80,000 pound truck loses brakes and heads right for a loaded school bus

  1. Holy shit me too. I’ve never been here and after it started I looked up at the sub to try and anticipate what was going to happen

  2. only reason i even clicked on it after seeing the title was checking the sub name. so, different but same same.

  3. Also kudos to the pickup truck on the left who saw what was happening and back up, giving the truck enough space to squeeze through

  4. Listening to him yell like that when he was passing the bus and van made my heart skip a few beats and my eyes welled up. Pure horror

  5. Time for the redneck "Aircrash investigation" documentary to find out what atrocious maintainance policy that company had on their rigs.

  6. So glad that moment the elements aligned to keep everyone safe. It sounded like his heart was gonna leap out of his chest. Glad no one got hurt.

  7. If you think the truck driver was scared, just imagine the driver in the first car in line facing him. That guy's asshole still hasn't unpuckered.

  8. I will say that SUV facing the same direction as the truck (Mercedes GLS?) was on it. He understood what was happening just based on the horn and got out of the way.

  9. I'm amazed that he didn't even bother to pull over or get out of the car or anything. Was just ready to accept his fate.

  10. The school bus stopping traffic may have actually been a saving grace, but hot damn that's sketchy if a kid was crossing in front. Great save!

  11. School busses teach kids the wrong shit on the roads. "ok the traffic will stop for you, you can cross the road!"

  12. This was the morning so kids would've been getting on the bus, so they would've been pretty visible from the trucker's POV

  13. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/oh-medina/video-shows-tractor-trailer-nearly-crash-into-school-bus-full-of-kids-in-medina-county

  14. Congrats on not hitting anyone while the brakes stopped working, you did great. So anyways we’re thinking about charging you for not stopping for the bus and not talking to us after.

  15. I would wager that the semi insurance covered all the damages. Fault is determined by who was more reckless, and driving into an oncoming lane is a lot more reckless than illegally reversing on public road.

  16. Insurance trends to get pretty fucked up, because it's an action he chose then the pickup driver would probably be found liable. Just sitting there could have turned out far worse, but the insurance would be less likely to fault him. Some things aren't worth winning though.

  17. Really surprised that no one is pointing this out, but pay attention to the black SUV that was behind the bus. Immediately pulls off the road into the grass.

  18. Came here to post this before I saw your comment, extremely impressed by that driver in particular, reaction time is insane

  19. If I heard a trucker horn and saw it approaching without slowing in the rearview I'd be pulling off the road too.

  20. I always leave plenty of space in front of my car to maneuver and give my rearview a few glances when stopping or already stopped in case the vehicles behind won't stop in time. I have never needed to do what the black SUV did in this video, but I make sure I can if needed. I can only hope my reaction time would be this fast as well.

  21. Could just be my imagination but also looks like the driver maneuvered the vehicle in a way to best shield the children boarding the bus.

  22. No one mentioning the SUV behind the school bus that pulls off the road. Didn't matter in the end but still it's good that three drivers were aware, which is three more than usual

  23. Let’s not forget my guy in the blue Silverado either. If he didn’t back up the rig would’ve never made it through. If you watch the full vid there’s a camera angle from the bus and it shows the blue truck immediately back up into the suv behind it. Smartest call in the whole situation

  24. As a commercial truck driver this makes me angry. He had many opportunities to bury his rig in that ditch and line of tress, I saw places on both sides. But he chose the much riskier option of trying to bob through traffic and hopefully keep his truck and trailer intact. In doing so he raised the risk of hurting and killing many more people as oppose to his own risk and just property damage. Just because he didn't injure anyone this time, doesn't mean he made the right decision.

  25. Surprised others aren't noting this, reminds me of that trucker who go sentenced to a long time in prison recently because he didn't go off-road or take a runaway truck lane when his brakes failed. His gamble didn't pay off and he killed 4 people. The same could have easily happened here.

