New Jersey fans throwing debris onto ice after 3 no goals

  1. I don't agree with throwing shit on the ice, but all you claiming other fanbases don't do this are talking out of your asses.

  2. I was there with my kids. A lot of the crowd was drunk going into the game. We left before the ugliness mostly because of bedtimes but you could sense it. Also, security was woefully unprepared. I don't think they were expecting that crowd against a random Leafs game.

  3. Steven Stamkos had to ask TBL fans to stop throwing the giveaway noise makers and bracelets onto the ice after wins in the Playoffs. Therefore stopping giveaways for the next 2 home games of the ECF last season.

  4. Legit that was so blatant, he should get penalized for that somehow. It was so blatant. What's going to stop people from doing that in the future?

  5. I am embarrassed and pissed the fuck off for how our fanbase acted here. Absolutely pathetic. The entire team was telling the rock to knock it the fuck off and our fans acted like jerks.

  6. I am from Detroit and was at the malace at the palace.. It fucking sucks to be represented that way. Accept the shade thrown your way and move on.. All you can do..

  7. I agree but (not saying it was right) cleaning up the garbage and restarting play took a shorter time then that blatant stoppage of play made by Murray when he picked up the net

  8. the second one should have been a penalty on the Devils, because it was interference. just as it would be for any other skater. so really, the Leafs got jobbed on that one. on the first goal: the guy skates into the crease and puts his skate right up against Murrays skate while was still on his feet. obviously he can't go down into the butterfly properly with the guys skate there. if that was a legal move, two guys could just stand in the paint on either side of the goalie tight enough to him that he couldn't go down. it really doesn't matter where the shot went, or how 'hard' the contact was, you can't restrict the goalies movement in the crease.

  9. I could see it going either way on the second. I was pissed because either call it a goal or a penalty. Don't just pretend like it never happened

  10. The guy in the white jersey at the end flipping off the Leafs might be the biggest loser I’ve ever seen. Grow up dude

  11. Devils fan here - this behavior is not indicative of the fanbase as a whole. I'm pissed they acted like this because now the team has even a bigger target on their back after being in the shitter for the past decade.

  12. The Bastian deflection should have been a goal. I hate that it gets called no goal when a guy barely makes contact with a goalie. But it is pretty consistently called no goal.

  13. If it wasn't bad enough, having your coach & players begging you to stop is such a horrible look. Embarrassing night to be a Devils fan.

  14. Coming from all into this thread is straight wild. To see Devils fans in this thread apologizing and other fan bases piling on when this came AFTER THREE MISSED GOALS IN A GAME THEY’RE LOSING BY TWO??? Like I’d be embarrassed if my team didn’t behave that way, how do you even watch a product that the officiating is that impactful in how bad it is?

  15. This may have been the most enjoyable game I've watched in a while, even ignoring the Leafs win. It was so ridiculous that it made it fun.

  16. Lol it’s funny how people are like ah this paints jersey in a bad light. It’s jersey lol people already thought you were low class scumbags, don’t worry about it.

  17. You know I read a lot on Twitter the classic “jersey fans they have no class” or “they’re from jersey what’d you expect?” But you know, you guys aren’t much different from us.

  18. Lmao I was at this game. Pure chaos but I was laughing like the whole time. Fr Devils fans were so pissed I’m a Bruins fan so I just wanted the Leafs to lose. Dbag Refs got a hatty of goals LMAO

  19. I'll agree that Haula's kick and Tatar's trip should've counted, but I don't see any reason for why Bastian's goal shouldn't have counted. There was barely any contact between him and Murray. That's not goaltender interference. Murray had plenty of room to move and make the save, but he just failed to.

  20. Hey now, don’t act like our team’s fan base isn’t remembered for the waffle incident. And we cant even count the number of times a jerseys been thrown on the ice

  21. Idk maybe they should've tried scoring legitimate goals instead of interfering with the goalie and playing soccer? World cups in Qatar not in Newark?

  22. These fans are not happy this year. Call for coaches firing, go on a 13 game win streak one game with a couple no calls they trash their own arena. Hahahaha. Classic New Jersey.

