[Twentyman] The Lions are starting the practice window of rookie WR Jameson Williams today. He’s close to returning from a torn ACL suffered in last year’s National Championship Game.

  1. god the takes in our subreddit we’re so fucking stupid. They said this man who tore his acl in feb would be practicing no problem in june july, one idiot went as far as lying and saying he works in sports medicine at a D1 and a reciever can absolutely play and take hits on an acl tear in under 6 months LOL.

  2. Let’s see what the kids got, there are already people saying JJ is better than Jerry Rice, so at this point, let’s just have a bunch of young talented WRs all competing at the same time and see who comes out as the best.

  3. Makes sense to bring him back this week, because we get a few practices in before Thursday, and then have a mini bye to work him into the offense just in time for our huge showdown with the Jaguars

  4. I still don’t know how to react to positive news regarding the Lions. I have so many questions. When will he play? How do I deal with the recent success? Am I supposed to have an erection?

  5. I don’t understand why they would even play him. No offense your seasons kinda over and why risk an reinjury. Give him the off-season and have him fully ready next season.

  6. You're 4 behind the Vikings with 7 to go and they shit their pants against a team even we were able to beat, chase those fuckers down

  7. Grabbed him in the last round of a keeper league. Picked up Odell off FA a couple weeks ago. I get 3 keepers with a max of 2 per position. Jamo and Odell for WR since I will lose basically no draft capital. Not sure who to grab for RB yet. I traded Taylor and Kelce (I’m tanking hard for draft picks this year). I have swift but he’s underperforming. Next year I’ve got like 3 first rounders and a couple seconds. I’m loaded

  8. One of Patricia’s only redeeming qualities was that his offensive coaching hires were pretty good. Johnson and Fraley are hopefully long term mainstays on the staff and Bevell was legitimately a great OC with the Lions.

  9. Wouldn't be surprised if he played a couple snaps as a decoy. A 3rd and 5 on our own 40. He runs deep with the intent to check down to St. Brown or Swift.

  10. Nah, practice window is an IR designation that means he'll be active in 2 weeks at the earliest. I'm pretty sure he can't be activated before week 13>Maybe they will tell him as long as he doesn’t get tackled he can play Thursday. Only TDs

  11. It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway. That dude is an incredible football player. I have folks in Alabama so I pull for Bama mostly so I have something to talk to my grandma about. I'm almost as exited as Lions fans rn. The J'mo era is going to kick ass.

  12. Alabama's offense was night and day against Georgia without him. There are few I've watched that are as fluidly fast as he is. Georgia's defense full of NFL quality players could not cover him with his speed combined with route running ability.

  13. Lions deserve this good news. Hopefully their picks this upcoming draft can be good enough as low as they are to improve this improving young defense so that they can be a force going forward.

  14. 2 1sts and 2 2nds should go a long way for the defense. We might finally be on to something.

  15. He will certainly make the Lions even better and DJ Chark is now coming off an injury. Excellent receivers, excellent RB combo, defense doing damn good with 2 rookies getting INTs yesterday and Goff getting it done, with a bad game a few weeks ago that had almost no healthy receiving corp.

  16. He’s not playing thanksgiving. Bro would have to be supersuperhuman to play 2 days after his first NFL practice to his first NFL game

  17. Next year is looking great for the Lions, just need to figure out QB and spend the rest of their assets on defense.

  18. I think we roll with Goff for another year at least. He's been playing quite well. 2024 class looks better anyway. Who knows though, there's a reason Holmes is getting paid to draft players and I get paid to scrub toilets.

  19. An argument could be made that we might need a bit of RB depth and O-line depth since Big V is dealing with back surgery and recovering from that and Swift has been injured 3 out 3 seasons.

  20. I’m expecting to be in the minority but I want a QB with our rams pick if we continue to win. Our defense is very young already and improving. I don’t see the point in adding four more defenders with our two firsts and two seconds. Two or three would be more than plenty and a QB on rookie deal gives us more cap room to add higher end talent and depth on defense. I think we have a great situation for a rookie QB as well.

  21. We have the most underrated WR group in the league. Amon Ra, Chark, Reynolds, Jamo, Raymond, & Kennedy should be very solid if we can get them all healthy for one game.

  22. Chark seems like a good team guy but isn't much of a factor. This list is absolutely banking on Williams to be great to be considered underrated

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