Madonna: ‘A lot of thought’ went into fully nude NFTs of her giving birth to centipedes

  1. I’ll bet I’m the only one old enough to remember the original fake pharmaceutical submission thread on Fark, minus the pc viruses thing at the bottom.

  2. “As the earth’s oceans boiled away, and countless species marched to their extinction, the entirety of mankind’s collective intelligence was toiling away, putting “a lot of thought” into how best to convert a nude Madonna giving birth to centipedes into an NFT.”

  3. Right? I'm just - I can't bring myself to be weirded out by the content because I'm too focused on how awful her character model is

  4. I don’t get it. There’s millions of things like this out there like this, so why would someone buy this? Like, what purpose does it serve the buyer?

  5. Despite seeing my fair share of vaginas I have never seen an old fame obsessed hag's vagina so I genuinely don't know if that's just a badly rendered vagina or an accurate Madonna vagdonna.

  6. Lol beeple's clearly never been within 10 centipedes of a woman giving birth. This wax figure lady golem is acting more like she's taking a shit.

  7. You know, I'm sure I've seen worse on the internet, but what's more disturbing is how neutral she is about the whole thing. Like not even concerned

  8. The amount of stupid shit that people say to justify art drives me fucking nuts. I do believe that you can make some good statements with weird shit. Example: the point of the urinal was that art critics only care about the name. He submitted it anonymously first and it was rejected. Then he submitted it with his name and they declared it the most brilliant art.

  9. Took a pic of an iPhone coming out of my asshole, the iPhone represents centipedes, the life giving force and the dangers of it, the juxtaposition of dark and several tiny legs

  10. It's MADONNA bro wtf did u expect? She never makes sense anymore. She's way too out of touch n old and is in a constant state of "try hard to be relevant".

  11. We come to a point in time where people are feeling less and less obliged to elaborate on the ridiculous shit they say in the internet that

  12. It might have been high effort for Madonna though. I don’t think she has ever displayed any examples of complex thought processes.

  13. You know, I came to check the comments first and you've given me a moment of clarity, that clarity is "Wait I don't need to see this, I'm fuckin' outta here"

  14. She really should have stopped after Drake freaked out about her kissing him. Then again, he'd do that if anyone over the age of 17 kissed him, so who knows? 🤷

  15. I've no problem with artists who are deliberately shocking, personally. What's the harm? (The NFT part, of course.)

  16. You are laughing now, but I have a lot of faith in this project. Think of the future applications in gaming. I will surely have the last laugh when I can take my naked CGI Madonna giving birth to caterpillars into Minecraft, Halo, and Football Manager 2027.

  17. And the entire quality of this "art" is on the level someone with a year of experience in Blender usually does. The movements, the look on her face, the background animations, everything looks just so fake.

  18. Apparently they started with scans of her vagina as a guide and produced entirely CGI works from it. Not that I give a shit. She's a horrible, horrible person.

  19. The Onion writers after reading that headline: "Whelp, we had a good run." pushes the button that releases the poison gas

  20. Imagine being Madonna today. Her entire career was driven by how shocking she could be. I don't think there is anything short of eating a live baby on The Tonight Show could shock us today. Must drive her nuts

  21. She shocked for 20 years. Her first album was produced by Niles Rodgers and is pop masterpiece. In a world where Madonna has been ripped off for decades, her efforts to bush the boundaries have gone unappreciated for whatever reason, likely because it hasn’t been good. But this weird shit releasing as an NFT is perfect. Madonna does not give a fuck about NFTs. She just wanted a reason to get people to watch her giving birth to robot centipedes. She succeeded.

  22. To them they’re getting paid to scam others because they’ll say something about it and immediately get to the top leaving all behind

  23. They aren't suckers, they're just getting paid to endorse total and complete bullshit. They don't give a flying fuck.

  24. NFTs are scammy because of the hype and some of the specific technical aspects of the authoring of them. Not the actual art itself. Like, even if you dislike NFT related art, digital art in general is something people are going to keep making.

  25. I don't mind celebrities buying into money making scams, but...why? Why this image? What did I do? What did anyone of us do?!

  26. One can put a lot of thought into something without any of those thoughts being rational or reasonable. Exhibit A.

  27. Madonna is 63 years old. I am all for her expressing herself, you go girl and whatnot. But I think we are fast approaching a point where her being 'that sex grandma' is what she is known for rather than for her music.

  28. Because controversy has always been her thing. She's always tried to be controversial and get people riled up. CGI centipede porn NFTs are definitely a way to do that. The general attitude of this comments section is exactly what she was aiming for.

  29. Madonna has been irrelevant for 20 years and she still hasn't acknowledged it. You're not getting everyone sexed up like you did in the 90s, Madge. Aging sex symbols that refuse to age gracefully will always be sad. You had a good run, but nobody wants to see your saggy old lady body and nobody wants to listen to your EDM garbage.

  30. I still dont know what an NFT is and now it has something to do with a pop singers old vagina.. im even more confused. I think I will just accept I'm old now and turn off the internet.

  31. 100% offense intended... For an entire year of development, those are some exceedingly low effort and fucking uuuugly pieces of "art" that I could commission someone with 10 minutes of tutorials worth of experience to make with blender from

  32. Does she look like a "natural" 63 year old woman? No. Shame, because that would have been more of a statement than this CGI crap. Cowards.

  33. Umm, what? i swear, the rich and famous get so tired and bored of being rich and famous, they do shit like this just to get folks to talk to them.

  34. You know whats a tougher sell than an NFT of a video of madonna giving birth? An NFT of a video of woman WHO MIGHT BE madonna giving birth.

  35. Fucking nobodies on Patreon making higher quality porn art than this. I dunno who the fuck Beeple is, and I literally don't fucking care. The concept is great, the execution is embarrassing. Go learn to use SFM. smh.

  36. Wow, Madonna keeps on being Madonna. I am not attacking her right to create art, but people are paying money for this?!

  37. I must say these were INTENSE! As someone who was around when her x-rated book came about this is on par with her boundary pushing.

  38. This sentence seems generated randomly and yet unfortunately it makes sense, what a peculiar timeline to be living in.

  39. I don't think we live in a computer simulation, we live in a NES cartridge and someone really needs to blow into it to make it work right again

  40. Wow. An NFT of a nude 70 year old lady giving birth to centipedes. I’d pay to not have to see that.

  41. Not very. And it's not really her, just a ps3 character model that kinda looks like her (from 30 years ago). You'll find more convincing CGI from guys who make porn on blendr.

  42. there anything she won’t do to try and stay relevant. She’s 63 ffs , she stopped being relevant about 30 years ago.

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