He wants someone hot, submissive, loyal, cooperative to drain his b*lls. Any takers ? I have his #.

  1. Praise the lord he warned us ahead of time he wasn't sexist or mysoginistic. I'd have totally thought that had he failed to put that disclaimer, with my silly woman brain that fails to understand my role in life.

  2. He’s tearing me down because my profile has my education selected - PhD/Higher. I didn’t put any other info about it. So, that’s his only motive to “burn” me. I get these messages daily. 😆 This one was really funny and insane, worth posting.

  3. I'd really like to know what he thinks "mental, emotional, and physical support" entail specifically. Like, how exactly would that play out on a day to day basis in order to make it a fair exchange for all the ball emptying and stomach filling - and way better than anything she can get for herself with her PhD.

  4. Wonder what he thinks misogyny is. Probably some version of "I can't hate women because I want to fuck them and have one clean my house for me."

  5. 'I'm not a misogynist so make sure to keep that tiny little female brain in check so it doesn't misunderstand me and make you not have sex with me."

  6. He literally made that cemetery and animal hoarding look soooo good. "Balls empty and stomach full" *fucking vomit

  7. They really don’t get that women may actually choose to be single. Especially if the alternative is gross, misogynist dudes like this.

  8. I felt my blood boil with every sentence I read, and I had to stop to take breaks lol, I just can't handle this much pure distilled ignorance all at once.

  9. Awwwe 🧘‍♀️it will be alright. I am laughing about how mean people are and don’t hold back when projecting. I don’t know of an alternative reaction because his message was just so uncomfortable with no self-awareness.

  10. I hate it when guys say we use sex as a weapon, I had an ex that whenever I wasn’t in the mood he would complain that I was punishing him by withholding sex, like he was in pain for going without , I could literally be vomiting and he would still complain. Then the asking for “just” a BJ like that takes any effort on his part, he just sits there while I do all the work? No thanks, I’m not in the mood! Yeah, the guilt tripping was one reason we broke up.

  11. What an asshole. Guys or girls who behave like that are plain weird. Sex is not a job you should perform for the sake of your partner - it's for both to enjoy and if one doesn't want it, it's just absurd for the other one to insist on it anyway. Can you imagine if a boyfriend was feeling sick and then you insisted he gave you head anyway? Crazy. I am happy, that you got out ❤

  12. I understand this. I hope you can learn to set healthy boundaries and heal from that trauma. You are NOT alone with the SA 😔

  13. Y’know what? Even women who are happily married for 60 years or more will probably die alone. Women tend to outlive men.

  14. Also, if you're dying along side anybody, spouse, family member, etc. those are going to be tragic circumstances. It's not as though you're going to both gently die in hospital side by side of similar illnesses. I'd much rather die alone peacefully then get taken out in an accident with a loved one.

  15. I’m not quite 40 yet, but getting close. I will gladly continue hoarding animals and being single if it means I don’t have to be with a man like this.

  16. By "continue the conversation" I'm going to assume he means "listen to more of my petulant, judgmental drivel." Thanks, but I'd rather lick the floor of an abattoir. Good day to you, Sir.

  17. I think he means that HE is still a virgin at nearly 40 and is dissatisfied with that state of affairs. Which is why the entirety of modern culture needs to do an abrupt about-face so that he can get laid without doing any work on himself at all. And thank you for coming to his TED talk about how society needs to change to accommodate him.

  18. Only appropriate response to this is - "Your job offer is flattering, but sounds severely exhausting with unreasonable working hours and even less benefits. I will pass, thanks. "

  19. Phew! I’m so glad he stated ahead of time he’s not a misogynist! Totally cancels out all the misogynistic vomit he spewed after it. /s

  20. I just don’t understand why people think equality means literally anything other than equal rights, opportunities, and compensation?

  21. Wanted to say exactly this. Like what do these guys even want? To strip women of rights again? Not let them vote or have a job?

  22. ... so if you would like to continue our conversation... LOL what conversation? Sir, this was a word salad monologue. Or as I call it a fart that took wrong exit.

  23. He thinks people are unhinged when they’re single, 40, and have several pets. Lol those people are probably significantly happier than a lot of married folks.

  24. I've heard that studies say men are statistically happier when married rather than single, but women are statistically happier when single rather than married.

