Game Thread: Buffalo Bills (7-3) at Detroit Lions (4-6)

  1. Lions fans, this was a hell of a game, a ton of fight in that team, I am a Steelers fan, but these last few weeks you're team has been a blast to watch.

  2. Bills fans will never stop bringing up the first few games of the season… the bills since the packers game are not a Super Bowl team

  3. What Bills fans are saying this? In our own subreddit most are relatively aware we've been disappointing since the Packers game.

  4. I’m calling on all Bills fans to donate money to all the charities of team fans that talked trash all game.

  5. Horrible play calling and clock management by Detroit. It’s inches… get the first down, use your timeouts, and actually play to win instead of a tie. You don’t leave any time on the clock with JA or PM…

  6. idk the throw on 3rd and 1 was a gamble that didn't pay off. The dude was open for a TD, I'm not sure if it was a good play call but their was logic behind it that made sense

  7. Was thinking the same. Correct me if I'm wrong but couldn't they have just played the 3rd down and 1 and possibly get a first down to run the clock down just for one field goal? Or was it necessary to just the kick the field goal? Had to step away from the tv so didn't really see what was going on . I just came back and saw that they kicked a field on a 3rd and 1.

  8. Super proud of everything but that 3rd and 1 play. God damn I knew they would find a way to disappoint even if we played our asses off

  9. Missed 27 yard chip shot. We got safetied. Went for a touchdown on 3 and 1 which gave them time. Lions lost this one and it’s our fault. Some bad coaching and time management in there too.

  10. Lions beat themselves hard today. Goff choked hard with the safety and missed that 15 yard out route to the right like 4 or 5 times. Then the absolute wtf call in 3rd and 1 with 3 timeouts and immediately know the game was over.

  11. Lol diggs took a second bite, they both said it was better than last year and actually hot so looks like it was alright!

  12. Lmfao I been saying this man. Nice to see someone else say it too haha. Its just CRAZY to me this man was the Wyoming QB and now a top 3 in the league 😂

  13. He’s off both mentally and with his elbow right now, and when he’s struggling he reverts to this running.

  14. For real! I hope he stops taking all those hits. They may look cool and may help win a game or two, but they are going to catch up with him. Running QBs don’t seem to last as long


  16. Viking fan base has an irrational reaction to Diggs. The guy is fun, plays his heart out, has been an amazing teammate, awesome in the community. It’s honestly bizarre. There are a TON of more unlikeable players out there to bust on.

  17. Bills will get nowhere near the Super Bowl. What should be easy wins are either lost or barely won. What happens when they play a competent coach?

  18. This might be the first time I’ve seen a player actually take more than one bite of the Turkey leg lmao

  19. Probably. They would have gone for it on the 4th and inches play instead of the kick. I like the deep shot on that 3rd and 1 actually, 1 on 1 to the outside, Chark Jr had his man beat, Goff just needed to lead him instead of that sad underthrow.

  20. I think that’s unfair. The 3rd and 1 call was bad but y’all bled a lot of clock today and it was a very good game plan

  21. I agree, 250 yards and 2 TD plus 78 rushing and a TD and a game winning drive with 23 secs left, all with an elbow injury. He fucking blows, should probably bench him. Think we could convince the Pats to trade us straight across for Mac or will we need to throw in Diggs too?

  22. I will never understand why the Lions are so fucking aggressive all game but are so FUCKING cowardly when it actually matters. You fucking know that the Bills are making a field goal in 23 seconds. There is no way they weren't. So you go for it on 4th and don't fucking give the Bills a chance god fucking dammit

  23. Idk, I felt like they made the right call. I knew the offense had a chance, of course, but i didnt know anything.

  24. Or make a better decision on third down. Just a terrible play call there. You run it, force them to use a TO if you don’t get it. Just terrible all the way around.

  25. It's funny because your reasoning is EXACTLY why I hate Mahomes. Always complaining and looking to the refs after every sack / incompletion and faking going out of bounds so scared defenders don't tackle him / sliding late to bait penalties. QB's are wayy too protected.

  26. There's tons of calls josh doesn't get when he should. He was blatantly tripped right in front of a ref on a third down weeks ago and it wasn't called. He takes accountability in every loss and never blames his team mates, just himself. Lot of players do not do that

  27. Eh, he’s injured. Definitely not an MVP candidate year IMO, but I think it might’ve been if he didn’t hurt his elbow.

  28. I was wrong, truly. Josh Allen is an enigma. The greatest of all time. No one throws to his wide open elite recievers like Josh Allen against the worst defense in the NFL

  29. I think Mahomes is by far the best QB in the league but its interesting the amount of praise he got for clutch drives against an equally bad Raiders team due to suspect coaching decisions while Josh Allen gets criticized or demeaned for it.

  30. I mean, being honest a better example is comparing him against Josh Allen marching down the field in a clutch drive to beat the Chiefs. Rightfully got a tremendous amount of praise for that game, the difference being he actually played well. Mahomes gets plenty of criticism when he's in the same situation as Allen today, just look at last year.

  31. Y’all Bills fans acting like it didn’t take the entire game to pull out a win against the worst defense in the NFL, this isn’t the game to chest thump about,

  32. You didn’t really win that game. Lions lost it. Allen was absolutely terrible. 4 out of last 5 weeks he has looked like 2019 Allen

  33. I want to feel good about this performance from my Lions, but I can’t get over that 3rd and 1 play call. So unbelievably dumb.

  34. Listen, McD had a bunch of bonehead decisions in his first few years. DC will learn from this. Great game btw. Rooting for you all to make it to the playoffs

  35. why are like half of the bills fans in this thread acting like they just won a playoff game? you beat the lions by 3, congrats.

  36. A solid Detroit team that is on a streak and playing well against our battered and injured D core and we pulled out a win on thanksgiving. Its called celebrating a close win, every fan of every team does it. You just crying cause your team hasn’t won ANY games worth celebrating. But go off.

  37. Feels like broncos fans aren’t really in a position to talk shit. Granted, neither are raiders fans, but still

  38. Eh Goff is equally to blame. That 3rd and 1 throw should be one any NFL level QB should be able to make 90% of the time

  39. 25-28 against a team that came into this game with only three losses this season. We did better than I expected.

  40. Thanks for Bills haters. I’ll go and donate some money to your teams charities that talked trash all game

  41. Bills are bringing an all out blitz, you know your guy is gonna be 1 on 1 on the outside, I like the aggressiveness of the decision to stick with that play and try to punish the Bills for what was an over-aggressive call.

  42. Campbell is a great guy but man he is not NFL caliber, this game was so winnable for the lions if they had better late game management.

  43. I’m so done with moral victories. It’s bullshit that this team can’t ever do it when it matters

  44. I think you guys are over reacting to that final drive. They played aggressive and went for the win as an underdog and if he picks up the first down on 2nd down, ya got 3 shots at the end zone then kick to tie. If Goff makes that throw on 3rd down, that’s game. If Josh Allen isn’t Josh Allen and doesn’t make one of the best throws possible for 40 yards up the center, they win. Sometimes ya just lose and there’s blame to go around but it was a good game

  45. Going for the win would have been using timeouts and working for first downs. Even the 3rd and 1 shot could have been a run with room for more after since we were apparently saving the timeouts for something.

  46. The lions end this game in the same fashion as the others. They’re a good team until they out coach themselves. Pity. Made for good entertainment though.

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