  26. Thank you for commenting this because I have never driven a truck and know nothing about it, but I was thinking the whole time “why isn’t this guy veering off into the side of the road when there’s both a ditch and a bunch of tall trees?” Do you think he was worried that the impact would kill him or something? If I was in the drivers seat 100% I would have driven off the side of the road.

  27. I’m not sure what happened here. As an ex-truck driver it occurs to me that there’s two set of brakes and if he lost main pressure the emergency brakes should be able to be engaged.

  28. Thank you! I was in an up-armored humvee and was going over an interstate overpass. All of a sudden, everything crapped out: brakes, gas, power steering; now I'm coming down the backside of the pass and picking up speed. I see a minivan trying to pull out of a gas station that isn't paying attention; didn't help I didn't have a horn. I used every bit of strength I had to steer it into a culvert. Rolled the truck; my TC wasn't wearing a seat belt, shattered his collar bone. I slammed into the steering wheel and fractured my sternum and a few ribs. I would have probably died, but I was wearing my helmet and plate carrier that absorbed most of the blow. Moral or the story: I'm not a professional driver, but even I knew enough to try and ditch the death machine my ride had become.

  29. Yeah, I definitely would have aimed for the ditch as soon as I realized what was happening. Rather risk myself than a school bus that is full of kids. I mean, we're taught in drivers Ed to aim for something soft-ish when heading off road, now's the time to do it.

  30. Right there with you. Brakes don't "fail", either. They "fade" from improper use. Idiot was riding his brakes for a while for them to get like that. Also, Jake brake?

  31. This is literally the trolley problem in action: Stay on course and allow your inaction to kill dozens of children, or move and allow your action to kill only a few people. Luckily he was able to thread the needle and avoid killing anyone but we saw which option he chose and I don't think anyone could fault him.

  32. Also the option to gear down into 1st. It would kill the engine but the truck would have slowed down a lot more.

  33. Why didnt he drive with the jake brakes on? I'm always on 3 High floating between 6th and 8th in urban environments...it will bring the truck down to idle speeds in 6th.

  34. There are jurisdictions which ban jake brakes. I would imagine trucks based in those areas generally don't have them installed.

  35. One of the most stressful things I've seen thanks to the voiceover, POV and that it looks like an actual place I know. Got me way more involved than a lot of actually more horrific videos.

  36. This worked out well in the end, but the driver made poor decisions. Cars are stopped in the other lane (by law) because kids often cross the road when being let off. He could have very well run over a kid crossing the road. The right decision would have been to drive into the ditch and scuttled the truck, it wasn't worth the chance of running over kids departing from the school bus.

  37. This. I don't get all the praise. He could have easily hit a kid or disintegrated multiple people. He should have ditched.

  38. Never mind the fact that this likely means routine inspection and maintenance wasn’t being done. The driver should have run himself up the hill into those trees. That situation could have been a lot worse.

  39. Bet you anything the company that this guy works for is spending thousands making sure their trucks are working 100% after this.

  40. How is this even possible? Don't you need to get you vehicle checked regularly (like we have to in the Netherlands, yearly) to be able to have/keep your insurance?

  41. Badly adjusted brakes are the #1 source of tickets issued by DOT, many drivers don't know how to properly inspect or adjust them even though they're required to do so.

  42. I drove my Ford Taurus to pick up my son one day at school. It was about 1.5 miles from home. I parked on a hill so I put on the parking brake. 20 minutes I left school and while stopping at the red light .5 miles from the school my brake line just broke. I had light brakes which allowed me to get it home but that’s a car and not a semi truck.

  43. That has got to be absolutely horrifying, knowing you are driving a massive vehicle like that with big potential to take human life, near a school bus no less.

  44. Truck Driver here. Brakes on a Semi do not work that way. If you lose air to the brakes the brakes lock up. The air in the system pushes the brake shoes away from the drums. Also, the drver would have had a warning well before losing all air in the system via a very loud buzzer and flashing lights when the air pressure went below a certain level. Also, the air brake system on a semi has is actually 2 seperate systems 1-supply (blue line) and 2-emergency/backup (red line).

