[PFT] The NFL has a policy against alcohol on team planes or buses. The league has started an investigation regarding whether that rule was broken in Titans offensive coordinator Todd Downing's case.

  1. Same, I refuse to believe that these guys ain't getting in at least one drink on the plane ride home, especially after big wins and stuff.

  2. Yeah, my guess is it's a "we don't really enforce it until you make us" type of policy that's on the books solely to cover the league in the event situations like this one occur.

  3. Yeah it's just a complete CYA policy for this exact reason. Drunk player or coach was intoxicated on company property and on company time - liability for the whole NFL...

  4. If I got the everloving shit kicked out of me earlier that day, I hurt all over, and I’m celebrating a win the boyz, you’re goddam right I’m having a beer or five.

  5. Just this week or the week before we had Heinicke or Cousins on a plane and one of them had a Busch Lite can in their hand

  6. My brother used to work charters for a couple teams. He used to say they were always drinking. Sometimes getting rowdy but most times just chillin with some drinks. One HC always had a couple bottles of a certain wine waiting for him. No clue why this one instance is getting looked at.

  7. So apparently it's one of the rules that nobody cares about until somebody does something really idiotic. Way to fuck it up Todd.

  8. Not to excuse Downing but that video was out on Monday. I’m surprised it didn’t initiate some sort of investigation.

  9. Art Donovan said once when he sacked Bobby Layne he said, "Bobby, you still stink of booze from last night!" TO which Maybe replied, "Last night hell! I had a couple at halftime!"

  10. This is exactly it. It’s so the NFL can say “yeah we told him not to” when something like this happen. They’ll get fined $10,000 to a charity of their choice. And then the Washington Commanders will get the same $10,000 fine for their video that went viral.

  11. I played college ball. This rule kind of reminds me of our team rule of no alcohol on the bus post game. It was a rule that was never enforced. Everyone knew we were drinking on the bus after a game as long as it wasn’t too obvious it was cool. I feel like it could have been bad if somebody got caught or on an accident driving back home after we got back to the facility.

  12. I played college Rugby, one time the coach told us we were assholes for not knowing how to handle ourselves while drunk after big victories. He then got absolutely blitzed, fell down a hill and lost his front teeth.

  13. So, we giggle when it’s Heinicke on the plane doing it while wearing chains, but only lay down the hammer when a negative outcome results?

  14. Yes, this is how rules work. Most rules don't exist to be constantly enforced and nitpicked to death over inconsequential things, but to be pointed at or used for things that actually matter.

  15. Yes? Why would we not? One is drinking responsibly and the other is drinking and then driving.

  16. Not like they’re going to enforce the rule going forward. It’s 100% just about the NFL not being liable in court lol

  17. That’s typically how things work isn’t it? It isn’t a problem until it is, and THEN shit gets done. Never before. Even a lot of our laws are like that.

  18. Who knows what the investigation will or won't determine - he's an idiot in any case - but I don't think the timeline alone is all that conclusive on where the drinking happened.It's not that hard for the plane to land at 2:11am, buses arrive at the Titans' team facility from BNA , time for a few drinks there, and then get pulled over for speeding and busted for DUI in Williamson County at 3:49am.

  19. Ehhh not quite. Old guy like that, probably takes him 10-15 drinks to get to where he can’t drive right. That takes longer that 1.5 hours.

  20. Here’s a thought: punish drinking and driving instead of trying to pad laws with more laws that are unenforceable.

  21. This is kind of hilarious. I can get toasted on a flight crammed in with people, but these adults are not supposed to drink on a private jet after the game? No Fun League

  22. The rule is probably because they go straight from the jets/busses to their cars. If a player/coach gets loaded on a team trip and then immediately gets behind the wheel of their car and hits somebody, then the organization could be held liable. That exact situation basically happened with Andy Reid’s son (who was a Chiefs coach) right before the 2021 Super Bowl. He drove drunk from a Chief’s event and caused a young girl to suffer a life-changing injury.

