Newcomer here! Any tips or things I should know before starting?

  1. Good idea asking us to avoid spoilers. There are 5 endings to complete the game. These endings are denoted on your save slot, A through E, but there are other endings you can get, F through Z that are mostly joke endings, ie if you die doing something you shouldn't be doing.

  2. Like other people here already said and i reinforce: the game DOESN'T END when the credits come by. KEEP PLAYING. The amount of people i've met that stopped playing or even sold the game after just beating it once is unbelievable

  3. Are there really people out there who just finish a game, skip the credits and then NEVER re-open the main menu again? That's like skipping out on half of the fun on purpose

  4. Don't stop playing when the game sends you back to the main menu, it should tell you to keep playing, byt just in case. There's a whole lot of game to be played

  5. Route b, about 8 to 10 hours. So gauge how you feel about the game and if it's worth it to play another 8 or 10 hours. Route C is a few hours and d maybe 30 minutes or less

  6. Stock on healing items just to be on the safe side, spam evade as it costs nothing, only sell items that have "can be exchanged for money" in their description(everything else is materials for upgrades), don't skip side quests.

  7. I always tell people to max out their heals whenever they get the chance, including recovery items and plug in chips.

  8. On the topic of experimenting with weapons different weapons have different abilities. These do stack with your chip sets. Something like the Iron Pipe with Critical + and High Stun will amplify your damage by a lot

  9. There's multiple endings which require multiple playthroughs. A-E are the main endings and require 3 playthroughs and two different choices at the end of one. There's a bunch of other endings that are game over screens usually from a joke or Easter egg.

  10. Wow! I really like how many of you seem so passionate about this game. I will prepare tissues then! I’ll eat the fish, switch some controls, continue playing after the credits and do side quests.

  11. You should save game frequently. There was a time that I played it for hours without save and then i died and threw all it to garbage

  12. Since u asked for advice, I’ll honestly tell you. One of the most repeated pieces of advice on this subreddit: get yourself some tissues if u don’t have any already. You will NEED THEM. thank me later :D

  13. Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions. Also after finishing a playthrough, play again on THE SAME save file. Some people thought that playing it on 5 different save files will lead you to the 5 major endings. It doesn't work like that. Play on the same save file 3 times, just follow what

  14. Im trying to 100% the game right now, should I lose the right on purpose and then go back via chapter select and win it or doesn’t it really matter wether I win?

  15. Im also a new player and honestly my best tip is avoid the subreddit spoilers. This place has many many spoilers and i get to find out about all the crucial characters before they appear because of all the cosplays and fanart. Its better when you get to experience stuff yourself and find out things instead of going

  16. When the credits roll for the first time, that's just the first ending. I was so enraged my first playthrough before I realized there was plenty of more game and story to follow

  17. Don't skip side quests if you can help it. As you progress in the game new side quest will open up in already visited zones. The minimap is your friend.

  18. While playing through the game it will act like its over multiple times. People call these endings but they aren't. The game is just cut into pieces.

  19. If there are side quests you’re interested in, don’t leave them for after the main quests— some become inaccessible after certain plot points.

  20. You need to beat the game once, beat it again with the other character, and then play it again after you beat it with the other character to reach the true endings. There’s a total of 3 different endings when you reach the main story’s final ending point. Trying not to be too detailed as to not spoil anything. I would highly recommend going into it knowing as little as possible other than that, it’s more about the story than the gameplay as it’s not difficult to beat and can beaten in many different play styles and difficulties.

  21. Change the control scheme R to fire, ZR to dodge, ZL to pod ability, L to reset camera, thumbstick click to Lock.

  22. The tutorial section at the beginning is brutal as all hell, and you can’t save the game until you complete it, but hang in there! Once you get past the inital hurdle, it should all be smooth sailing from there!

  23. Playing the game blind is probably the best experience but I would recommend doing side quests. I unfortunately didn't do a lot of them but it's still my favourite game either way.

  24. There's one particular boss fight in a side quest that upon victory asks you to let your opponent self-destruct. LET THEM DO IT. Don't make the same mistake I did. You'll get locked out of an ending if you answer No

  25. One thing i like on the game is the little coversation the characters are doing while exploring and battling so i makes the game more immersive so i suggest set the language in english so you don't have to read subtitle the english voice over is really well done also. Another thing is later in the game if you became over level i suggest dont rush the boss battle listen to their dialouge first before killing them or change your difficulty to hard.