  45. If your brakes are overheating, and fading they will quit working wether you had air pressure or not. Also, if his service line broke between the truck and trailer, then the brakes would be released, but would not apply with brake pedal application due to an air leak.

  46. When did it chage to fail closed? It looks like an older Mack Truck. Little dogs ass gave it away. Maybe the truck is pre fail closed? I know it wasnt always that way.

  47. If he was driving it while it was low on air but not low enough to trip the safety he would've been dragging his brakes and they could've overheated. A company I used to work for had a rock crusher catch fire because it had a bad enough are leak that the shoes weren't fully releasing but the driver didn't notice and went down the road with the brakes dragging and they got got enough to set the tires on fire.

  48. Clearly the thing to do was take the truck into the ditch. Thread the needle through some trees and hope for the best. Can’t believe the driver got close to a bus that was stopped to pick up/drop off kids. What if a kid peaked around to see what the noise was about.

  49. I can't believe people down vote your comment. The truck driver had to sacrifice the rig, he had plenty of space on the right. Let's be honest, he had no way of knowing the was no kid crossing the road.

  50. I am not a truck driver. My initial thought was the same. That he would get into the ditch in the left side. I was surprised with the poor decision he made. He is lucky a kid was not crossing that street!

  51. My thoughts too. That'd be my first choice if my brakes went out; find a tree to crash into and hope it keeps my car from driving anywhere.

  52. You don't just lose brakes one day, he was not up on his maintenance. And that's the kind of thing that dot pulls owner operators into weigh stations to check for with a level one inspection

  53. Talk about threading the needle. Considering the sheer stress this guy was under at the split second discovery that his brakes were gone, and he had a stopped school bus dead ahead with obstacles on both sides, it's nothing short of a miracle that he just focused and drove on through so cleanly and safely. That was magnificent driving in the face of a worst case scenario. This is the kind of guy I want teaching truckers how to drive.

  54. Damn dude. Run your jake brake. Down shift. Apply trailer brakes. Do something. Hit the horn. Yeah. But stop that sumbitch. Don't just fly around a stopped school bus. Why were you going so fast you couldn't control your rig? Why did you not know you had no brakes? 7 seconds. You have 7 seconds to check your surroundings, your mirrors, your gauges and your blind spots. Then you do that shit again every 7 seconds until you shut er down. You should have noticed low air pressure before it became a problem. How long had it been since you did a proper pretrip inspection. Don't just hold the wheel. Drive your truck.

  55. That white car couldn't see past the truck in front of them so from their perspective, the truck just randomly reversed into them. While they were angry about that, the strange noise got louder and a giant semi suddenly blows past.... imagine if they had gotten out to yell at the truck.

  56. How is losing brakes on a semi still possible in 2022? Aren't there strict regulations for what you can and can't drive? Where I live you need to have your car checked every year for stuff like this and a lot more.

  57. Normally it’s caused by riding the brakes too much, and the drums overheat and expand, and then there isn’t enough travel for the brake chamber to make good contact with the drum.

  58. The situation was bad enough but the school bus being there would be absolutely horrifying I probably would have lacked the composure to pull though and just ran myself off the road to avoid the bus

  59. You can hear the low brake pressure alarm buzzer going which should have i Engaged the failsafe brakes. That’s the alarm you never want to hear going down the road.

  60. I feel bad for the beautiful blue topaz silverado (made only in 2014) that had to back up into the sedan behind it. Lol.

  61. What I did not hear was him downshifting or shutting down the engine to brake on compression - obviously he did not need compressed air (well, besides blowing his horn) - and belt driven power steering and vacuum pump would work so long as the engine was turning (even as it slowed).

  62. I just got out of truck driving school in 2019 and I’m just wondering some things like…. When was the last time he checked his breaks? Is he an OO? Is he doing pre checks before each trip?

  63. Brilliant driving and reaction to circumstances, but did the driver inspect the vehicle, including the brakes, before operating?

  64. I think most of this is neglect, checking your brake system on a truck is a constant thing that is required to do. I thought when brakes on trucks go out it breaks, once it loses air pressure it locks the brakes, plus I didn't hear the semi try to engine break.

