This nice guy posted this thinking other people would agree. *reposted after editing name out

  1. Well wait a second, isn't it kind of lame if a girl just starfishes there? Same would be if a dude just lays there and expects her to ride herself the whole time and not move. Being dead in bed is objectively a bad thing no?

  2. i bet this dude would get offended if the girl insisted to pay for her own dinner / taxi because he cant guilt trip her into having sex with him later loool

  3. I’ve 100% seen guys like this get angry if a woman pays because they feel “emasculated.” They have issues upon issues.

  4. There is this tip I heard about how to find out if a guy is actually interested in you as a person vs a sex object. If they offer to buy a drink you suggest a snack (that can be cheaper than a drink!)

  5. This happened to me... During the date, he kind of switched to a totally different person and I was no longer interested in him and said we should not pursue that further. He seemed to take it well. I insisted on paying for myself but actually started to make a giant scene about it. Not wanting it to continue I let him pay. This damn creep still tried to kiss and grope me and even wanted to drive home with me. Later he told everyone who would listen how I'm a bitch that he spent a "fortune" on and he didn't get to smash conveniently skipping over his disgusting behavior.

  6. That’s what I was about to say!!! Fucking incels leave Saitama alone! I wish he would rid the world of all incels with just one punch.

  7. A lot of incels I’ve encountered are unfortunately very into anime. Especially ones with female characters that they can call their “waifu”.

  8. I jumped into the comments to come to Saitimas help here XD Poor dude doesn't have anything to do with any of this! Leave the Caped Baldy Alone XD (I think he would be appalled by this sort of behaviour. Not this specifically, but the whole entitled bull)

  9. Lol I don’t even like anime but just started one punch man out of boredom the other day and gotta say I’m hooked. Saitama ain’t no incel, how dare he?

  10. Someone in another post mentioned that women might starfish because consent wasn't clear and coercion could easily play a factor, so it's something that is happening to her rather than something she is into. It made me think.

  11. I've never met a guy who wasn't a POS complaining about starfishing. Seems like only shitty dudes encounter it. Mmmm, wonder why.

  12. Because dating is socially acceptable. Hard to bitch and brag to your buddies the next day about the sex worker you hired. (No disrespect to those whose profession it is)

  13. Because the type of person to have this attitude would probably be a dangerous client for a sex worker, I agree on the sex doll though.

  14. We can buy our own dinner. We can make ourselves orgasm. If you want us around you’re gonna have to do better than just paying for things and fucking. You’re gonna need to be decent people with personalities at the very least.

  15. Everything kinda is a transaction in life . If you put something on the table generally you will receive something in exchange. Of course that doesn’t explain the weird mentality on this guy

  16. Have you ever if your life used a dating app? There's absolutely no shortage of women looking for a sugar daddy. And isn't prostitution considered "the oldest profession"? Sex, like anything else, can most certainly be a transaction.

  17. Why the fuck do guys think they deserve transactional sex and relationships. It’s so goddamn manipulative and full of false equivalencies. Sorry, didn’t realise that sex with me was only worth the fifty fucken dollars that covers my part of the meal. I’m totally gonna let you smash one of the dirtiest parts of your body up against my cervix, bowel, and vagal nerve until you start spouting goop. Fuckin a mate no dinner is worth that shit.

  18. This reminds me of that YouTube group fresh and fit outing themselves by saying "the female orgasm doesn't matter" or when Ben Shapiro said WAP is a condition because it shouldn't be that wet.

  19. Worse than the ones saying the female orgasm doesn't matter are the ones who claim that the female orgasm doesn't even exist.

  20. Considering that the Fresh & Fit dudes are probably rapists, that doesn't surprise me. To explain: a woman who was going to be a guest on their show backed out and later released messages from them saying they'd only let her on the show if she had sex with them (sexual extortion, which is essentially rape in all but name). I say "probably rapists" because while they failed to extort this particular woman, odds are high that they've managed to succeed at this tactic at least once, given that they've had other women on their show (we obviously don't know for sure that those women were likewise extorted, but it's plausible).

