent upheaval or revolution to come is an increasing proportion of young men without jobs or prospects for a good life.

  28. I had the same thought. I wouldn’t say Peterson’s right in general, but he’s not wrong about the need to connect with disaffected young men.

  29. I agree that more mental health support is needed, though it can be difficult to get these guys help if they think nothing is wrong with them. It's nigh Impossible to force help on someone unless they hurt someone or themselves.

  30. There is irreparable damage being done to the minds of incels and young men, and most of it isn’t even coming from Jordan Peterson. The aftermath of Andrew Tate will be felt for decades as young, impressionable men continue to consume his content and grow up.

  31. It's kinda weird that the people these young men flock to support ripping apart safety nets those young men could use to better themselves. But, if they did, would they still listen to JP and others like him?

  32. I do wonder if we over philosophize incels. Their stories are quite similar to those who joined up with other extremist and hate groups. Many of those groups being around for over half a century. Young men have always had a portion that falls through the cracks, along with plenty of others. Are incels just this generations neo-nazi swell?

  33. Fortunately, it is a field of very active research. I know a couple of people doing PhDs on incels and have heard of several more second hand. There's a lot of interest in figuring out exactly what's going on here, and hopefully that'll translate into the mental health services they need sooner rather than later.

  34. A lot of men need help from society and were ignoring them. If you feel interested on mens issues in a non toxic way check

  35. People are right to criticize Peterson for the content that his speaking to the incel community. Not for speaking to the incel community, but rather the content is the issue. The later content anyways.

  36. He is making it worst. Instead of telling them to go to study to get a degree or learn a trade to get a better future and to vote against corporate candidates that only care about the rich (all of the right and a large part of democrats as well), he is doing the opposite: attacking universities, progressives and minorities, pointing at them as scapegoats for the incels problems.

  37. They did seem to forget to mention he cries in almost every interview and in his audiobook. The article makes it seem like this is a big deal when it's totally not.

  38. Ya I know right men shouldn't cry or try to help disinfranchised young men from looking at fixing themselves instead of blaming everyone else.

  39. This isn't oniony. He was crying over the individuals referenced who end up dying, by suicide or other means, due to a lack of any encouragement whatsoever.

  40. Thanks for the context. Not a fan of Peterson, but I can agree that seeing suicide be the end of someone instead of becoming a better person can be quite sad.

  41. Peterson on many occasions has targeted other groups in society to ridicule, his crocodile tears for those who don't get encouragement fit with his view of modern society.

  42. The way he reaches out to them is at the expense of others. He puts people into the "other" box all the time. I feel like you don't get that does harm. Possibly suicide.

  43. Olivia Wilde stated that the antagonist/villain in her newest movie "Don't Worry Darling" is based off of Jordan Peterson. Within the movie, Chris Pine plays the role of the antagonist and inspires men to basically "take control" over women.

  44. Can someone explain to me why people view him as a hero to incels? The only videos I've seen of him are college lectures and videos telling young men to get their shit together and take responsibility for themselves.

  45. most of his political rhetoric aligns perfectly well with American incel community. For e.g. if there's a segment on female workplace harrasment. He will bring out the numbers for male incarceration.

  46. Please don't listen to the haters who can't back their claims up. For some reason people often have a wrong image of Peterson and base their hate of him on this fictitious perception.

  47. Having been on 4chan for a long time, the impact he's made is astounding. Lot of young guys on there are actually getting their shit together.

  48. Seriously - would like to bump this. I am not sold on him one way or the other, but I’ve rarely ever actually seen any videos of the heinous things he supposedly says

  49. I think Jordan Peterson does a lot to help young men, it just is very wacky that he also is a very politcal oriented individual. It almost feels manipulative the way he helps people turn their lives around and also is telling people how to think and act politically like his political beliefs are just as valid as his life advice

  50. I don't get why people hate him so much. I don't personally listen to him much because he tends to be a bit preachy, but the parts I've heard are decent. For example his rule list that he bases his ideals off seems fine to me:

  51. The clips ive seen of JP more recently, like post Russia treatment, gives me the impression he has less control of his emotions than he did before so i dont buy theyre crocodile tears like some have said. He seems to cry a lot and have big emotional swings. Hes also quite religious now, i get the impression he had a mental breakdown. Not mocking him btw, just an observation.

