'Teacher of the Year' winner arrested after seen on camera hitting a student

  1. Possibly, the students staged a walk out in support of him if it's the same case that's been posted on other subreddits recently.

  2. Well he retired 2 hours after the incident occurred, so he'd probably be ineligible anyways lol.

  3. One of the subs at the elementary school kicked the chair out from underneath a roughly 10 year old boy because he was leaning back in it, he obviously fell and smacked his head on the floor, luckily no injuries. She was banned... From that specific classroom. And only because the teacher fought for it. No repercussions whatsoever.

  4. I read your comment and filled in sub with kid. This is something a little shit would do. That sub should know better.

  5. It doesn't mention the teacher of the year award anywhere in the article. It only talks about the teacher hitting a student.

  6. When I was a kid I got into a class with “4 time teacher of the yr” and I was so excited until it quickly became apparent he was beating the living s**** outta the kids so we’d do good out of sheer fear.

  7. A kid got hit by a teacher in front of a class at my school and none of the students saw anything. Everyone thought the student was a dick. Looking back, probably had problems at home or just in his head and definitely didn't need to be hit. Then again, some people do need it.

  8. We had a teacher dump a cup of ice water on the head of the Cartman in my class for defending Hitler and slavery. He now sells blood diamonds to D-list rappers like NLE Choppa.

  9. Did he get it in the face causing a bloody nose because he was wearing a hoodie at school? I mean not following bullshit dress codes imposed by authoritarian dickheads wasn't anything I ever protested against in high school. I probably deserved a beat down. /s

  10. This is called child abuse. The kid was humiliated and never felt safe. You weren't safe either. You even admit they probably weren't safe at home. As a version of that kid? I hope you're one of the classmates I had. I definitely made them pay for it.

  11. Those kinds of awards are usually bs. A truly great teacher probably would not care about awards and so they would go unnoticed.

  12. The teachers close friends defend him suggesting “that something bad must have happened in order to force him to snap”… yeah sorry but no excuse to give a child a concussion because you lost your temper. Fuck all these hicks

  13. Something bad but no story comes out. No way this is the first time also kid seemed small. Obviously this guy would be too scared to do that to someone his size.

  14. Yeah, no. That was completely uncalled for. It would be a very different situation if the kid was on top of him, attacking him, he had no other option to protect himself, etc.. but clearly this teacher didn’t know when to walk away.

  15. In states where corporal punishment of students has been banned for decades, the most a student would get from a teacher would be some choice words while telling them to get out of the classroom, maybe physical restraining in the extremely rare situation where things were extremely bad, there were multiple witnesses, and law enforcement needed to be called.

  16. If parents would discipline their kids and teach them how to act like human beings, they might not need to be bounced off the wall. My oldest son was 6' tall and 200lbs at 11 years old.

  17. I'm a teacher and every teacher I know will refuse to condemn teachers like this. We all have this inner fear that 1 day this could be us.

  18. Have you watched the video? Do you seriously fear that you could chase a kid down a hall, corner them, and smack them around?

  19. What this teacher did is not right. But before we get ready to vilify him and make extreme conclusions about who he is as a person, spend some time on

  20. The kid was mouthing off the teacher and he obviously hit his breaking point....HOWEVER...you don't ever lay your hand on a kid. He smacked him so hard that his head hit the wall and he passed out. I mean yeah, that kid is probably terrified for life to ever speak to an adult like that, but what a piece of shit teacher.

  21. The Feb. 25 incident allegedly began after Hosinski confronted the victim about the hoodie sweatshirt they had worn to class before he "inexplicably" made physical contact with them, the district said.

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  23. My math teacher used to load up chalk in erasers in the chalk tray and hurl them at us when we misbehaved. No one messed with Mr. Nichols now little shits do whatever they want.

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  25. Love how everyone is emphatic with assaulting minors even if there is no context in the article at all to make this a difficult decision.

  26. I was in college right at the beginning of texting becoming a thing, and my professor slapped a dude in the front row who had pulled out his phone. The dude with the phone apologized for the disturbance. It was amazing.

  27. If he did it to this student he has probably done it other times. It is important to find out how many other kids were mistreated.

  28. I remember my freshman year in high school 2003-2004 we had this crazy old English teacher. Mr. Whittmore. He had been at the school for about 20-25 years. But apparently my graduating class was one of the worst behaved he’d had to deal with (we also had the highest dropout rate of any class every in the history of the school 426 to start and only about 130 by graduation, glad to say I graduated early) but this teacher told one of my friends he had to sit in the hallway because he was acting wild, and my friend was mumbling under his breath on the way out. Mr. Whittmore straight up charged at him, tackled him to the ground and ripped his sweatshirt lifting him back up to his feet. Needless to say, the TA that had been shadowing him the whole year ended up taking his position. And that TA, Mr. Flavin, ended up being my #1 favorite teacher. I had late start and early release everyday my senior year because I had so many credits. Because it was my first class of the day and I worked full time, even though it was second period, I slept most of the time. But I still ended up with the highest grade in the class, the only student with an A (even though it was only a 91%)

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  30. Sounds like a good teacher. When I was a bad student I had a relief teacher once grab me by the throat and say “don’t fuck with me” it was only in that second that I realised that teachers were real people and that this was a normal dude that was educating me on the real world . I changed my ways forever after that

  31. He was walking out of his class, that's all. So when the teacher confronts him in the hallway he smacks him in the face and the kids head hits the wall behind him from the force.

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