Game Thread: New England Patriots (6-4) at Minnesota Vikings (8-2)

  1. It's great to be 9-2, didn't expect that at all and beating 2 out of 3 winning teams last three games is good. in total vikings are 3-2 against winning teams. But man that defense sucks again. No pass rush over three quarters. Mac Jones can't throw on you 300+ yards. I was thinking our pass rush is improving but cowboys and patriots game proved me wrong. I don't know whether there has ever been 9-2 team with such shitty defense. We ain't gonna go far in the playoffs with this defense.

  2. But there are a few teams that are suspect like that. The Bills just beat the Lions and they were acting like they beat the 07 Patriots while noshing those turkey legs.

  3. Don't get me wrong a win is a win is a win but that Defense is a cause for major concern. Yes they made plays when needed most of the season and the 9-2 record but WOW still hot garbage despite having good players like Z, Hunter, PP, Kendrick, Harrison Smith, etc. Given that, they should be at the very least average and not in the bottom 5. It's something that could possibly haunt them down the stretch. TBF there was questionable and potential missed officiating calls that helped them win also.

  4. I think they know they don't have the talent on defense and that's why Donatell is scheming the way he has. It's frustrating but probably the best way to not lose games.

  5. During the introductions it said Jefferson’s PFF WR rank is #3. How in the hell can that be? I dislike the Vikings as much as anybody, but even I think to have him at 3 is insane and I’m not sure how anybody could take PFF seriously after that. Jefferson should be at #1 and the closest should be around 6. Dude is insane.

  6. If anyone can clip before shortly before and then after Theilin saying "that is dry" i want to throw money at you and show the resulting clip at my mother

  7. My take on this game before it happened was: if the pats score 20, with their elite defense, they would win this game. So you can't blame the offense

  8. Okay but like Bias aside, I’d like to get honest opinions on these stupid “surviving the ground” calls and how they’ve been called. The Kelce one where it seemed like he didn’t catch it and they called it but this one not being a catch are absolutely mind boggling to me

  9. Let me try. Because he was not a runner he has to maintain possession of the football all the way to the ground. When he comes down, the ball hits the ground despite the fact he initially has possession. Even though I would argue that he always has at least partial control, the ball hits the ground and he is not a runner. Therefore he must complete the catch and never allow the ball to hit the ground.

  10. I think the main thing to look at with the Henry catch is that contact with the ground caused the ball to move (when he adjusted his grip). I think you can argue the ball hit the ground based on those few still frames but it's super close,

  11. No idea why that touchdown wasn’t. Seems like a case of looking too closely at it. If that makes sense. Just should have been a TD.

  12. If we don't get fucked over on the HH TD (and MANY other plays, just this is the most important, that game looks a lot different in the 4th.

  13. Do you realise how disconnected you are from reality? Mac Jones kept the Patriots in that game. This team is NOT build for about 400 air yards and 2 TDs, he just make it happen. He is no all time great, but he ain't a bum either. He can be as good as the Pats need him to be, the rest is work for the defence and special teams in NE. The latter did disappoint tonight, not the offense and especially not the QB.

  14. I get the sentiment, but idk how you could say that after tonight. He played mostly great. Special teams pissed that game away and Trent Brown tried to fucking cut block Hunter on a deep drop lol.

  15. Not a fan of either team, but this was a really phony Minnesota win. Late flags extending their drives and killing New England's, A MIN return TD and the overturned NE TD. A win is a win, but this is one of those games I would not be thrilled with if I was a Vikings fan or player.

  16. The Vikings are a .500 level team; maybe smidgen above because of Jefferson. The only really solid win they've had all year was week 1 against the Packers.

  17. Yeah you’re right kickoff return shouldn’t count. And Patriots definitely didn’t have a false start and a too many men in the huddle that wasn’t called..

  18. They played darn well against the Bills, nothing wrong with that. Would have been very sad if Bills lost and Pats won.

  19. He settled for 4 field goals, that's not good enough. He also took a sack on the 2nd to last drive and killed any chance of a touchdown.

  20. Honestly impressed with the Pats and offense. Happy to see them give it their all. Can't beat the refs and let's be honest, don't fucking hit the kicker on 4th down

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