  52. People like to think the worst of folks they don't like. I think Jordan has always been genuine, at least from what I've heard him say, even if I don't always agree with him. Unfortunately, I find myself agreeing with him considerably less these days, but I don't doubt his sincerity.

  53. Peterson was a smart person IMO, he just chose to sell out in the end. Honestly seems like he has a lot of problems, and I think his family/daughter takes advantage of him. He was literally diagnosed by a team of psychologists with schizophrenia. He has some intelligence but all virtue has left him I think of late, and I think all he can manage is to be a shell of himself using his old analogies to perpetrate down right wing stuff that I don't think he truly believes.

  54. I actually think Peterson is intelligent. Now this is going to be long winded, but hear me out. And if you have been paying him any attention over the last few years, maybe you’ll agree. Either way, here is my justification for that statement:

  55. I'm with him about these people being disaffected and looking to someone to speak to them, and about the hypocritical unfairness of living in this world where we accept everyone, warts and all, unless they're a young man with poor grooming habits, because then they're a piece of shit incel, etc etc.

  56. This is so true. He's not wrong about somethings, but his answer to all of the problems of the world are to crawl to the authoritarian right, then call everyone else a post modern neo Marxist. No thanks

  57. This is not an accurate account of JP’s self help program. The stronger criticism which I hear more often is that he puts too much emphasis on personal responsibility, which is more likely than that he’s putting too little

  58. If you want a good idea of someones actual character, look at how they talk about people they don't like. Holy shit some of you are absolutely toxic, hateful individuals.

  59. A decent amount of his general philosophy IS actually good advice. I think it's one of those things where people are deciding to throw the baby out with the bathwater. There is definitely a lot of bathwater, but ultimately there are words of wisdom he gets across that some people need to hear. JP has major flaws, but I think it's disingenuous to claim he doesn't have any good points or that he's just some evil manipulator. Personally I think the underlying issue with discussions about Peterson and people like him is that people are looking for a messiah figure. Role models, philosophers, authors, etc. need to be "perfect". When it comes out that shocker another "hero" of some group has some degree of fucked up views or did some skeevy shit, the new norm is to slash and burn everything. No one should be deified as the sole proprietor of wisdom and truth. That's how you end up with cults and groups of idiots that follow redpill logic and whatnot. Progress is slow. When you're trying to make someone understand difficult truths, it's best to approach from as many angles as possible and maybe a ray of light will break through. It's possible to learn good things from bad people. If I say grass is green and the earth is flat, does that mean my entire sentence is wrong?

  60. You consider his comments about Elliot Page to be “cringy”, and that everyone on Earth has said similar things? He has understanding and sympathy for Incels but zero sympathy and understanding for transgender people? What does that say about him, or you for defending him?

  61. Petersen's 12 rules are nothing to measure anyone by. They peter out in their utility well before the count of 12. Next time you're at a barbecue, ask the people around you for 12 rules for life. You'll get similar quality or better in a mere five minutes.

  62. I once had a life coach recommend Jordan Peterson to me and I knew, in that moment, that I had made a terrible decision in choosing a life coach.

  63. Reminds me of the time my new boss recommended I read this cool little book he knew called "The Game" in order to "get better at reading people." That's when I discovered I was working for an idiot.

  64. An acquaintance of mine once asked if I listened to Joe Rogan. I said hell no. She said "Huh I thought you would."

  65. I’ll be your life coach for free. Just treat people with respect, have premarital sex, try drugs, travel. You’re a bright shining fucking star, don’t let anyone tell you different.

  66. He's saying things that reach people. Is he right about everything? No. Is his own life perfect? Obviously not; the man has clearly had his own struggles. But the level of demonization and mischaracterization he gets definitely approaches cruel.

  67. This is interesting because when I saw Don't worry darling I thought "she must have based this on Jordan Peterson"

  68. Do you think he thought he was a real philosopher with a real fan base actually helping people improve until very recently?

  69. When you speak to me, I don’t want you to use articles and you must end every sentence in an upward inflection or you’re doing a violence to me.

  70. Jordan Peterson is an insecure incel himself, but this is a puff piece to bring Olivia Wilde back into the medias good graces after her flop with Shia LeBouf.

