[Schefter] Jets’ HC Robert Saleh told reporters that he’s not committing QB Zach Wilson as his starting QB for Sunday’s game vs. the Bears.

  1. For the first time in years we're too good to have unlimited patience. Previously we could throw entire seasons away and feel alright as long as like, Darnold showed some improvement. That's not the case anymore.

  2. He had one of the worst games for a QB, quite possibly ever (?) yesterday, and it’s obvious your players are NOT happy about it. Can’t blame them, y’all got a fucking SQUAD

  3. NFL teams are supposed to all this research and due diligence before top draft picks. How the hell did they miss he’s a whiny little bitch on the physical?

  4. I've never seen a QB get worse with each week. After Week 5, I would have said Zach Wilson is as good as Russell Wilson. Now, I'm not sure if Zach isn't the worst Jets QB I've seen in my time as a fan. It's like him and Hackenberg

  5. So quickly?? Anyone paying attention knows Zach has been dog shit all year. But Breece and the defense kept winning and the dumb dumbs go “shut up, Zach is winning. He’s great!”

  6. wilson lost the lockeroom after that post game interview … it’s one thing to suck …it’s another to suck and take no accountability while being arrogant and smug about it and your defense played their hearts out …fucking privileged punk from utah never had any adversity

  7. They didn't fall apart quickly lol he's been ass the entire time he's been in the NFL. They got some wins with Flacco then they got some wins covering up Wilson but it's hard to keep covering him up

  8. What? This is an extremely smart coach making the right decision. Zach Wilson sucks. Outside of him, nothing has “fallen apart.” They’re operating at a great level. The franchise QB just sucks. It happens.

  9. I don’t know but y’all have a young talented team. It’s best to move on from a mistake quickly when you have a good roster because instead of wasting time and assets in other areas now you can look elsewhere for a QB.

  10. Sam Darnold would have won that game yesterday. Literally any other qb in the nfl probably could have won that game. That's how bad Wilson is.

  11. Honestly Zach Wilson just looks like a spoiledittle shit, and his comments to after the game. Lol. Glad he's likely getting bemched

  12. It would be fun to be able to submit to a cast-off at this point but it's not like we've committed a shit ton of money to our 'elite' QB.

  13. I also wouldn't be surprised that Saleh, being a defensive coach just took no bullshit towards that attitude when his side performed

  14. It wouldn't surprise me if some of those elite defensive players came together and decided that they needed to somehow bench their biggest liability.

  15. It’s why Reich was fired. He said Sam would be the QB for the rest of the year and the locker room has seen Sam all year and knew he didn’t give them the best chance to win. Frank lost the locker room that day and he couldn’t recover. Saleh had to say what he said to keep the respect

  16. Man it must have been so hard for Sauce to be considered and already respected as one of the best CBs in the NFL but his arrogant QB can't even take advantage of the elite defense and doesn't even take blame for shitting the bed.

  17. I'm convinced that's part of the reason we kept Tua. Despite what Vince Beigel may have said, it's clear the locker room likes and respects him, especially this year.

  18. The good thing for the Jets is they didn't trade up for Wilson. A lot easier to recover from your own pick being a bust.

  19. Still. The dolphins turned the 1.03 into Hill, Waddle, and Chubb. Stings if a pick that high turns into nothing.

  20. I honestly think the Jets can still con some team into giving them a decent 2nd-4th rounder for him. While he hasn't shown much, there's gotta be a team out there willing to take a risk on him since it's only been 2 years.

  21. yup trading up for a QB in the first half of the first round has gotta have more busts than booms right? It just seems the risk is just too high. You not only burn a high #1 now but most likely another 1 and more.

  22. Saleh seems to have motivated and given the entire team a feeling of confidence, no fucking way he could have kept Zachie boy playing without the lockeroom revolting.

  23. It wouldn't surprise me if the arrogance feeds some laziness as well. I know it was 20s but those press conference remarks are going to forever live with him bc it showed someone complete blind to the situation and just oozing arrogance.

  24. As it should. You don't see Tua or Hurts or even fucking Trevor Lawrence talking like this. Justin Fields never acted like a douche while he was struggling either. Bad play is one thing, unwarranted attitude is an entirely different thing. Wilson is an entitled baby and doesn't deserve an NFL career.

