[Rapoport] The #Broncos make a move following Sunday’s loss, as Denver has waived veteran RB Melvin Gordon. A respected player who spent 3 years with the Broncos, Gordon’s fumbles proved too much. A fresh start for all parties.

  1. There was an interview he did at some point this year where he said that there was one drive where he told his teammates “I’m gonna fumble I know it”. Then he fumbled.

  2. 16/800 is 2%. Science is often conducted at 95%. A lot of scientific evidence is like "yeah there's a 5% chance this is bullshit"

  3. Yeeesh that's bad. There's the other post showing 16 fumbles in his last 800, does that mean in his last 800 snaps, 710/11, and then 90/5? That's fucked.

  4. I almost shat my shorts when I heard Hackett was hired as a HC. Had to suffer his wrath in Buffalo nearly ten seasons ago now. He and Dougy Marrone were the guys to lead the future with EJ Manuel at the helm! Not EJ's fault he was overdrafted but it's on them for coaching "just run if the first read isn't there" when EJ came into the league saying he wanted to run when needed but also develop more into a dropback passer. He didn't achieve that but he is unparalleled in the hard count!

  5. Pretty normal for the NFL before the 90's. So he's only bad by current, modern day standards. Like one of those massive car phones compared to an iPhone.

  6. Hackett gave up "game management" duties after week 2 and gave up play calling duties last week. He's not going to fire himself, but he's held himself as accountable as any head coach in his position could.

  7. Yeah although this is a justified move, is the Broncos offense going to see any benefit from this? Hackett and Wilson are in some deep shit and their season is likely gone after yesterday's loss.

  8. Everyone is focusing on the fumbles, which are the worst, but he was awful in practically every other respect too during the game. He was bumbling catches and missing blocks that got Russ sacked. He has been a massive liability to the team.

  9. Dude fumbled in a 3rd and short situation yesterday right before half. We got it back but it went from being 4th and 1 (or maybe even a 1st down) to 6 yards back. The FG attempt was then blocked, which isn’t his fault but the momentum had squarely swung

  10. Dude basically got benched like week 5 for their two backups. Then the last few game started getting carries again only to get cut. Rough but I’m sure another team will pick him up soon. If a team can pick up Amari Rodgers after we dropped him, someone will certainly take a chance on Gordon

  11. Still wasn't really that long ago when he had incredible production and looked like he could be a perennial LT or Faulk-type back, but it was like the moment he decided to hold out, his skills diminished along with that. He was pretty lukewarm after he eventually started playing again for us and he's been solid for Denver but nowhere near what he had started becoming with us.

  12. Way overdue but injuries kept him on the roster. Should've been gone after the first raiders game when he was liking tweets about getting cut/traded.

  13. I don't get the timing though. Edmonds just got a high ankle sprain. With Gordon gone they're down to latavius Murray and Ozigbo - who's on the practice squad. Everyone else is hurt or on IR already.

  14. Didnt the Seahawks put a claim in for Eno when he was cut? Seahawks might actually take a look for some reason.

  15. I think 2 games. The fumble in the Seattle game was on 4th down and he didn't look he got it over the line

  16. See, I’m okay with criticizing him for his fumbling, but holy shit his fumble didn’t lose most of those games. The 10 punts a game, horrible playcalling on different downs and distance situations, Russ playing like shit, Javonte injury, and some absolutely bizarre defensive playcalling near the end of every game is what is costing them games.

  17. Maybe, you can also point to all the losses at the QB/HC/OC. Like RB isn't important to winning and losing

  18. I feel bad for the guy. A couple years ago he was our best offensive player and a lone bright spot, but he just can't get over the mental hurdle of the fumbles and had to go.

  19. The offense sucks but we would probably have at least a couple more wins without Gordon fumbling at the goal line multiple times.

  20. Posts like this are so stupid. Is Hackett supposed to fire himself? Of course not. Gordon needed to go, Hackett does too, but that's on Paton to do. Both can be true.

  21. Thank Christ....took em long enough. Dude single-handedly fumbled away at least 3 games this season alone.

  22. A good guy, but there's a reason the Chargers made no effort to bring him back. Picked up his 5th Year Option as a "prove it," and well, he didn't prove he was worth the contract he was demanding.

  23. Nah the Texans will because they're starting to collect people who get cut mid season with fumbling problems.

  24. This seems appropriate from an accountability perspective. Eventually performance matters and if you can’t live up, you gotta go. I assume he had an ultimatum from the front office to stop fumbling.

  25. Unfortunately, that was his specialty with us too. I remember a game against the titans where he did it on back to back plays on the goal line.

  26. Lmao. Yeah Melvin Gordon is what’s wrong with that team. I’m sure everything will turn around now.

  27. Lmao. Yeah, we should just keep feeding the guy who constantly fumbles on the goal line or causes 14 point swings. That will make things better

  28. Look at the guarantees for HC, QB, and RB. Seems to explain this bullshit waive when all three should go

  29. These fucking quips they add to every thing. "A fresh start for all parties" like bruh you tweet out roster moves, such great journalism.

  30. He has like a 3.5 YPC average, and has almost 3 times as many fumbles as he does TDs. They might not be any better without him, but they aren't worse either.

  31. Man. I just feel bad for Bronco fans. They didn’t deserve this season.. They had a legit defense last year. It just doesn’t make sense.

  32. So can the fans expect the entire offensive line to be cut tomorrow? Their blocking technique, as Coach Kelly Sears used to say, is “sieve blocking.”

  33. Fumbles are bad enough but fumbling in the endzone with this offense cmon. He's not a terrible runner but that doesnt outweigh the bad with him

  34. I was already sick of him since last year, but it’s sad to hear that past injuries may be why he keeps coughing it up like this. Time to move on regardless.

  35. Can anyone explain how he was "waived"? From everything I understand, a vet like him isn't subject to waivers.

  36. The Houston Texans pick up Melvin Gordon III off waivers. Now with Amari Rodgers and MG3, they can fumble to their heart's content!

  37. I called this last night lol. Also sucks to lose your job before Thanksgiving but in a business like that there isn't a good time to lose your job.

  38. Remember when he turned down a contract with the Chargers that woulda got him $10 million annually? I remember that

  39. Considering he was the conductor of that train wreck more than one time, he will never be off it. He will just derail whatever train he hops onto next.

  40. Something tells me that he is not the problem. Might want to try a quarterback, who’s not all about himself and his own image and a coach who actually understands how to manage a game then they might start wining some games.

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