Guys, please don't be like this. You're not my knight in shining armor.

  1. "omg remember this traumatic incident? I just performed empathy to get your attention but still centering myself in this weird little daydream where you still go through the horrible thing but instead, I'm there."

  2. Agreed. I've never been in a situation where I needed to protect someone, but I have at times taken out the trash when some dude is just a massive chauvinistic pig. I like shutting down terrible people. I don't want to be compared to that douchenozzle lol.

  3. This isn’t really nice guy tho. I mean after you told him you didn’t need a hero and he responded “well you’re a bitch and probably deserved what happened” THAT would make him a nice guy imo

  4. heyyy queen I saw your tweet about how men are trash and I just wanted to let you know that I agree. although I myself am a man, (i know, ugh) i am on your side. “one of the good ones” as some may say. btw I never even noticed how fat your boobies are till now but they’re awesome

  5. bruh OH MY GOD 🤮 this is the cringiest shit ever if somebody told me this after explaining to them i was raped i would start laughing

  6. but baby i can save u so good. so much better and more correct than these other losers. they only want your body baby. i want your heart

  7. The only reason I wasn't there to protect you was that I was battling the ninja cult The Devils Hand. I had to recapture the jade monkey before the next full moon.

  8. this is totally a nice guy. we all know what his goal was and its gross nice guy energy to use her trauma as an opening…

  9. Ugh, so revolting! Do they think your panties will fall off because some unknown rando with poor spelling says they would have been there? No thanks.

  10. I’m not your knight in shining armor. I’m your Rogue in leather armor and I accidentally pulled aggro on the mob. Please help, I’m dying. 🥺

  11. If a woman said this it would be okay though. Why are we labelling having empathy as a bad thing? I have literally said similar things like this to women before, that I wish I could have been there to intervene. I don't think this is a 'hero' thing at all it is just wanting to contribute to bad things not happening to other people. We really demonizing men having empathy for us now? No wonder they are confused.

  12. As someone who’s vented a lot on this app, a lot of no good men will approach you like this guy to take advantage of your vulnerability. It’s a good thing she turned him down immediately.

  13. At first I thought, wow he is being nice and supportive but then after that he was just regretting he couldn't fuck you while sadly some predator guy did. If he was actually nice , he would have just been nice and understanding and would have stopped at first 2-3 messages but he is just looking to slide in if someone is heartbroken and will let him slide in if shows a little empathy. Someone need to tell him he is not being nice but is just being an asshole.

  14. Those creeps definitely read too many fairytales. In those stories the "helpless" princess always gets together with the knight. I guess that is the part of their fantasy. To build up a relationship through rescue.

  15. Not sure if this is predatory or not. He probably should've stopped at "help" and not included "saved" implying that she needed saving. Gotta be careful nowadays, both on the girl"s part and the guys. I can honestly say that I never came to a woman's aid with any expectation except for maybe some good karma.

  16. I don't really think it belongs here. He might be a NiceGuy, but he could also just be kind. He does seem very keen to feel extremely sorry for you and to be "the one you need". I take it, that you don't know the dude?

  17. Also; please don’t bring up someone’s fucking trauma as a way to chat them up, or as a convo starter — have some awareness and empathy that perhaps a vent when we’re prepared is not the same as someone randomly bringing up the worst thing that ever happened to you.

  18. There's a side you're not seeing. Few years ago, there was a Girl whom I liked. I had this feeling (not thought) about her that she's very "innocent". Her friends were harshly jealous of her and she was pretty defamed among her friends just because she's very Pretty and Innocent. Even her Boyfriend had broken up just because he started to think exactly how her toxic friends made him believe. One day she was telling me about her life so far, And this is the same feeling I had for her. If I could be there to defend her. So was it to be Nice in her eyes? No.

  19. > One day she was telling me about her life so far, And this is the same feeling I had for her. If I could be there to defend her. So was it to be Nice in her eyes? No

  20. "Hi, I know you don't want to talk about it, but I want to talk about it and put my emotions on you because I'm a nice guy". That's basically what he's saying.

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