  23. Love when policies are blatantly ridiculous so they're ignored by everyone until they want to use it as an excuse to punish someone.

  24. I agree but imo I think the rule is a CYA thing for the NFL. Hence the seemingly not-so-strict enforcement. They just happened to possibly need it in this case.

  25. I imagine it's because soon after the plane lands, the players and coaches are in their cars for the drive home. NFL is probably trying to avoid incidents exactly like this one.

  26. Lmao Arthur and the FAlcons O-line literally had beers in the stadium immediately after the game and no one said shit (in fact, as a falcons fan we all thought it was super cool) and I'd be shocked if that wasnt against the rules. Who are they trying to kid here

  27. [PFT] The NFL has a policy against one person eating all of the fully loaded nachos when the nachos were ordered to share. The league has started an investigation regarding whether that rule was broken in journeyman WR Kelvin Benjamin's case.

  28. This seems like the dumbest fucking rule ever. Let these guys celebrate their win. Yeah Downings is a fucking idiot but that doesn’t mean the other people need to be treated like children.

  29. There are videos of players drinking on team planes all over the place. Funny how they are acting like it’s a rule all of a sudden.

  30. I doubt any team actually follows that. But I bet they’ll be watching now and enforcing cuz there’s no way he drank enough to drink and drive in less than 2 hours

  31. I feel like I have seen a dozen videos of guys drinking after a win on the team plane and a bunch of interviews on podcasts saying the same thing.

  32. Oh come on, we all know players get drunk on the plane. Taylor Heinicke was drinking after they beat the Eagles on the plane.

  33. I get it rules are rules and if you are part of an organization you follow the rules. I don’t know but I assume this rule was created because someone got shit faced and it caused an issue in the media reflecting negatively on the reputation of the NFL. If this is the case, I don’t care for rules created this way. One person does something and a new rule is created for everyone versus just dealing with the offender. You see this in workplaces where new rules get created because of one person instead of dealing with the person. Just a pet peeve of mine.

  34. This seems like a policy that we've seen at least 31 other teams break. I don't think you can blame the Titans org here for the actions of one idiot, especially when that idiot had other options to not do what he did.

  35. Serious question: wasn’t he arrested in Green Bay, how could he have been drinking on the plane which they didn’t fly back that night or bus to the hotel enough for it to matter. Seems like it’s more on him than a team thing

  36. Bro wasn’t Taylor Heinkie (don’t feel like looking up his last name) drinking a Busch light on the plane ride home the other day?😂😂

  37. Wait...you're telling me the team that broke COVID rules and screwed over other teams in the process....possibly broke rules again?

  38. SMH...what is it with people and alcohol? Sure glad I have never drank, nor do I smoke anything. Surely, this alcohol could have waited till he got back to his hotel.

  39. Is this new? I remember josh Gordon got suspended for that. On one hand, he should have known. On the other hand, so should have the browns coaches.

  40. Maybe the NFL should just accept that most of them drink on the ride home and aren't going to stop. They should have Ubers/taxi's/shuttles waiting for people when they get back.


  42. The NFL has a policy regarding this… yeah that’s why they have a Lyft deal for free rides to get people home…

  43. I find the implications of this being an investigation pretty amusing. Like if there wasn't alcohol on the team plane, that either means he was so wasted before the plane left that it carried over, or that he waited until they landed and got blitzed and then got in the car. I'm gonna go ahead and say there's not much to investigate here.

  44. I wonder what the legal differences would be between an actual team plane (Patriots) and a team that uses one of the major carriers. For example, the Bears fly United and not sure how the NFL can tell them what they can and can’t serve.

  45. How about they investigate the monthly sexual assault someone in the league inevitably performs, who the hell cares if they drink.

  46. Does PFT ever report about actual football and things that happen on the field? Florio just seems like such a self righteous douche.

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