I have been fighting this damn machine for ten minutes

  1. Ignore it and move on, gold machines have a disproportionate defense, later on you'll be able to tackle them, either with regular attacks when you're strong enough, or in a different way(spoilers).

  2. Gold machines? Bro I don't think I saw any on my playthroughs (unless I forgot really badly) but I'm pretty sure this is my first time seeing them. are they rare? Or part of a side quest I somehow missed?

  3. I ignored this exact one with the 2 giant ones, after the factory with pascal I couldn't find any gold enemies. Not these, not the tank in the desert, nor the sunken city. They NEVER spawned again throughout the whole playthrough from that point.

  4. 10min is not long, I tried the last stage of that dojo challenge with low level and took me 2 hours, and I got killed by 1 blow when it had only less than 5% of hp left.....sign

  5. what level were youand what difficulty mode? i did it when i was around level 40 if i remember correctly on normal , and never took that long to beat all the challanges

  6. Also if you get the bomb ability it gets way easier, charge it up fully and it takes out like 10% of their hp each time

  7. Leave it for now and start fightig it again when you are 9s because then you can hack it and destroy it very easily

  8. Persistence is key. That and getting good at dodging. I got spanked my first time seeing that machine because I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Piece of cake on a 9S playthrough though.

  9. Smash it and get rewarded. When you get to the bunny at the front of the amusement park. Smash the bunny. But make sure you use 9s so you can hack the f-/: out of it. Then you can level up real quick.

  10. I remember those. Just do it. It will take time but they’ll die. You gotta fight it like 3x throughout the game. Go level up in the desert so it’s easier.

  11. If I remember correctly they're just beefed up. Pretty sure you don't need to fight them unless you're high enough level to make it easy. I don't remember if they like drop loot thats worth it but I doubt it

  12. This remember me that I one tried for 2 FUCKING HOURS to beat a mission where you had to kill a robot (down the gulf where there is the robot graveyard) and there was the bipedal machine that was level 45 and I was around level 20. Every attack was an insta-Kill, but I continued no matter what, for no reason

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