  25. My neutered dog has empty balls forever. Just saying. And why do I imagine this guy is typing this in between shilling car warranties chock full of emotional, physical, and moral support for the low low price of some good grub and a few pats on the ass? But on the upside, he offers a loyalty plan.

  26. Excellent point about neutered dogs with empty balls….and they tend to be super happy, so that seems like a good course of action for this guy!

  27. These guys just don’t understand that the reason no one wants to be with them isn’t because modern women are all entitled sluts who think they deserve a perfect man. It’s because modern women know that relationships are supposed to be about two people enjoying each other for who they are and supporting each other through life. Relationships aren’t a transaction, or at least they shouldn’t be. It’s not “keep my stomach full and my balls empty and in exchange I’ll give you a vague promise of ‘support,’” whatever he thinks that means. And when they open with messages like this, and women understandably tell them to fuck off, it fulfills their preconceived notions that women just want ultra “chads” and they’re rejecting him because he’s too nice and traditional. 🤦‍♀️

  28. I wonder if it's subconsciously because of people like him that I'm now asexual lesbian. Somewhere down the line i lost whatever romantic interest i had in men and have zero desire to date them anymore.

  29. Wow. So instead of stepping up and be a real man, actually making an effort to become somebody, now those wimps blame feminism and woman movement for everything? What a loser victim mentality. That’s extremely unhealthy and scary.

  30. Yes, they blame feminism and women movement to give the women options to stay out from unappealing relationships. In their eyes no bigger injury has been inflicted upon them than women having some choices and options in their lives.

  31. I’m screaming. Cause that phone area code is a small small state and I bet I’d see this creep in wawa. Noooooooo. 😭

  32. Am I the common denominator in all of my failed relationships because I'm an insufferable narcissist with precisely nothing to offer?

  33. I would rather die single and alone than settle for someone like him. Single isn't a threat buddy, studies have shown that single women are the happiest demographic.

  34. That's a whole lot of words for "your intelligence makes me feel like less of a man" and "I know I won't ever be able to please you, so I'll insult you instead".

  35. Thank you. I never have 😂 so I’m back in school getting another Masters for free. I love learning. What’s so wrong with that?

  36. Psychopath. “Let me get into a long winded rant about my need to demean women, assumptions they cannot ever be my equal, and why I’m not to be trusted. I require you to be my maid and sex slave. Great deal for you. Accessory to me.”

  37. The reason people like him usually don’t like that women are working is because the woman can leave whenever she wants and they can’t financially abuse her because I have several aunties who didn’t work and their husbands treated them like shit and the moment they started working their husbands realised they could move out at any point and they started being nice to them it’s just a way for them to control other peoples lives and make sure they can’t escape

  38. ''I am about to utter sexis stuff, but u dont dare to miscontrue me as a sexist. Dont put words in my mouth i actually said!''

  39. The cemeteries comment killed me lol. Full of women who thought they could do better and died alone? Even dead great grandmas cannot escape their judgement now 😂

  40. What these men don't understand is that there are plenty of women - even us feminists - who would be perfectly fine with being submissive and whatnot - it's just that the men who demand it are the ones least worthy of it.

  41. Higher ed = piece of shit in todays’ society. It’s a similar reaction to sex workers, I assume. I’ve never done that work. Just comparing the reactions we all get with our career choices.

  42. So interesting that when people say one group should be leader and the other group should be submissive, they usually belong to the first group themselves...

  43. Ha! Research is actually showing that women are in fact happier being single than men are. And he is kinda proving why that is, he expects a woman that will obey his every demand. In return he's offering... mental, emotional and physical support, you know, the bare fucking minimum in a relationship.

  44. You’d think that these people would think “hmmm, maybe this is a bit weird for a first message” by paragraph 3 at least but it’s things like this that remind me that “nice guys” aren’t people

  45. The average American male is suffering from a lack of sex (which is obviously detrimental to society) because women are finally becoming independent functioning members of society instead of my fuck doll who makes me sandwiches just like how mommy used to. How dare they realize how awful they’re treated by men and decide to not give sex and food whenever the dominant species desires!

  46. That is a man with absolutly nothing to offer any woman anywhere. Sounds like he could just jerk off and order GrubHub and leave women alone.

  47. They keep insisting that women should be frightened of "dying alone", then make it abundantly clear that it is actually them that are terrified of that prospect. They are the ones who are afraid of remaining unpartnered forever and dying alone, and having to wash their own socks in the meantime. That's why they are so bitter and angry that women are no longer have to give up a lifetime of sexual and domestic servitude in exchange for their financial support.