  23. I'm used to the sportsmanship of Philly fanbases but this surprised even me! That 3rd no goal wasn't even a questionable call, even if the others were. Crazy game - glad to see the Leafs win it. The NJ fans would've been insufferable if it had gone to the Devils.

  24. Not saying it’s right but the cleanup time was shorter then the time it took to fix Murray’s goal which he obviously set off on purpose.

  25. The level of referee experience was abundantly low quality. The referee (who should be relegated to linesman) only started nhl games in May 2022. Guy is a rookie fucking things up. Fans have a right to be pissed that the refs can’t get their shit together. Plus the war room in Toronto is obviously tilted towards leafs anyway. What a joke.

  26. Why didn’t the refs call a delay of game penalty against the Devils when the fans through stuff on the ice? I’m pretty sure it’s in the rule book. Just a bunch of immature fans. You won 13 in a row stop the crying you sorry ass bitches

  27. What do you expect from these jackass fans when they called for Lindy Ruff’s head at the beginning of the season?!?! Bet they’ll chant “sorry Lindy” in a game or two eyeroll

  28. This is why New Jersey shouldn’t have nice things like a winning team. They have been the story as much as the team and not in a good way. Idgaf if it’s Drunksgiving. This is a bad look and you don’t deserve your team right now.

  29. Refs are really on a tear, are they purposefully deciding which teams are gonna win tonight? It’s particularly egregious tonight league wine imo.

  30. Thanks for the confirmation, in case nobody believed the visual proof offered in this video that showed exactly that

  31. That's just messed up. People these days are doing this shit because they think they are going to get all the attention. Fuck no. You are just going to get kicked out.

  32. I'm surprised the NHL hasn't cucked out and changed the Devils name. It's too offensive to religious folks! It's like how the MLB changed the name of the Devil Rays to just the Rays lmao!

  33. I know this is obvious, but how you gonna yell at the maple leaf players who had zero to do with the result

  34. Would it be possible for the on ice official to call a delay of game penalty to the home team for the fans throwing debris on the ice? Thus causing a delay in the game.

  35. Man I’ve been rooting for NJ because the players are fun to watch and I like the team but the fans are idiots.

  36. Assuming nobody gets hurt, I loved the passion of the devils fans last night. If I were there and a devils fan, I would’ve been booing my ass off too. Throwing shit at the Leafs bench is too far, but they were understandably mad.

  37. Absolutely called for reaction. They missed a number of obvious calls against Toronto, called a number of weak calls against NJ, Called back 3 goals, at least 1 should’ve counted which would’ve driven OT. And that’s 7 call backs in 4 games btw. It’s the day before thanksgiving, AKA Alcoholic Christmas, and the Devils were trying to set a new franchise win record.. you could not have asked for a more perfect storm laying the foundation to extremely poor officiating

  38. Devils fan here, I didn’t see the goals cause I was at work, and I don’t care to look them up. Three disallowed goals is annoying but if you throw shit on the ice you’re a scumbag. Grow the fuck up.

  39. isles fans and devils fans throwing garbage on their own ice is just baffling to me. your home arena ice should be something revered ffs, it’s not a garbage can. it also sucks because these meatheads ended up fucking winning this game in overtime. so now i bet they’ll continue this mentality that throwing beers n shit on their own ice is ok.

  40. I can understand fans being pissed off, but that's why you can boo. Throwing stuff on the playing surface is unacceptable because that's how someone can get hurt.

  41. 2 of the dissalows were super questionable, this was a very funny response in all honesty, normally I wouldn’t support throwing shit on the ice like that but in a scenario like that it was pretty entertaining

  42. No class!!! Buffalo is right up there with ZERO class also! Unbelievable! The Devils were in a tear, I was excited to watch them this season! After that BS, I hope they drop right out of playoff contention! To bad fans can ruin my perception of a team I was REALLY excited to get behind and cheer for!

  43. So like 30-40 people are ass hats so the other 16,000 in attendance are guilty by association? No devil fan with a functioning brain is agreeing with this.

  44. Anyone who thinks ANY of those goals were good is a total REEEEteeerd. Go learn the rules of hockey you bafoons. Literally a bunch of stupid fools who played bubble hockey commenting like they know a god damn thing.

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