Niceguy harassing his “friend” for nudes, but he’s only joking. Bonus niceguy weighs in

  1. Yeah it was like seeing a train wreck that you didn’t think could get any worse, then boom. It’s on fire.

  2. Yeah, I thought that response was fairly good and reasonable up until that point, it was a complete 180 in just one sentence.

  3. Sex is not a right. It's not a human rights issue. Nobody is owed sex. It is wonderful if sex becomes part of your human experience, but it is not your right. I have been the helper for two disabled men and of course it was problematic for them both, but their mindset made an enormous difference. One of the men was bitter about it and felt that it was unfair and that women were mean for not "helping him out" and the other man was very clear about, that he wished his life were different, but that nobody owed him anything. He booked escorts and cam girls and not once did he express any kind of entitlement, but just gratitude that this was possible and gratitude towards the women for being willing to play with him. Because of his attitude, women in general treated him well and in the three and a half years I worked for him, he had two girlfriends - one was disabled and the other was not. Both were wonderful and it was easy to see that they found him sweet and charming and fun to be with. I wish he could talk to some of these NiceGuys and incels, so they could begin moving forward.

  4. How is he not doing it intentionally? Lol Feeling a sexual attraction to somebody is natural. Constantly asking your "bestie" for nudes is not "jokes". Like the one comment said, if you have to ask if what you're doing is wrong or going too far, it likely is. Of course his "bestie" probably feels uncomfortable but he continues to do it. That's disrespectful and shows that he can't control himself. And I'm sure if she has said anything about it, he just says "JOKES! It's just a joke!" But it really isn't. I feel bad that he hasn't had more exposure to people and everything but he seems to use his disability as a way to justify what he's doing. That's so wrong. Because aside from his lack of being more social in real life, his disability doesn't have anything to do with his behavior towards women. Yet he mentions it, first thing, as if that somehow makes a difference. It doesn't. The Nice Guy that chimed in essentially tells him that because he is disabled this is all he has and will ever have. That's not true at all. My sister was born with Spina Bifida and she's been married for 8 years now. People with disabilities can and do live their best lives. He has seemingly just accepted that this is all he and asking for nudes. And while that is sad, it doesn't have to be like that and it's not an excuse for being a dick. Also, to the Nice Guy that commented- women are not here to satisfy your sexual desires. "Be more liberal with their tits and bits". I'm sure he calls women that are liberal with their bodies "WhOrEs" like every other Nice Guy.

  5. If a guy "friend" asked me for nudes, even jokingly, I would never be alone with them again ever, I would never let them near any of my food & drink and I would slowly grey rock them.

  6. Additionally asking for nudes in a jokingly way is just a really bad joke and in this case not even meant as a joke. If he feels physically/romantically attracted to them he should better be upfront about it than to weirdly ask for some skin via snapchat. Otherwise he just weirds them out.

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