Without a doubt one of the best looking autoflowers I've grown so far. Mystery strain from pack of owl pellets

  1. I keep coming back to look at this picture. It should win a beauty contest. I hope it smells and smokes even better than it looks.

  2. I've bought from Night Owl only 4 times so far and everything I've grown has been the star of my tent. I'm gonna start grabbing Owl Pellets from drops. I don't think there's much to worry about, no matter what it is it's gonna be dank.

  3. Thank you! Yes I love the surprise factor. This is only my second pellet but so far they have both been absolute fiyyaaaaa!! And I still have 10 left! Without a doubt the best 50 bucks I've ever spent. I'm giving them a quick break until my mango mrr and quicksand cookies grow out. But I already can't wait to pop more seeds.

  4. My first night owl seed, owl pellet is enjoying the sunlight. I’m getting pine, fruit and a little fuel terpene notes, interested how she will smell like in the future

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