  48. Traditionally, a man’s 40 hour a week job would pay for a big house, two cars, health insurance with vision and dental for the family, and at least one family vacation a year.

  49. God men really don't know what misogynist means lol its not all about hating woman its also about having prejudice against them thinking that they MUST all be one way or else they aren't "real" woman, and that's EXACTLY what this guy thinks. So yeah sir you are a sexist misogynist. At least be honest about it and learn the god damn definition

  50. Do you think he types stuff like this out fresh every time he manages to speak to a woman or he has it ready as a copy-paste?

  51. Cemeteries are also filled with guys who went from woman to woman using them for their bodies and never marrying any of them, and abandoning their kids if the woman happened to get pregnant. He talks like all men and women just want to settle down get married and have kids. That is definitely not the case, if that's all every person wanted no one would ever cheat once they were in a relationship cos all of their needs would be met. There's more to relationships than a full stomach, sex and reproduction sir.

  52. All that and he is too cheap to renew his subscription? Additionally of all the things he “offered” I didn’t see financial stability on the list.

  53. That's what gets me - the utter hypocrisy. The fact that they choose not to see it. Crying for the 'traditional wife' while also not being able to be the provider for the woman - let alone children. Then to turn around and cry gold-digger when a woman wants a man with wealth.

  54. I think financial support is implied when he says physical support. How can you phisically support someone with no money involved?

  55. Uhhh....typical insecure desperate Indian man, no surprise there as their culture just like to oppress women and salve them till they die. Am I wrong for wanting to get his number for fun 🤔 😕

  56. When it starts with "I"m not a misogynist or sexist" you know it's going to be a gem. Like when someone starts a conversation with "I'm not a racist, but..."

  57. Ah yes... nothing says future relationship like a five page manifesto about wanting a subservient sex slave/maid. Good stuff 🤡

  58. I have to wonder if some women actually like and respond to this shit. Because men keep doing it, so it has to be working somewhat right? Or do they need to be educated on the definition of insanity?

  59. I think that sometimes the rush of being "right" trumps it all. They are like newly converted Christians, want to everyone to come to Jesus to the point of being insufferable.

  60. Interesting how he had no questions for you. No interest in who you are, what you work with, what your hobbies are and how you live your life. He probably thinks it's feminine to show interest in other people - especially a female. Besides, he wouldn't want you to have a job and hobbies - you need to be available to keep his balls empty and his stomach full.

  61. “Cemeteries across the country are filled with women…” should never be included in an opening message, and I would probably just avoid using those words together in general.

  62. I love that it never occurs to men that we’ve gotten to a place where we don’t feel we need a man, like generations before us might have felt they needed one. If we’re going to date or commit, he has to be someone we enjoy. If not, we’re still perfectly okay. Do men do the work to be better? Based on everything I’ve ever seen in this sub, apparently not. They just complain that women aren’t willing to put up with their shit. Is there a sub that is the opposite of this one, just so I can have some balance and restore at least a little of my faith in men? 😂

  63. “Just because I would like you to keep my balls empty (gag, what a way to say it) and my stomach full doesn’t mean I want you to cook for my 24-7 or become my sex slave”

  64. Lmao “please don’t misconstrue what I’m about to say…” (says things that prove exactly what he doesn’t want to label himself as- uses the phrase as an excuse to be those exact things he doesn’t want to associate with 🙄)

  65. Just call this guy “Commander”. My goodness he probably thinks the handmaids tale is the perfect version of utopia.

  66. I got about half way through that before I remembered this guy apparently isn't misogynistic. Well if it talks like a duck and smells like a duck...

  67. If you have to start by saying you're not misogynistic it's a bad sign. Also these guys view not being in the mood as "weaponizing sex" but you point out that it is litterally coursing (sp?) And they lose their minds.

  68. I dunno what misogynist class this dude wrote this essay for but this deserves a F - - - - - - in my book 💀😤🧍‍♀️

  69. What the fuck did I just read?!? Fucks sake…I haven’t even had my coffee this morning and I already want to go back to bed and attempt to reassure myself that most men aren’t like that. What an utter ninnyhammer.

  70. Holy wow. I can't believe someone would choose to lead with this. Dating isn't going to be his thing and he's so oblivious that he will continue to think it's because of shifting gender roles in society instead of because he's an absolute moron.

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