This has incel all written over on it. (found it on r/howgirlswork)

  1. Maybe it’s simpler than make up. Just giving any shits about your appearance. Dude in his own graphic seems to roll out of bed, subsists on endless caffeine, eats a lot of take out, lacks self care, sleeps in his clothes.

  2. I know you’re joking but almost all of the problems men routinely complain about in those communities could be solved by making an actual effort like most women do. Showering and wearing clean clothes is zero effort. I spend time doing my hair, makeup, dressing cute and wearing jewelry EVERY time I leave the house. Most men make barely any effort whatsoever and expect us to be drooling over them.

  3. It isnt the make up. Its obviously Chad's cum in her ass doing all the heavy lifting. Dude should just take that up his ass too and his life will get better

  4. You joke, but the guy on the right isn’t even unattractive. If men just put in a little effort in their appearance they would notice a drastic difference in treatment, and then if they sought therapy they could work on their untreated issues

  5. Nah we just pick up heavy things 30 times a day and spent 30 min in the sun. Add in a skin care routine and you’re good. Takes about 90 minutes including pooping

  6. I wear eyeliner and get my nails done, long hair, etc. Straight guy, 4 kids, beautiful wife. I just like goth and heavy metal but I do it confidently and have a great life. I was a wrestler for 8 years and played HS football so I’m not feminine I just like that kind of stuff

  7. Ok it is the least problematic thing in this nauseous manifest, but i REALLY want to see how the IT guy did all the work for social media marketing job.

  8. Immediately crossed my mind too. I had a student job doing social media marketing and I would pay to see what our IT guys would have produced in my position. Awesome dudes, don't get me wrong.

  9. IT guy (System Administrator) does your job for you. Thank him while secretly discarding it because it's all wrong, including some weird posts about women wanting some hypothetical "chad". Have HR and his boss to check up on the guy to make sure he's ok. The Boss has gotten so many complaints about this guy's antics and tell him he's on thin ice. Also tell him to quit using the printer in the accounting department to write out love/suicide letters because holy shit why the fuck are you doing that?! Also, he somehow manages to jam it every time he uses it (sabotage?). Guy then spends time making a terrible meme about all this, which causes him to get behind on work so he has to stay late.

  10. I'm guessing the person who wrote this was an IT dude who was responsible for replacing the ad image files and alt-text/URLs or something and so thinks that is "doing marketing's job". My ex was an IT guy who thought he could do marketing and HR because he was the one that set up and ran their systems, handled the website and SM page technology, etc. He never clued in that 90% of the work in both departments was about understanding people and knowing how to sell to/handle them.

  11. As a sys admin myself, I can tell you I don't know what the hell 99% of my office does, let alone how to do it for them. The part about fixing dumb people's mistakes is pretty accurate though.

  12. Right? My last job had a social media influencer working for us and lemme tell you that girl WORKED. I did the factory side of things and I don't think I ever got to work before her.

  13. I just need to rant for a moment. I HATEEEEE how people see social media marketing, digital marketing and communications as a whole as just a bird degree and not worth anything of value. It just shows that people have 0 understanding of the world around them. If you don’t see marketing as a real thing, then you’re admitting that you’re easily manipulated because you don’t realize when you’re the target. And if you don’t realize that communications and public relations professionals are the glue that holds together any public organization, then you’re just an idiot. Just because what you do is enjoyable doesn’t mean it isn’t useful or real. It takes tact that most people don’t have capacity to grasp. Every day I wake up and love what I do, and for some reason that reallllllly pisses people off - especially these “nice guys” and I know this because my brother is one.

  14. It’s sad that the sentence “Maybe women are equal to men and should both be treated with respect and not as just sex objects.” doesn’t cross their minds

  15. Shit every subreddit scares me about what people actually think. This is the type of stuff nobody would ever talk about openly most of the time but the internet lets everybody put out their weird, bizarre, darkest secrets and you realize there are a LOT more crazy people than you would ever think.