  65. Wow that’s some fine driving right there ! Heck yeah on the trucker for evaluating his options and picking the right one. My biggest fear if I was a trucker would be hurting someone with that thing. Trucks are huuuuuge and way harder to slow down even with brakes. I’m super shocked he made that slide in between those cars bud also good job on the cars backing up.

  66. So, I’m not sure the trucks brakes went “out”… on semi trucks the brakes are always applied until air pressure builds up enough to release them. So that in the situation that the truck loses air pressure, the brakes activate rather than leaving the truck to go flying uncontrolled into everything in its path. My guess what happened here is he was heavy, going full speed and was not able to slow down in enough time. Also if brake shoes get too hot they can glass over and be less effective than typical.

  67. The most scared I ever was, is when I drove school bus in the mountains. No fucking shoulders on the road, just road and cliff. Lugging trucks everywhere and fog. Every morning fog. Coupled with low wages for drivers and high turnover so whenever I flew in to cover a route none of the kids knew to watch for safe signals from the driver to cross, and half of them didn't know to stay and sit in their seats properly because they had never been taught or had any consistent teaching. The whole time you're stopped waiting for the kids to cross, you're scanning your mirrors, and the horizon thinking how you're going to protect the kids you already have on and the kids crossing if one of those trucks lose their brakes. All while little Sue Ellen is getting picked on by Betty Mae at the back of the bus and then you're called in and asked why you didn't stop the bullying and report it.

  68. This guy got lucky I mean really lucky this doesn't "just happen" he should have known there is something wrong. The truck will either give you a warning or you can actually feel it when pressing the pedal. He should have checked his equipment beforehand anywway. Then this guy fucking panicking like a bitch I mean seriously keep your cool and think quickly panicking and screaming doesn't do shit. And then he still drove it to the fucking yard this guy is beyond incompetent. And before someone saye idk what I'm talking I also drive trucks for a living.

  69. For what I can tell, I can't hear any form of engine brake. I don't give two damn what a stupid fucking sign says. You use your damn brakes available to you, especially in this case.

  70. So I’m currently a diesel apprentice and I’d like to know the level of neglect required for this to happen

  71. Yeah this guy is not a good driver. Instead of just turning off the road he straight up panics and just hopes he won't hit a child? You risked killing a kid to avoid some damage to your vehicle. Always the wrong choice.

  72. I drive a truck for a living and I can’t imagine how this would happen. Trucks have two brake systems on each wheel except the steer wheels. They have air brakes and spring brakes.

  73. When I was in elementary, on a full bus home from school, the bus driver got pissed off we were being loud. In the middle of the highway she started screaming at us to shut up, and then I guess she decided to try and pull a 3pt turn in the middle of the highway (speed limit was 65 mph). A semi was close behind us, and when she just turned, leaving the bus almost perpendicular to the road, the semi driver had to pull every possible emergency trick to stop in time. I will never forget looking out my window and realizing I could reach out and touch the hood of the truck if I wasn’t frozen in fear. He looked like he wanted to murder the bus driver, and the near multi-death accident had cured her of her previous rage, so she righted the bus and took us home.

  74. The truck air brake buzzer emergency sound is the most terrifying sound to hear as a trucker. Mine went off in Colorado going down i70 after the Eisenhower tunnel… Luckily I was in low gear going slow and was able to pull over…

  75. Anyone know why he didn’t veer off the road into the paddock and trees to avoid slamming into those cars? That would be my reflex reaction.

  76. All I can think of are idiots who think cutting off a semi is acceptable/cool/???? Look how far back he realized his brakes were shot. It takes a LONG time to brake in a rig, especially depending on what they're loaded with.

  77. This literally had me shaking and instantly had my eyes watering, the pure terror in this mans voice as he realizes he has no brakes and there's a bus full of kids as well as other cars directly in front of him on this tiny road. Amazing!! Wish I could hug this guy!

  78. I watched it three times before I turned the sound on. My heart was POUNDING listening to that!

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