  71. Sad how his message has always been that men need to make themselves worthy of the attention they desire from women. He immediately condemns violence against women. There's probably not another living person today that's more intentionally misunderstood than Peterson. Once he fought back against legally mandated pronouns in Canada, the entire LGBTQ+ crowd started attacking with bad faith arguments and now he can't even show emotion without being labeled schizophrenic or in some twisted way having his tears used as weapons against him. I don't agree with him on religion, but he's right to say society has lost it's moral bedrock, everything is culturally relative now, without real wrongs or rights, just different opinions competing in the oppression Olympics. The court of public opinion carries more weight than he can intellectually carry.

  72. Majority of people ITT ripping JP are despicable pieces of shit, ignore the man, he's irrelevant in this, literally every word he says is correct, there is a huge issue in society with men vilified at every level, incels created & mocked, young men are fucked almost from the moment they're born, oh you're white too? Off to emotional gulag with you for remainder of your life

  73. Bro. If women dont wanna sleep with you because of your personality its not persecution, you just dont make them want the D. And why are you sitting here and complaining that in traditional patriarchal households, men become victims to patriarchal roles? Yeah, thats what the patriarchy does, it isnt just hurting women, it hurts men too. Its a feature not a bug.

  74. He explicitly stated when asked about incels that if everyone rejects you it's not everyone else who has the problem, it's you. That's the opposite of encouraging the incel-mindset.

  75. Why do so many people hate Jordan ? I don't think I ever stumbled on something horrible about him ? I'm reading here and there it's because of what he says to young men but can someone actually give me an actual reference ?

  76. "" Peterson then broke down into tears and said, “It’s very difficult to understand how demoralized people are, and certainly many young men are in that category. You get these casual insults, these incels — what do they mean? These men, they don’t know how to make themselves attractive to women who are very picky, and good for them. Women, like, be picky. That’s your gift, man. Demand high standards from your men. Fair enough. But all these men who are alienated, it’s like they’re lonesome and they don’t know what to do and everyone piles abuse on them.""

  77. Jordan Peterson just repackaged Jungian psychology, widely discredited, and Joseph Campbells archetypes and placed it next to general easy truisms you could get from any self help book. He’s no philosopher, his academic references are messy and disparate at best. He also repackages more reactionary ideas like the Divine right of kings & social Darwinism for a new age and that’s where the disgust from people really comes in

  78. I watched it. You guys are out of your minds if you think this was funny or worth making fun of him about. He cried slightly over those who commit suicide because they don't have anyone in their lives giving them positive reinforcement or even listening to them.

  79. I don't understand the hate, here. I have never heard Jordan Peterson speak to young men in any manner that didn't try to help them look internally as to the reasons they are not attractive to women. He also seems to spend a ton of timing taking on the issue of young men's objectification of women as very empty and not at all a path to happiness. I am not an expert and certainly haven't listened to his every word but what I have heard would have been helpful to me as a young man.

  80. I would start with him repeatedly directing their anger towards 'cultural Marxism', which derives from cultural bolshevism. Literal nazi propaganda

  81. I like Peterson. I don't understand why everyone bundles him together with the alt-right or trump-right. He genuinely helped me get sober from drugs and made me motivated to continue my education.

  82. I’m glad he helped you, I really am. But I’ll attempt to answer why he gets a bundled with the alt right earnestly. One of his first big controversies on the internet was refusing to can students their preferred pronouns while he was a professor at a Canadian university. He once said in a Vice interview that women are sexually assaulted in the work place because they wear make up (there is a lot of controversy around how vice edited the interview. I’ll leave that up to you to look up and decide). He recently said on Joe Rogan that he doesn’t know what climate change could mean because he doesn’t think the word “climate” has any meaning. These are just some examples of him talking about his own politics. If you want to know why he’s associated with those alt-right people, it’s because he generally agrees with their politics.

  83. All I've ever seen from Jordan Peterson is encouragement to young men to take responsibility for their actions, and be good, functioning members of society.

  84. It’s strange whenever he’s comes under criticism he breaks down crying. But he loves to criticise and gloat over other people (e.g Elliot Page, sports illustrated model) himself. He loves dishing it out but can’t take it.

  85. Look I know all the hate Paterson gets but Olivia wilde is actually a fucking piece of shit who is trying anything to distract the world from the fact that within the last 2 years she:

  86. I don't know anything about the situation, but only the cheating thing would make someone a piece of shit. All the rest of what you listed is maybe unfortunate, but hardly makes someone a bad person. It really detracts from this long list you made.

  87. Remind me why I'm supposed to care about tabloid news when we're discussing Peterson and his detrimental mindset and thought process?.

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