  16. Reddit has really altered my perception of men. When I say this, some guy says “well, that’s fucking stupid. Obviously not all men feel this way. “.

  17. Plus he's focused on this one day in the life of a hot girl. It confirms for me that they don't see women as complicated and nuanced HUMAN BEINGS like sure I'm a hot girl but I tell ya what, every day is not a fucken walk through dream land.

  18. He could also groom himself, go to therapy, find a better job, etc. It's not her responsibility to be miserable or make his day better so they're even somehow

  19. He could also go into Starbucks showered smelling good, dressed good, being polite, say some jokes, etc project positive vibes. People will remember you because you’re positive, next time you walk in barrista dude like, “yo big man, pumpkin spice latte again?” He says “hell yeah thanks bro!” “You catch that game last night? Shit was crazy right?”

  20. Right?! Can’t get a steamed milk heart if you don’t order something with steamed milk. It’s a great metaphor for most of his issues.

  21. He could drink water, and that is after a 30-minute jog instead of waking up and then going straight to work without exercise.

  22. So not only does he not understand what a woman's life is really like, he doesn't even know what a man's life is really like. Either this was the work of a redpill-fed AI or this guy has literally never set foot outside his mom's basement lol.

  23. Imagine just being some normal girl living her life who posted a picture where she felt pretty one time. And then it getting used for this, and thousands of incels imagining horrible things about you and focusing their rage on you as some sort of enemy in their mind - likely fantasizing about awful things they’d do to you. This poor girl.

  24. Yeah I feel like this meme should be deleted for that reason because who tf knows if this specific random girl consented to having it posted here

  25. I personally have NEVER met a woman who is riding the 'cock carousel' fantasy of having at least one new 'Chad' per night that she either fucks or dismisses due to very lame feeble reasons like height.

  26. Not just height, but a literal 1" difference lol. Most people cannot tell that small a difference just by looking lol. Just wearing a pair of shoes would put the guy at 6' at least. Haha its so ridiculous.

  27. In the world inside an incel's head, the world is a 25/75 split of women to men, so women can literally get any man they want whenever they want no matter what they look or act like

  28. Those people need help seriously. „The baristas look at you like subhuman trash wasting their time“ Not a single person looks at them like this, because people don’t care that much about other people. These guys are projecting heavily.

  29. Imagine if the genders were reversed though. They would be all like "pathetic woman can't handle the pressures of a job, she should stay home if she can't hack it in the workforce like a REAL MAN. Look at this absolute chad king getting bitches to do his work for him, ugh women always catfishing on dating apps!"

  30. Well DUH no FEMALE has ever suffered, not even once! No FEEEMALE has ever felt ugly, been rejected, or had a shitty job that made them wish they were dead!

  31. On a serious note socializing with your coworkers is a great way to get promotions or make connections for future jobs. If all you do is sit at your desk and do your assigned tasks and never venture out you not going to go anywhere. There is no shame if that's all you want to do. It does irk me when someone who never talks to anyone outside of strictly work related conversations gets mad that they are passed over for management positions.

  32. someone made this, re read it for grammar mistakes, posted it and then looked at it posted and still decided to keep it up. mental illness innit bruv

  33. Had me feeling like idk what cajole meant and had to Google it to make sure it was really him not using it correctly...

  34. Yeah, virgins are the only people in the entire world who suffer. Just because they have sex, everyone else's life is 10,000 times better. They do not suffer, have everything handed to them and never worry about anything.

  35. The thing that I found weird is that he assumed she’d sleep like that all night and then clean it out the next morning.

  36. a lot to unpack here but love the layers to her not sleeping w her tinder date bc he lied about his height like yeah how did u know that’s EXACTLY the ONLY REASON why girls don’t sleep w someone

  37. It baffles me that some men on this earth really believe that women have a beautiful life and no worries at all just because they are the woman. Like wtf.

