Game Thread: Kansas City Chiefs (7-2) at Los Angeles Chargers (5-4)

  1. I’d like to argue that there should’ve been an intentional grounding call on that throwaway pass from Mahomes on their last TD drive forcing a 3rd and long, but I’m pretty sure they still would’ve gotten the first down anyways lol

  2. Since 2019, the Chiefs have lost a total of 3 regular season games in Nov/Dec/Jan. That's an amazing feat. 1 loss was versus the Titans on a last second TD by Tannehill. 1 loss was all Joe Burrow as he carried the Bengals. 1 loss versus chargers was a gimme because Mahomes wasn't playing. The AFC goes through Kansas City.

  3. People downvote KC for stating how the road to the superbowl on the AFC side runs through KC so I’m glad you said it.

  4. There aren’t even that many people talking shit on the chiefs and every KC poster is saying shit talk is flowing in

  5. Y’all remember that “hold” in the first quarter that’s the chargers player asked the ref for and he just threw despite the replay and commentators and anyone with eyeballs agreeing nothing happened?

  6. Justin Herbert looks like the guy Disney channel would cast to be a QB in a football movie where the QB isn't the main character

  7. And the only reason Brady doesn't have that long divisional road game win streak is because of the Miami Dolphins.

  8. Did the post game show just use a "Daaaaamn" from the Friday movies in this highlight video or did I just imagine that? lol

  9. As a Bengals Fan I don’t really want anybody to have that first round bye but I’m pretty sure y’all have it locked up and in the short term you beating the chargers improves our chances of even making the playoffs so I’m happy with the outcome.

  10. Why do the Chiefs love to go down to the last 30 seconds of every single game. Granted Bills Chargers and others are solid teams but win or lose we are alllllways down to the last damned minute.

  11. With as many rules NFL stadiums have on what you can and can't bring in, I am surprised costumes is the one thing that is still allowed lol.

  12. Its gotta be a philosophy that allowing 5-6 yards per carry is ok, right? Like they must be content with that or it wouldn’t continue to happen. Something about bend but don’t break / make the opponent run a ton of plays and try to get a turnover or penalty or sack to stop drives.

  13. The one play I watched that made me scratch my head was Kelces first or second catch, he shoves off the defender (text book OPI with two full arm extension as the ball is on its way) and you hear "OH man, Kelce is so good he has so many ways to get open like two arm shoving that defender out of the way..."

  14. Oh man, my wife’s side of the family is all Cowboys fans. It’d probably be the biggest stakes on a Super Bowl I’ve ever personally had. If we win I get to talk shit for decades to my brother-in-law and father-in-law. If we lose I have to divorce my wife and move to a different state to escape ridicule.

  15. Chiefs fans don’t be insufferable. You guys got a lucky call at the end, but overall it was a great game. People wanna say everything about the refs, that’s just the way football goes. That being said you guys are 2-2 in the afc championship over the last decade and absolutely choked against the bengals, again don’t make this sub hate you and don’t be the bad guys

  16. I’m only allowing people to comment to this that have been fans for more than 5 years lol. Sick of seeing all of these chiefs fans that were patriot fans 6 years ago

  17. It's gotten to the point where you have to respect the Chiefs and what they are doing if you're a real football fan. Say with Tom Brady, you could hate or be annoyed by the guy beating your team, but at some point you have to take a step back and just realize you're watching greatness. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  18. This is a great comment. I spent a long time being bitter toward Brady, it wasn't until after he destroyed my team in the SB that I finally hit rock bottom, and then admitted that Brady is just the best to ever do it. Massive respect to that dude.

  19. Juju is solid but yeah, if you put almost any other qb with this offense they're barely top 15. And Andy is so good at realizing what his players strengths are and putting them in a position to succeed. Kelce is having one of his best years, his game will age so gracefully, smartest route running TE I've ever seen. He'll play til he's 40 if he wants to.