  21. He thinks sex cost the price of a meal. What, $30-50? Not counting the meal he ate himself. Not only is that calling your date a whore, it’s calling her a cheap whore. You can’t even get a decent escort for that price. That’s a blow job behind a dumpster by someone who needs crack money. The audacity.

  22. After the post a few days ago about a woman not wanting to date right now due to RvW possibly being overturned, I had to just block that sub from even showing up on

  23. I really, genuinely, unironically love that this thread heard "starfishing! Yeah starfishing is real! But your assumptions about what it is and why it happens are so WILDLY OFF BASE LMAO."

  24. The thing is most women now a days try to at least pay half but some guys insist on paying for all of it. Probably because they can hold it over their heads for sex or have something to complain about. It’s happened to me and it’s happened to a lot of women I know. I knew a guy who got incredibly angry because my friend paid her part. Yes there are probably a minority of women who still think men should pay for everything but most women want to pay.

  25. Dude clearly doesn’t realize that if that’s what he expects he needs to find a prostitute and the rate is going to be a lot more than dinner. I can’t believe someone actually said what he said.

  26. How much you wanna bet she didn’t just “lay there like a starfish” and that he actually just gotta couple pumps in and called it good?

  27. The tinder subreddit is a garbage hole. It's mostly a place where incels complain about single mothers existing at them. I'd honestly be surprised if a bunch of assholes don't agree with him there.

  28. “Don’t you know that since he paid for the date, she’s required to sleep with him? The only one who deserves to be pleased is the one who pays. My inability to please a woman is her fault!” Can you imagine being such an AH?

  29. The reassuring part about this is that it didn't happen. This guy didn't actually get laid, and if he ever does, he's going to ejaculate prematurely and then cry for half an hour.

  30. Someone giving enthusiastic consent does not "lay there like a starfish." Sounds like a trauma response to date rape.

  31. What is it with these guys that think they can get sex for the price of a meal and a few drinks when even a used up hooker charges at least twice that much?

  32. This is cringe. But seriously sex is a 2+ player game. It sucks when the other person just sits there expecting to be pleased. Wether its the dude or chick. Do your best to respect your partner.

  33. *demonstrates zero interest in mutual pleasure and sees women as something to cum in after paying, like a fucked up vending machine"

  34. I mean... If her sole reason for not going out with him again is because she didn't cum after 1 time then she's not even interested in dating if he truly was a gentleman

  35. Oof…swing and a miss. They already fucked so if it happened after a date where he paid everything Whatcha really gonna say? It’s funny. Some of y’all really missing with your replies.

  36. I also dont get why boys get so angry about this, making your partner climax turns both parties on, right. All it takes is 5 to 10 minutes of LBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLBLB

  37. Oh honey, if a woman lays there like a starfish it is because she is wishing she could be literally anywhere else. It's called dissociation!

  38. The tinder subreddit is full of men with an entitlement mentality. I got dragged on there for saying it’s weird for someone to see me on tinder then go out of their way to find my social media on other platforms when I don’t have my handles listed in my tinder bio.

  39. Umm, he realizes if all he cares about is getting his D wet, then he can hire a prostitute. That way he can avoid the dinner and awkward conversation that he clearly isn't interested in. It'll probably cost around the same as well. Problem solved!

  40. Are dudes not aware that vaginas tend to clench up and pulse during an orgasm? Like...why wouldn't you want more sensation...?

  41. What a shithead. First he assumes a woman owes him sex after a date, then when he wheedles his bastard way into her bedroom, he has the audacity not to please her.

  42. Not trying to be a pick me, but if there are people who really think like this, why don't women just pay for their part in everything? Don't let these creeps think that you owe them anything. I think this is more feminist than expecting to somebody pay for you.

  43. A lot of guys will insist on it. Annoyingly so. I made comment above about it. I knew a guy who got incredibly angry at my friend for paying her part. She had to sneakily do it because he refused to let her. They want to be able to hold money over our heads.

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