  38. As a female system admin who regularly rolls up to Starbucks looking subhuman before logging on to work to get an americano (because who GAF what you look like at Starbucks at 6 am) I’d love to dump a pumpkin spice latte over this guys head for being a self indulgent misogynist.

  39. That’s how I would deal with a shitty job like the one the incel claims to have (although you really have to wonder why nobody there likes him). When I look better, I feel better. But no, it’s clearly because I want to manipulate men /s

  40. Life Pro Tip: If everyone in your entire environment, from the baristas at Starbucks to the people in another department in your office, don't want to be around you, maybe it's not actually the fault of the woman (Life Pro Tip inside Life Pro Tip: If she's over 18, she's a "woman", not a "girl" or a "female". If she's under 18... you shouldn't be fantasizing about her in the first place), who you've never actually spoken to, but who you imagine only dates people she's attracted to. (And by the way, have you ever looked twice at the woman in the mail room who wears plain clothes and no make-up? Have you ever even looked once? Oh, you didn't even know there WAS a woman in the mail room? Okay, so, imagine that, from your crush's persoective, you're the equivalent of that woman in the mail room.) Yeah, maybe the problem is a little closer to the room in you mom's basement.

  41. Sorry, I’m not a native English speaker, but I want to ask you something about the intricacies of the English language. When I’m in university is it ok to say to my friend: “There is a girl I like" if she is over 18?

  42. Sounds like this guy needs to work on himself. If his boss is coming down on him this hard, he's suicidal and mentally unstable, and his social circle is diminishing to the point people just want to "get rid of him", sounds like there is a serious upheaval of life needed. I'm an asshole and people still don't mind being around me.

  43. Seriously. Do these guys not see their mental illness as the thing holding them back? Yes, cute girls sometimes get things for free because of their looks. But anyone can get a decent quality of living if they aren't a weird sad sack constantly threatening suicide.

  44. men: higher salaries, more opportunities, opinions get taken more seriously, don’t face institutional sexism

  45. Whoever made this meme needs to be put on every watch list imaginable and sent through prolonged and intense inpatient therapy.

  46. With the amount of fixation on Chad's cock you might mistake this for some cuck fetish stuff. Hell it probably is just some cuck fetish stuff but for a really niche kinda people.

  47. The most unrealistic part in this whole thing was saying IT did all the work for social media marketing 😂😂😂

  48. yeah same tbh, i’m sure the dude got harassed so much bc of this picture whether he had something to do with it or not

  49. Yes, as a trans man, the second I started transitioning I only received lukewarm americanos from star bucks. I can also never eat warm take out, because I am refusing to use a microwave for my leftover take-out. The amount of times I've never gotten invited to karaoke nights from the office. I attempt suicide at least 5 times a week, and thats just the minimum.

  50. Interesting how the guy in this scenario isn't even making an effort to fix up his appearance before heading out for the day. Maybe shower and don't look like you just rolled out of bed?

  51. This has the makings of a man who hasn't actually had a conversation beyond an informal greeting with a woman in a long time.

  52. This is absolutely from an incel. The guy on the right has been getting doxxed and harassed for years by those scum because he had the audacity to post his picture on Reddit one day years ago.

  53. I mean I don't personally have a ton of faith in the power of therapists but if you've attempted suicide multiple times you probably ought to consider seeing one. If your mental state improves to the point where you're not trying to uninstall your life functions on the reg you might end up more attractive to the opposite sex (or the same or both or whoever you're into)

  54. What's Mr. Chad going to do when his suicidal tendencies are gone? Continue being a nasty piece of shit until he's at his deathbed?

  55. Bro seriously needs therapy. Like not even in an insulting way, I genuinely feel pity for this guy living with this mindset and I hope he gets help.

  56. Wtf is this. I feel Like the Dude wants to give the Impression that He feels mistreated but... I dont get that Feeling. This is Just.... Stupid. Wtf. Maybe learn how a shower works, than people wont Look at you "Like your subhuman Trash".

