My Children, remember to attend your day 10 confession

  1. The key to a healthy relationship is mutual understanding. I pray that she will support your decision. God bless.

  2. I failed. Wish I didn't start a week earlier...I didn't even take this seriously but after failing I'm kinda sad lmao

  3. Still in. It's been a busy week for me and there is nothing better than an honest man's work to keep the mind clean of impure thoughts, father

  4. Remember the rule of the 3 P's. Pushups, play (like games or instruments) and Pray. With the combination of these three, not even the Accuser can make you lose your Faith in God and yourself. You have got this. Proceed with the challenge in Peace, amen.

  5. It is funny that whats keeping me from losing, father, is not my will but actually the feeling of dissappontment i will feel if i do.

  6. Don't be too hard on yourself. Flesh is weak. But you know you have the Faith to keep going. Even if you failed you can always get back on that horse.

  7. That same disappointment and guilt from a previous year is why I’m even scared to do so much as touch the thing.

  8. Still in, Father. Through daily prayer, exercise, and keeping both my hands and mind busy, I've arrived here at the 1/3 mark and my strongest urges have merely been my mind suggesting the "usual" solution to boredom. I've instead solved it by praying, drawing, and playing holy music.

  9. Father I am still in but living on the edge. These diabolical succubus wenches are tempting my fragile soul. Do you offer exorcism services for my browser history? I plead ye father

  10. By the Power of Christ I compel you Demons, also knows as the Horny. Step back from this brave soldier so that his browser history may be Holy again! Proceed with the challenge in Peace, amen.

  11. You have done good so far. Keep up the good work. I will pray for both of you. Proceed with the challenge in Peace, amen.

  12. Been holding down the frontline now for 11 days, I’ve seen my brothers fall all around me, but, my vision is of back home on the ranch, ram ranch, 15 naked cowboys in the showers, they give me hope that one day when this eternal war ends I will be at peace on my ranch with the hot sun beating down on my head while I mow the grass, I will have peace. But for now I’m in the trenches doing my duty.

  13. I gave done pretty well so far, other than yesterday when I peaked at stuff, but then I went into the cold shower for 15 minutes and if I Peak again, I will do a 15 minute cold shower. So I know I won't let it happen again.

  14. I believe hit the horniness apex on day 8. Not sure if the graph is falling because of better self-control or a decrease in horomone activity, but I will say that I'm feeling good and I am still in!

  15. By the Power of Christ I compel you Horny Demons! Stay away from the soul of this soldier, for he is here to fight the Darkness.

  16. I have come for Judgement, Father. My 10th night is passed and I wake in Nut Limbo. I chose to edge, and I was concious enough to stop before I commited the ultimate fallacy. I thought I'd put my mind to rest, but when I awoke this morning (local time 2:15am) I'd appeared to have had a wet dream. I know the rules, but I feel this is my own fault. What do I do now? How can I repent?

  17. We lose control in our dreams. In my book you're still in. But I don't make the rules, so I cannot say anything about that for certain.

  18. Father, I'm still in. And since im recovering from a surgey, my urges are minimal and my strength is low. Resting is the way forward... I got this.

  19. Still in, I started a week early so I'm technically on day 18 rn. It has become easier to fall asleep, through the day is no problem at all, I use my spare time for more studying, I've bought a new game and I'm practicing guitar more often.

  20. I only went to posts daring others to give up the path they tread, to either distract the enemy, or motivate fellow holdouts who may happen to be there. They’re strong, father, but they won’t make me falter.

  21. Father, I need to confess to you.. All my classmates already failed, I am the only on still standing against the forces of evil desires. What should I do?

  22. Still in. Discovered a superpower, which save me from wet dreams (yes, I know, is not against the rules): I just wake up every time, then sex is gonna happen in my sleep.

  23. Always a next year. I absolve you from your sins in the name of the Father, the Sons and the Holy Spirit, amen.

  24. Still in. I will survive. I did however notice myself get a little angry at work which is very out of character for me. A side effect I guess

  25. I'm still going strong, but my new ADHD and anxiety medication has essentially chemically casterated me so I feel like I'm playing on easy mode.

  26. Surprisingly, still going strong. I expected to lose after Day 25 (don’t ask, I started early - middle of October and intend to go NN until New Year’s Day.

  27. Days 7-9 were a bit difficult, but day 10 was extremely easy, I feel like it’s going to just get easier from now on

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