[Pelissero] The #Commanders disciplined multiple players after social media videos showed them drinking on the flight back from Monday night’s win in Philadelphia, per sources. Ron Rivera reached out to the league Tuesday morning and addressed it in a team meeting. No NFL discipline coming.

  1. They're doing everything they can to get everybody but Snyder in trouble. Next week Jay Gruden is going to find flaming shit on his doorstep courtesy of Roger

  2. I don't think it was. McAfee had Heinicke on earlier this week and Pat mentioned that some one told him the pic of Heinicke with the beer was noticed and potentially going to get people in trouble so it seems like something was going to happen before this.

  3. Professional athletes aren’t allowed alcohol on the planes because of situations like the plane ride from hell i’d imagine

  4. This is silly. The issue isn't drinking on a plane ride home. As long as they're not driving intoxicated from the airport to their homes, I see no issue at all. No fun league at it again.

  5. I doubt they really care and are undoubtedly aware that it happens all the time. What they care about is having a policy to waive around in the event that q public incident occurs like this one.

  6. One of the players should just take the piss in the next press confrence "my owner might be a rapist and definitely facilitated the sexual assault of multiple team employees, then evaded a congressional supeona for several months - You want to talk about a fucking beer? "

  7. To be fair, what are the odds they actually take an Uber or something home from the airport. We’ve clearly seen that NFL players can’t be trusted there on a sadly regular basis. NFL has to cover their ass with the policy but would have looked the other way if not for the Titans coach.

  8. It's a matter of liability. Insurance won't cover incidents that occur when players are drunk and behaving stupidly like getting into fights or causing accidents on flight

  9. If I had to guess it's very very common but the commanders had the bad luck of publically doing it a few days before an OC decided to drive home drunk at a high speed

  10. I think it's because the thinking is once the plane lands players have to drive home...so if they're drinking too much they run the risk of a DUI...

  11. I don’t really have a problem with the players celebrating after a huge win. They played well, we didn’t, I would have expected our players to do the same and cut loose with some brews if we made 9-0.

  12. Lol, the league has to pretend like they care now after whatshisface's dui. This wouldn't have drawn a peep from them otherwise, and didn't for days.

  13. It's a liability thing. If you supply booze on a plane and one of your employees drives drunk and hurts/kills someone they open themselves up to all sorts of lawsuits.

  14. What would be the penalty if they forced the cheerleaders to get naked and secretly photographed them and then circulated those photos to friends?

  15. What a shitty, wasteful flight. It's a 2 hour bus ride from Lincoln Financial Field to FedEx Field right now. It's even faster that late at night.

  16. They probably lease the plane, and the cost of a back and forth is nothing compared to the monthly rental on the plane itself.

  17. Do you not remember the bullshit that the Nationals dealt with when they had Soto fly commercial (first class!) to the all star game? Not to defend Snyder, but if they would have rented busses instead of the plane, the team would have been roasted. “What is this, a D2 college team?”

  18. Considering it's basically a sports ritual now: decorating the locker room in plastic to protect everything from champagne to the point that players even wear goggles to protect their eyes from the spray. But sure, drinking on a private flight is wrong lol

  19. Man everyone hates it but this show comes on every morning and is easy to watch. That segment just confirmed why I watch; Florio positing in legal terms why it may not be cool to drink on a team sanctioned flight, and Simms saying “man don’t be a snitch”.

  20. Who cares they’re all adults… But fuck they flew from Philly to DC? Fucking so much pollution for barely any time saved

  21. Is it a team rule not to drink on the plane? I’ve definitely seen videos of Ravens players sipping beers on a post-game flight.

  22. This is the dumbest rule. Avoid DUIs by hiring drivers for the team to and from the airport/stadium. Do a ride share in a Tahoe/Yukon sized vehicle if the team wants to spare a few bucks

  23. I saw a single can of beer. They weren’t chopping up lines and slamming Don Julio or anything. They’re adults for fucks sake. Most of us here have a beer after work on a normal day let alone a major success.

  24. Washington seems to have a lot of problems with alcohol throughout the years. Stories of players consuming before and during games. Now after the game and on the flight back. Might explain why the franchise is so up and down throughout the years, FO allows booze around the team and doesn't police it.

  25. Those shit refs probably supplied the booze, too. Helped them out one more time after the game. I don't care about either team, but those calls at the end were suspect.

  26. So DUI's one thing...but players drinking on a flight? Unless they're flying, I don't see the issue. Just make sure everyone gets an Uber or something instead of driving home.

  27. So 1000s of players have probably had beers on the plane and no problem. One assistant gets a DUI and now we have a problem.

  28. Who fucking cares, they're grown men having a beer after a good day at work. Why does the NFL give a fuck?

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