[Rapoport] Details on the Baker Mayfield release: (1) He asked for it and the #Panthers agreed. (2) This locks in the 5th rounder in the trade with the #Browns, rather than the 4th rounder. (3) PJ Walker expected to be the Panthers backup.

  1. As an illogical Baker stan this would please me immensely. Baker with Shanahan might be my final, final, final stand as a delusional Baker internet defender.

  2. Would be a smart move for Mayfield to go to SF. He did play well in the West Coast offense. Shanahan knows what the hell he's doing when it comes to plugging in QBs.

  3. I really doubt that anyone thinks a guy who couldn’t beat out PJ Walker and Sam Darnold will really think that he’ll be in high demand this late into the season.

  4. No one is saying this though. People sure like to jerk themselves off to criticizing takes no one is making.

  5. And then, if he does get picked up, they will be pounding the table yelling that Debo ran the wrong route or that Shannon doesn't know what he is doing.

  6. He’s a dummy if he thinks the 49ers should roll the dice with him. Purdy has practiced with them for 12 weeks and built the connections. I think they should stick with him but maybe I’m the dummy

  7. The quarterback room is as follows: Brock Purdy, Josh Johnson, Jacob Eason (PS). God forbid Fat Cock Brock goes down and we really throw away the season. Bring in Baker and see what you can get out of him. Ran very similar offense in Cleveland under Stefanski, as well.

  8. Imagine if the Panthers spent last season building around Darnold instead of riding the QB carousel again.

  9. Do the Patriots need a 3 way QB controversy? Because that’s how you get a 3 way controversy.

  10. Saints might take him just to have all the info for last game of the season against Panthers.

  11. Honestly Purdy didnt look terrible. Would the 49ers really be much better off with Baker? Hes been absolutely awful lately.

  12. Given that we've already broken two quarterbacks, might be prudent just from an insurance perspective, even if plan a is to roll with Purdy.

  13. Baker supporters told me that teams were dying to trade for him; and that the reason he wasn’t traded was just that the Browns had no leverage.

  14. Man oh man. Those days of Browns fans telling us that Baker Mayfield was HOF bound and Lamar Jackson would be out of the league by year 4 are but a distant memory.

  15. Browns fans were truly the most delusional, obnoxious fans from like 2018-2020 in the comment sections around here. I don’t miss that era.

  16. I'm seeing a bunch of comments about Rams/49ers but a release is different from a waive. If he has actually been released, doesn't he head right to FA?

  17. He has been waived officially. Other news outlets are saying released but ESPN says he is waived. functionally as long as no one claims him by the end of tomorrow he becomes a free agent. Right now, any team that wants him would need to pick up the last 5 weeks of his Panther contract.

  18. My two minute research says that waivers always apply after the trade deadline, FA is only for veterans before the deadline.

  19. Pretty ironic that Baker's last game was against Lamar, a QB many thought would be washed out of the NFL by now, instead it is Baker.

  20. He asked for it lmao pretty much no different than how he asked to be traded from the Browns too I bet.

  21. Baker asking for his release is why he'll eventually be out of football along with Cam Newton. Guys like them have attitude issues and think they're starters when they really aren't. They don't have the right attitude to be a backup.

  22. Baker was a really fun player to root for and I still miss him, but it’s pretty clear he has some maturity issues. Hope he can figure it out soon otherwise he won’t be around much longer

  23. McNabb tried this same move at the end of his career and the team he was hoping for didn’t pick him up anyway

  24. One does not usually cut a pony from the herd without having one in mind. Me thinks Baker is already on his way to somewhere else and we will find out soon enough.

  25. Idc what people say I’m willing to see Russell and Baker fight it out for QB1 in Denver. It can’t get much worse here.

  26. Crazy that this directly impacts the Brown’s pick, but the Browns mods refuse to allow any news of this to be posted because “it doesn’t impact the browns”

  27. Why the fuck does anybody in this thread (let alone everybody) think the 9ers would want Baker? They'd be shooting themselves in the foot.

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