[Rapoport] Falcons standout TE Kyle Pitts is believed to have suffered a torn MCL that would require surgery. This is following his MRI today. A brutal blow to one of the game’s best young players. He’ll have a second opinion before deciding what's next.

  1. Honestly could’ve been a lot worse. I saw a lot of sports doctors on twitter worried it could be one of those JK Dobbins type injuries where the whole knee gets fucked up.

  2. Looks like a 4-8 week recovery time if no surgery, or 9-12 months with surgery. Basically depends on how bad the tear is and if any other ligaments were injured to if surgery happens.

  3. Irv Smith tore it last year and elected to have surgery and miss the year, it's pretty common for flare-ups to happen if you go the non-surgical route

  4. I’d like to see ridder get some reps but the falcons keep winning so i doubt they decide to change shit up now. Maybe if/when they get mathematically eliminated from the playoffs we’ll see him

  5. I mean they literally drafted one. Arthur Smith is just content to rest on a mediocre running game so long as then keep winning these garbage fight games.

  6. It ain’t “the team”. Considering he put up 1,000 yards last year with the corpse of Matt Ryan (love you) throwing to him. Mariota is just not good. He targets him several times a game and the ball ends up 10 ft over his head

  7. Yeah, I'd like to see him spend way more time split out. Sure, he's a "te", but we'd get way more out of him running routes.

  8. That's fucking sucks. I really want to see him ball out. This has been the season from hell for this kid. I hope he can bounce back next season and show us why he was a generational TE prospect.

  9. One of the games best young players? This is why I’m convinced that guys like Rap, Schefter Pelissaro etc are required to fill a word count when they tweet. I’m not trying to drag Pitts here either but c’mon. Dude been one if the games most underwhelming players.

  10. Dude broke long standing rookie records for TE's. At the very least he is one of the best young players at his position

  11. I’ve seen several NFL players have Pitts in their top 5, including Travis Kelce, Waller. Even Tony Gonzalez the GOAT himself. Those guys themselves know

  12. I was saying this when he was drafted. He had one dominant game in college against a weak opponent and never ever looked like he should be a top 5 overall pick.

  13. Well Ryan had 2,009 when he was benched, that was 4 games ago, Mariota only has 1,878 yards and he's started and played every game. Hard to get your stats when you don't have a QB who throws to you

  14. I mean pitts IS really incredibly talented. They just have a complete ditz of an OC that refuses to use him (I know mariota is bad but a HS coach would still find more touches for his star TE).

  15. Ryan already had 2k yards when he was benched, that was 4 games ago, had he played every game, he'd probably be at 3k yards, compare this to Mariota's 1,878 yards and he's started and played every game.

  16. Nothing against him, but I really don’t like drafting TE’s with such an early pick. At best, you’re not going to get a TE that is game changing. There are very few of those.

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