  26. Take your time with the game. The story is phenomenal, some of the side quests really draw out strong emotions as long as you allow yourself to be immersed.

  27. Don’t feel bad chip-fusing knowing you might just pick up better ones. Just do it as much as you can.. to a reasonable level, don’t actually go up to- like- +6 or something, they become useless and too weighty for your slots

  28. Don't be completionist or minmax with this game, just chillax and bring some tissues. If you get stuck on a quest, it's fine to leave it, there's ng+ and chapter select.

  29. If you're going to run through the side quests before story progression, know that if you start to get bored it gets better as you finally do a story progression objective. Everything gets better. Enemies get stronger, quests become more challenging, new locations become available, and it doesnt slow back down when you jump back to knocking out the side quests. Just gotta tough through the first basketful. Also, save often. Death isnt the only means of game over and the only way to continue with automata is by loading save data

  30. Have a Pen and Paper ready. Write ✍️ down the first few sentences. Have subtitles on . . . The first paragraph . . . the opening dialogues as you switch over to flight controls

  31. Play alone and play with full focus or at a time when you can have complete focus. Don't play like my neighbour who takes a chore every 7 minutes and then forget what the game was all about

  32. Play through for the story first, then side quests second; I just flat out lost the plot threads chasing quests on the first few run-throughs

  33. The most underrated game ever made and top 3 game OVERALL ever made. This game is a masterpiece in every single aspect of what makes a video game beautiful.

  34. There is nothing harder than the opening mission. I have no idea why they made it so much harder but don't worry once you're out of it the game is open world so if you have a hard time with anything just explore and do sidequests.

  35. But 99 small healing potions asap, play on normal, at least during tutorial, have some patients and most importantly headphones. Enjoy your game!

  36. You need to beat the game multiple times to really finish it (don't worry, there's a surprise that'll make it worth it), and you'll definitely cry.

  37. Okay. First off, despite this being a sequel it’s a good idea to go as blind as possible. As much as I love the first one it does spoil this one. Secondly explore everything. There are tons of secrets that help expand the world, whether it be callbacks to previous NieR and Drakengard games to just... the lives of the NPCs and their story.

  38. in your second playthrough bfore the end stock up on hp injectors as you wont be able to purchase them for the first while in part 3, also lvl ups are pretty important for end fight imo

  39. collect and upgrade as many weapons as possible during your initial playthroughs if you’re planning on going for all 26 endings (specifically ending Y)

  40. Just take your time. The game revels in literally standing in certain locations just to have the ost kick in beautifully. This game is just as much about playing and following the story, as it is for you to walk around and think about everything around you. There are questions you'll have, DO NOT search for the answers online until you have finished A through E. You do not need to play replicant, but would definitely benefit more from an Automata experience by playing replicant 2nd imo because that's how I played them. Both gameplayand story wise. Saving is crucial, do not give up in the beginning we know it's gonna suck especially on the harder difficulties. I would also definitely say spend an hour at least once you're a few into the game to analyze what your playstyle will be and explore the plug in chips. It's not complex but can be very jarring for first time. I can't say much else without getting into spoilers. Really it's just a masterpiece in every aspect there's very few negatives for the game, and I'd say my favorite part is the story.

  41. Do the side quests as they come, if you continue the main story without doing them they will eventually become unavailable!

  42. Save often. I love this game so much on the switch cause I just find playing single player games on pc kind of boring. The experience is amazing.

  43. Everything that lives is designed to end. We are perpetually trapped in a never-ending spiral of life and death. Is this a curse? Or some kind of punishment? I often think about the god who blessed us with this cryptic puzzle, and wonder if we'll ever get the chance to kill him.

  44. I've just finished. Have patience. It feels sssooooo goddamn repetitive at first, and the 2nd pksythrough, is very samey ar times. After that though, it blows up and becomes so fascinating snd intense. It rewards patience. Best of luck

  45. Give the story a chance. You might be tempted to look up information after confusing story beats, maybe assuming you missed something. You didn’t.

  46. Dont stop playing is my only tip. And for the best experience without having to grind for the endings make sure youre consistently doing the side quests to gain weapons and save up money for weapons. The side quests are super easy as the locations where you need to go are marked on the map and you need to attain all of the weapons to proceed with further endings.

  47. Idk how frowned upon this is, but during the rare moments In which I died, I reset to save my chips. I always hated how they disappeared on death so i just reset to keep them. You could also just not use them and save up the ones you like so you can use them risk free (cuz you’ll have extras)

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