  57. He talked about how his boss seems to continually reprimand him for basically being bad at his job. Always behind, slow worker, probably always has a sully sulking attitude and most likely angrily glares at people in the office having normal conversations.

  58. Whoever wrote this is completely out of touch and the biggest drama queen. Dear god what a whiny bitch. Does this person really care about his name on the Starbucks cup?

  59. Most of this is an incredible self-own by a schlubby loser, who writes this crap? Aside from the remarkably childish misogyny, the main takeaway seems to be "I'm incredibly unhealthy and my boss walks all over me". Is the guy supposed to look BETTER than the woman here? Honestly the left side of this comparison has it figured out, what a champ

  60. As a super hot girl, with the easiest life in the world, with Chad‘s coming in my ass and hearts on my coffee cups… sometimes I have trouble sleeping to OK!??!!

  61. If whoever wrote this is experiencing the situation on the right, um. As an ugly guy that is not universal, sorry. And as a former girl thats not what girls experience either.

  62. The really "funny" thing is, from my experience, people do not think of sex nearly as much as these idiots think they do.

  63. To incels like that: I get it, your life is dogshit and you fucking suck.... but why do you have to take it out on someone trying to live her best life? EVEN IF, and it's a strong IF, she actually had a flawless life like that, what the fuck does it matter to you? Why do you care? Fix your own damn self and quit bitching. You're always going to be a pathetic loser as long as you keep comparing yourself to others that way. You know who isn't worried about others having a better life? People busy living their own lives. You're creating your own misery.

  64. I’m a trans woman, and tbh sometimes these read like they’re written by a sad and angry repressed trans woman. I think there’s at least a small amount of overlap in the Venn diagram between incels and repressed trans women. It doesn’t excuse the misogyny, but I could see it happening. This meme just comes off as “I want what that girl has and I’m angry I don’t get to live my life that way”.

  65. I love that what the guy says has literally NOTHING to do with what the woman is doing. It's not like if a woman slept with you all of a sudden would make you life perfect. If you're miserable try to fix it though therapy and medication. Try to sleep more. Work out. Try to better yourself. A woman won't fix you if you're already broken.

  66. I don’t get the original post. It’s not that I think the logic is confusing or anything, I just really don’t understand what’s going on. From what I take from this is, good for her for living a good life, you go sis. And I feel kinda bad for the guy on the right he just seems to have the world against him.

  67. Nah man. Just because he's unattractive doesn't make him a nice guy. He almost surely isn't the one who made this meme.

  68. Honestly, this one comes across as major egg energy. All of the guy's anger seems focused on how amazing it would be to be a pretty young woman who regularly has sex with big cocks and how suicidal he is over being perceived as and treated like a man (though over the top with the misery and sad sackiness).

  69. Honestly I wasn't sure I saw that, but the yoga pants comment convinced me. Like, why bring that up unless he's particularly jealous about how "only women" can wear them?

  70. I can’t get over that this says her boss wants to fuck her like that is somehow a good thing that she’s happy about. Like that that somehow makes her life easier. I’m pretty sure I don’t know any woman in really life that would be happy about her boss, in a position of power over, her wanting sex from her.

  71. I feel like writing “Clean Chads cum out of your ass” isn’t doing any favors for the guy since it just kinda seems like he’s mad that his crush is sleeping with someone else. This is definitely incel shit

  72. I like how he added pictures that change for her to show some kind of devaluation or devolution at the book ends of the day and gave himself just the one pic, yet even in her worse photo she doesn't look like a dead inside, creepy killer with a thousand mile stare.

  73. Am I suppose to loathe the first and feel sorry for the second? Because I'm loathing the second and don't care about the first.

  74. This is ridiculous. Nobody lays there all night with Chad's cum in their ass. That stuff is a nightmare to clean after it dries.

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