Game Thread: Green Bay Packers (4-7) at Philadelphia Eagles (9-1)

  1. Lol honestly I’m glad the Birds can get a bit of trouble. I feel like a dominating easy win is not as good as it sounds. What do you learn front that?

  2. Man that game was fun. Only time we scored over 30 twice but our d gave up so much run lol. I hope Rodgers is ok. It was nice seeing Love throw a few darts out there.

  3. Great rush defense with a good running game is the Eagles weakness. The 49ers are their greatest weakness. I feel like the 49ers is Washington on steroids with a better qb

  4. The eagles would’ve won against the commanders if they didn’t shoot themselves in the foot. They can clean that shit up.

  5. Call us frauds if you want to, but this is a competitive league and winning isn't a given. I'm happy to see us winning even though opposing teams are game planning perfectly against us while we perform below our potential. 10-1 doesn't happen often so I'm going to enjoy it as a fan.

  6. You don’t understand game script. If running the ball hadn’t worked so well the Eagles would’ve passed more. But their run defense was Swiss cheese.

  7. Did you think that game was representative on only winning by a touch down. That many rushing yards indicates the defense cannot stop you at all so why stop rushing?

  8. According to Pro Football Reference, this is the 9th time since 2000 an NFL team has rushed for over 350 yards. And the 363 yards is the fifth-highest total during that time period.

  9. i mentioned it earlier, but its so goddamn impressive how Jalen Hurts looks like he’s hitting full stride, from the moment he takes off rushing. it’s so visually pleasing.

  10. Mahomes solidified the MVP crown today. Hurts moved into the Top 3. Interesting to see if his game can hold up for an entire year.

  11. Mahomes is the best player in the NFL, and should be the front runner, however it’s 10 games of a 17 game season. Can’t crown him quite yet lol

  12. Because it’s harder to score the touchdown so you try and do that when you’re close. Plus Crosby’s leg is shot I have no confidence he hits above 45

  13. Packers fucked themselves with that Rodgers contract. Basically making it impossible to move off him, J love looked decent

  14. I'd still rather be paying Rodgers $200m for whatever time he has left in the tank than pay Watson $200m to not play...

  15. If packers would’ve traded Rodgers for the Wilson deal we would’ve had 4 picks in the top 40 including 9, 22, and 28

  16. To be fair I feel like every team in the league has looked fraudulent for at least 2 weeks of the season so far.

  17. People praising love. He came in and did well, but let's be real. His TD was a nice slant pass that turned into a TD cause Watson go fast and shitty defense. 2nd drive he still looked solid but was also playing against a prevent defense. Overall looked great but context matters. Hope the hype is true thou Go pack go

  18. True, I would say his awareness looked much better though and his throws were on the money almost the entire time, will be interesting to see moving forward

  19. I remember Hurts saying his legs were super sore after one game this season. Poor bastards gonna be on crutches with how much he rushed today

  20. Honestly feel the same way about Fields. I really hope you guys let Rodgers drag himself out there next week for 3 quarters so we can go up by 24 and then we can watch two great future franchise QBs duel it out in garbage time :)

  21. when will joe barry and these packers defensive players get called out? they played like a JV team and it’s hard to watch them miss tackles after tackles.

  22. Eventually pretentious nflers are going to realize that it just might be a really huge advantage to have a player who can lead the team in rushing and passing because it confuses defenses more than a one dimensional player

  23. They know it is, but with the hits they take outside of the pocket, it's only a matter of time before a serious injury.

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