[Rosenblatt] The #Jets are about to lose in absolutely terrible fashion. An embarrassing end to a game that the Jets would've won if they had a QB capable of completing passes.

  1. He’s not remotely defensible, I just don’t think Jets fans are at the acceptance stage of whiffing badly on yet another highly drafted QB.

  2. I defended the dude for a long time because I really really loved the arm strength and seriously thought his ceiling is the highest.

  3. Is there anything else missing on the team? I guess there’s no “elite” WR but there’s enough strong WRs to make up for it. Maybe an edge rusher to compliment Quinnen?

  4. ESPN further abbreviates because they're both "M. Jones," but making it "Ma. Jones" doesn't help.

  5. Flacco isn't good, but they can at least pretend to be able to pass the ball sometimes with him back there. He did have a 305 yard 4 td game this season

  6. You mean the guy who went 23-27 for over 200 yards? I don’t think Mac was the offense’s biggest problem, that O line is.

  7. I’ve been calling him a bust ever since I heard “some Mormon kid is an NFL QB prospect” and REALLY started calling him a bust when I saw he always wears those stupid sensei-style headbands, which makes him look like a douche. I’m glad my dislike for the kid is getting validated by his terrible play.

  8. Scott Hansen (Red Zone) is already commenting about the very obvious block in the back. This is an instance of the penalty having no effect whatsoever on the play. A reasonable no-call.

  9. Since when does it matter if a penalty influences the play or not? Penalties are called all the time that are away from the play.

  10. Without watching this game, how did the Patriots only have three points despite putting up at least decent yards at QB and running back?

  11. Because our defensive line gobbled them up in most passing scenarios as well as stuffing runs and Folk missed 2 FGs due to the wind. It was nasty conditions out there.

  12. I never understood the hype when he was in college, reminded me of Johnny Football, but had his shit together. He’s gotten worse and worse, at this point in time if I’m the Jets I don’t know how you just don’t abandon ship on him regardless of where he was drafted.

  13. Wilson has no answers for Bill, yet. None at all. He looks like the worst QB in the league against him every time. Can't handle the coverage, and with a broken O-line and horrible wind he had no chance today. NEEDS to find a way to break through with that NE defense.

  14. He's the worst QB in the league against pressure, and they generate pressure. But they didn't need a breakout game from him. They needed TWO FG drives

  15. To be fair if we could hit field goals and / or do anything on offense past Jets 20, this would have been a sure thing for us.

  16. Zach Wilson has become one of those Qbs people love to shit on apparently. People need to chill tf out he’s in his second year. He’s talented and has shown flashes. Give him some damn time

  17. I'm a Pats fan and would love if they kept him for another decade...but he's fucking bad. You need to watch all his games against us, it's pathetic. He's below replacement level.

  18. I understand that QBs need time to grow and adjust but I'm not sure I've seen a QB struggle to even show flashes like Wilson has. I suppose Manziel was probably worse but at least he wasn't picked 2nd

  19. He has shown flashes. It’s just he has also shown that he consistently misses wide open receivers

  20. Garrett Wilson’s interview after the game was quite telling. Normally not a fan of players airing grievances, but sounds like there is little accountability in that locker room.

  21. Was Flacco actually that bad earlier this year? Come on Jets, you're in the playoff hunt (yes, really!) You need somebody who can help you win right now!

  22. Remember when all those people said zach was a better option that Trevor Lawrence. Yeah tlaw isn't the breakout star we thought he would be but he is improving game on game

  23. Is it possible that Buffalo has some sort of beer guzzling, table breaking Yeti shaman that curses the offense of whoever beats them the next week?? Miami - Tua concussion, NYJ 3pts, Vikings 3pts

  24. I mean they should have been down 12-3 and they were playing a top 5 defense in bad weather, I don't think a couple passes more woulda made a difference. But also he was saved from 2 interceptions due to drops but I don't think ANYONE could have done better, just most.

  25. Why they already have a QB that is a liability in terms of winning games, I can't see how the additional one will help.

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