  25. Yea, dude is done. He won’t even garner interest as a QB2. His competition for that role are the Andy Daltons, Teddy Bridgewaters, and Gardner Minshews of the NFL, and he doesn’t hold a candle talent-wise to any of those guys.

  26. But there's other games this season that Joe doesn't win because he's a statue. I don't know what the answer is but it ain't either of them.

  27. I wouldn't be doing my job as a fan if I didn't tell you that that man is hot garbage. We would have likely made playoffs 2 years ago if he wouldn't have played week 17.

  28. It’s more than just trying to hit the big play. His mechanics are awful and he misses on some really easy throws. There is an accuracy issue as well. Not sure if that can be fixed by improving mechanics.

  29. If the team didn't think he had leadership skills, they wouldn't have named him captain almost immediately. I think JD and Saleh simply messed up in their research or development, or Zach fell off in those categories after he was drafted.

  30. Y’all know his happy ass is still going to trot out for the first drive on Sunday. He’ll get pulled and Mike White will lead an almost comeback, start the week after, and play dreadfully because the Vikings will have a whole week to prepare for him. Unless that game somehow gets flexed to SNF like some people think, then the Jets probably eek it out against the Vikings.

  31. I mean if it gets flexed it won't be an eke out, the Jets will win by 3 TDs because Cousins will throw a million picks or die behind his OL. Them's the rules of Primetime Kirk.

  32. I’m just here to upvote Mike White responses. The two greatest Hilltopper QBs in the same division! Start em both!

  33. Glad theyre not coddling this bum. He has shown zero progress since last year and can barely complete a fucking pass

  34. It's one thing to be a struggling young QB. It's a way different thing to be a struggling young QB who is also an asshole.

  35. Bears gonna make whoever plays look like an all pro… this defense couldn’t stop a drive with 20 people one the field

  36. If it was just his awful gameplay he’d still have a job. He fucked up by opening his mouth like his shit don’t stink. That’s a stupid quick way to lose the locker room.

  37. If Flacco starts, start all the jets pass catchers in fantasy because there's a good chance Flacco throws it a million times lol

  38. You know, Army, Navy, and Air Force all won their college games without completeing a forward pass. Wilson vs Fields seems like they could elevate that same gameplan.

  39. Zach Wilson was filed under “shithead” when all that mom shit was coming out. dude is a straight up loser

  40. Told ya. He’s awful, which is obviously the priority. But now he’s lost the team, and that’s the end of it. You can’t play if you’re bad and your guys hate you.

  41. I’d still be shocked if it’s not Zach next week but I’m glad Saleh realizes the position we’re in and isn’t afraid to make the switch for the betterment of the team. Team progression > Wilson development at this point

  42. Zach gets the start. Puts up a stinker against da bears. Coin flip prediction proves correct. Mike White carry’s us to an AFC championship game…

  43. The only way this situation gets any funnier is if the patriots give them Bailey Zappe in a trade and they finally beat the patriots next season.

  44. The NFL is really something. Like... to make it to this level and people think you're ass and forgot how to play a game you've done you're whole life lol

  45. Good. He’s not holding himself accountable for playing like crap. Maybe being benched for either White or Flacco will get to his head a bit.

  46. And just like that, Wilson’s time in NY is probably done. Once you get benched for performance, hard to ever get back to normal

  47. He can safely start this week, but it means nothing if (when) he plays well. 90% of our D is guys that will be on practice squads or working at Taco Bell next season.

  48. So do they give up on another QB and try again in the draft or do they try to make a blockbuster trade for a disgruntled QB?

  49. Wait so we getting the god joe Flacco back? Aw hell yeah /s (but tbh I’m amazed how bad Zach is right now)

  50. Jets just had to win 2 games that season, like 1 less win and you have Trevor Lawrence. Lawerence with this current jets team and they are rollin.

  51. That reporter gave Z Wilson the PERFECT opportunity to take accountability and show some growth and leadership..and that total baby faced idiot completely blew it with the worst answer he could have ever possibly given..."no." Wilson deserve everything thats coming to him. I'd bet money the Jets are done with him.

  52. Keeping Zach as the starter makes sense if they're in a rebuilding year, which is what they were projected to be. Let him have a year to develop and cut ties if it fails.

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