  20. The chiefs do kinda get on my nerves but I still feel like I like them. I feel like the nfl is currently in a “bills or chiefs” spot, and I’d chose the bills. But man, a chiefs game is just insane to watch. So fun.

  21. You don’t. This entire sport’s fanbase was enchanted when this small market team started dictating the attention of the sport, then started hating us when it became a regular thing and we weren’t a one off like many other teams. Someday, when Mahomes, Reid, Kelce, and the other major components of our success are gone, the hate for the Chiefs will die down and we’ll be back to ground zero like the Pats are. But for now and God willing the next 7-10 years, they’ll keep hating us. Embrace it. Enjoy it. They wouldn’t hate us if we weren’t doing well.

  22. Don't apologize, they had spygate, the tuck rule and deflategate. They deserved it. We just get hate cause we're good

  23. I’m impartial on Kansas City right. But here’s just an observation. Of course their fans are gonna be happy that they win and defend their team. No shit right. It just seems like the detractors take out their hate at the refereeing on the fans. Like what do you expect them to say “Yea, you’re right, our team is fraudulent, they don’t deserve to win.”

  24. You have to understand why it’s frustrating to watch. Every single game winning drive the chiefs will get the call. Doesn’t matter if it’s the right call or not. Most of the time I’m sure it is the “right” call. They are still the only team that will get that call every time. Boring to watch.

  25. The Chiefs had a game-losing "taunting" call against the Colts that I've hardly seen called in any other game this year, so I'd revisit your theory.

  26. Yeah we got that game winning call a few weeks back against the 49ers. What a close, competitive game that was that the refs stole from your team. I’m sorry on behalf of chiefs fans everywhere.

  27. The chiefs got bailed out by the kelce "hold" but then when the chiefs hold keenan allen on the interception its a no call... of course people are pissed. Its a consistent thing. Kind of like how the chiefs the first game vs the chargers managed to get three interceptions and a fumble overturned and then on mahomes "game winning drive" hold derwin james by his pads why he is trying to tackle bim then give him the penalty.

  28. Because the refs didn't call any other penalties on the chargers so it's all they have to complain about

  29. I hope we get another crack in the playoffs so we can see a little regression to the mean in these toss-up games. now 4-1 against the Herbert Chargers and all comeback one-score victories.

  30. Lmao that prediction from the first half saying that the officiating is gonna be shit and everybody’s gonna bitch about it while the Chargers screw themselves like they always do

  31. If you're blaming the refs you're likely ignoring all the cumulative self inflicted mistakes, ref blaming is a lovers mindset unless it's an egregious call

  32. Hold on, let me go type up a formal apology for you Doinwerklol. It’s so obvious that the NFL said to hell with legality and competitive integrity and all sports legitimacy should it ever be revealed, let’s help this specific team win their games. The guys on the internet who’ve only ever touched a nerf ball figured it all out.

  33. There are so many bad calls for both sides throughout the course of a game let alone a season. The reason you all notice the Chiefs and cry about it is because they almost always win. Calls go for and against them all game long..

  34. The difference in Jason and Travis kelces accents are hilarious. Travis’ is about as phony as Brian Kelly’s after moving to nola.

  35. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching both extremes of football (Chiefs and Nebraska Cornhuskers)

  36. This year, I want a Chiefs/Cowboys Super Bowl. I think the Chiefs would absolutely win that and I want to see the Cowboys lose.

  37. If anything the refs this game swung super hard against the chiefs, some of these comments are so weird. Maybe people are still mad about the titans game

  38. All jokes aside, Herbert fucking balled tonight until that last play. Dude is an absolute menace against us and I sometimes fear him more than almost any other QB.

  39. I visited Kansas City this weekend, had never been. My god, y'all rep your team more than any other city I know. I saw a Chiefs logo literally everywhere I looked, no matter where I went.

  40. Went to see Louis CK at the height of his popularity in KC. He said one thing against the Chiefs and KC's pride and almost got booed off the stage. It's comparative to the level of Boston and the love for the Red Sox.

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