Texas Republican platform calls for secession vote: "224.Texas Independence: We urge the Texas Legislature to pass bill ... requiring a referendum in the 2023 general election for the people of Texas to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation."

  1. Too bad I’ll be dead in 100 years when they haul out their bumper stickers passed down from Pa and recreate it by sitting on lawn chairs, drinking cheap beer and talking bout what “coulda been” /s

  2. In Texas v White secession was essentially ruled to be illegal. However, with the 6-3 majority Republicans hold on the branch, maybe they would rule differently since they are all about states rights now.

  3. See but here is the problem. To succeed. You are no longer in possession of states rights as you are no longer a state. So can a state decide to not be a state with their states rights of state? State.

  4. “And also you still get federal funding and the use of our military and other federal agencies like border patrol and double your current electoral college votes plus 5 senators. It’s implicit in the constitution.”

  5. Just when climate change is going to start throwing more hurricanes and winter storms their way. Without federal support, that would not end well.

  6. I mean, it would be kinda fun to see the southern states try to survive without all of that sweet New York and California money they soak up, right?

  7. I motion that we call it: "Texit". Since I suspect it will turn out the same way it did for the UK losing out on all that EU monetary support.

  8. Ironically, Texas is one of the states that contribute more to federal taxes than they use, so they could probably succeed at independence.

  9. They should do it. And without Texas’ electoral votes there would never be a Republican president ever again.

  10. Well we've seen how well your independent power grid has worked, I'm sure you would do sooooooo well with everything else up to you as well.

  11. The one thing they had over everyone else failed them lmaoooo and their senator went to Cancun 💀

  12. I agree, this is just red meat being thrown to the voters. The trouble is, though, that if it really does end up as a ballot initiative, they might end up being like the dog that caught the car, if people actually vote for it. Much like Brexit. The modern GOP constituency is a temperamental golem.

  13. I mean my first thought was.. one less red state fucking up the national votes. And one of THE WORST states about protecting actual citizens rights too.

  14. leaving the states to own the dems, but actually you are just giving them a larger representation in the house/senate.

  15. I hope they get their way and that all those federal resources Texas is now enjoying go to another state, see how long they last 🤣

  16. As a member of blue Texas (Austin) what the fuck is wrong with these people! I love Austin but I can't take much more of these crazy mf'ers. New Mexico and Colorado look pretty good.

  17. Any serious talk about this would be immediately squelched right after the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs places a phone call to Governor Abbott to inform him that Fort Hood is to be permanently closed.

  18. Throw them to the mercies of Mexico and the cartels. They have been threatening this since I can remember (have family and friends in Texas and they have all uttered some form of this crap).

  19. You really think the federal government would give up Ft. Hood, the largest military base in the whole country, as well as Ft. Bliss, Ft. Sam Houston, and Lakland AFB, or would we use them to "preserve the Union". Hmmmm....

  20. Never going to happen. Texas stands no chance on their own financially and they know it. They have enough problems with their power grid as is.

  21. The Supreme Court will send some US Marshalls down and arrest the lot if they try it. Texas vs White decided that.

  22. I hope the US doesn't allow them to use the dollar as currency . Since they are so proud of their cows, they should call their currency cow chips or something like that..

  23. They do this at least once a decade, every time the liberals are in power. California does it too when the conservatives are in power.

  24. Let the secede, then go to war with them, instantly over throw them and execute their treasonous leaders, claim Texas back and remove the right to vote for republicans in the state for the rest of history. Thanks.

  25. Texas is basically the Republican's California. That one state worth alot of electoral votes that consistently votes for a specific party. They would never actually risk taking that out. This either won't make it to the ballot or the people will vote to stay in.

  26. Now, if the democrats will allow texas to leave and the republicans reject it... could texas swing? :D

  27. Is this the kind of idea that gets introduced every year but never goes anywhere? Or is this something to take seriously?

  28. Imagine if they do. Within a year all of the rich assholes who moved to Texas to dodge state tax will wake up one morning in a state with an income tax that will make them shit themselves.

  29. Goodbye Texas. Don’t let the door hit you in your ass on the way out. Take Florida with you, tired of their shit also

  30. Call their bluff, if it is one. Introduce a bill at the federal level specifically recognising Texas’ right to secede if they choose.

  31. Well, apparently Texas forgot one major thing, they have oil. We tend to invade countries with oil. Time to bring freedom to Texas.

  32. At this point, the Southern states can just go. If my state, Ohio, decided to succeed too, fine. I would be happy to move to a place not ruled by the nuttiest and shittiest people.

  33. They do realize they have to give back all the US military hardware parked there right? NASA pulled out too. I wonder what other federally funded things there are?

  34. Once this happens, we can build a wall around the entire state. Most of the state is wide open useless space anyways.

  35. with their power issues, racism, sexism and f'd up politics it would be Texico in about 5 years and we'd have to build a wall to keep the Texans out.

  36. Cool, GTFO. Less electoral college vote for the GOP, the smart will leave and the stupid will flock. Once the power goes out for good, they can feast on their own stupidity.

  37. sounds good to me. It'd be great for the rest of the country because then the federal government wouldn't have to prop up large sections of the texas state government. The result would be like a significantly worse brexit situation in whinch the rest of the USA can nickle and dime the living shit out of the nation of texas and leave them struggling financially while the rest of the Nation prospers. I'm not even kidding this would be great for everyone not in texas.

  38. Wonder if they realize they won't be American anymore if they do. What are the odds if this actually happens that America decides to invade and instill democracy?

  39. Is this expected to be something enacted by the texas legislature, or as a popular vote expressing the will of the people? I only ask because of just how much gerrymandering represents the will of the people.

  40. Can we have a National referendum to actually allow them, encourage them, grease the wheels etc. ? Getting rid of Ted Cruz would be worth it.

  41. Texas is already going to be giving life sentences to 17 year old girls that have abortions soon. What more do they want?!?!

  42. Guys...this is old news, this isnt the first time Texas has tried this before and certainly wont be the last.

  43. Great: The Republic of Dumbfuckistan. It would almost be worth it to see what they'll do the next time the state turns into an iceball because their leaders pocketed the money that should have been used to upgrade their energy grid.

  44. Lets assume texas does this. What keeps texas a functioning economy? It cant even manage its own independent power grid.

  45. Good, do something to keep Texas from being ruined from democrat policy’s that have failed So many other states.

  46. Beyond when we settled this in 1865, all Texas can do legally is break itself into several smaller states and give up/put at risk its house seats. But don't worry, the significance of going through this sham as Juneteenth is being celebrated wasn't lost. We get it: you're still bitter you can't own people and had to have the army show up with guns to get the point across your stupid head.

  47. Yes let them go. Let all the republican red states go. Democratic states of america and republican states of america. Perfect. Each with their own congress no senate, own president and own supreme court. Share taxes only for the military and highways that's it.

  48. The Lone Star State many years ago realized it was better being part of a United country than going alone at every decission made by the rest.

  49. I wonder what an independent Texas would do about illegal immigration. The northern boundary of Texas would become the front-line of the illegal immigration problem for the US and would blame Texans for not doing enough to stem the flow of illegal immigration.

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