Game Thread: Washington Commanders (4-5) at Philadelphia Eagles (8-0)

  1. I hated how that game ended. Heinicke looked like he planned that penalty. There was no surprise he got hit, just jumped up, called for the flag, and celebrated.

  2. What else was he supposed to do? I get celebrating the penalty isn’t a great look but it sealed the game so it’s understandable.

  3. Coming in as a sad Eagles fan… I knew yesterday was a trap game. Yes there were some very bad calls, but even with the bad calls, Eagles just didn’t seem to want to win. Can’t blame losing on just the refs when the game shouldn’t have been that close.

  4. Most people won’t agree with me but I think they miss Jordan Davis immensely. And Maddox also. I noticed whenever Davis was in game on running downs opposing teams didn’t quite have the success. He’s a monster in the middle. Can’t wait until Maddox and him are back.

  5. By your flair you are the yin and yang. Buffalo isn't happy but there's a petition on for moms to give JA17 a virtual mom hug. Eagles booed their own team at halftime. Balance in all things lol

  6. Yeah nobody likes an undefeated team. I don’t have you guys winning Super Bowl (obviously the Lions will) but I think you’ll go far.

  7. Can I bet on eagles not winning the Super Bowl? Because having the opening win streak is almost a guarantee that they won’t be champions this year

  8. This is your classic sleeper game for the heavily favoured team. No way eagles were going undefeated. Tough to keep the pedal on the gas as a heavy favourite. Redskins dline played well. Hurts look mediocre. Throw in a couple turnovers and the dog wins. Great bet for my comrades that took redskins +11

  9. Seems like there are a lot of Cowboys fans here, so I’d just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that they haven’t made it out of the Divisional round since the release of the Nintendo 64. Have a good night.

  10. I believe that Dallas had a better shot to beat the Eagles if they were still unbeaten. Now I fear a pummeling

  11. You knew the sleeper game was coming. Hard to keep up the intensity against a lesser opponent. You can’t have actually thought they were going undefeated

  12. I will say the NFC East is more fun when no divisional team can expect to walk away with a win. Landry, Gibbs, Parcel days.

  13. Dude took a knee and not one but 2 eagles hit him, both of them had time to stop. Heineken knows that's a penalty because it is and of course he's going to celebrate it because it basically iced the game for them and he knew that too

  14. I had no dog in that fight; I actually kinda wanted to see the Eagles pull out the comeback after they got fucked on the facemask. But that RTP was 100% correct. Graham had ample opportunity to pull up and didn't.

  15. I can't decide what makes me happier. The eagles loss or the fact that their loss won me my fantasy game this week. Just kidding It's the loss I Fucking Hate The Eagles!

  16. I may be biased but I can see the Eagles very well losing to any of their remaining opponents, except for Indy maybe. Possibly Green Bay but as we sadly know, you can’t ever really count out Rodgers.

  17. Eagles fans calling for the refs to get murdered for making a correct call. Never change Philly.

  18. I watched the Brady press conference from yesterday. Is it me, or does Brady look like he put on a good 5-10 lbs in the last few weeks? He looked emaciated before, but now he's starting to look normal.

  19. I called it last week. Brady is gonna fall backwards into the playoffs and then just say 'fuck it, while I'm here I'll get another ring"

  20. Honestly I think the "Eagles fans so shit" meme is overstated. When we played them week 1 all the Eagles fans with whom I interacted were far more respectful than what I am used to in the NFC North.

  21. I will say Eagles (and then Cowboys) have traditionally been my least favorite fans, and then I had the unfortunate experience of sharing a gameday thread with Packers and Vikings fans. Holllly shit. Viking fans say their sub is so toxic they don't even wanna be there, like wtf?

  22. They are pretty nice from what I have experienced. Vikings or 49er fans are probably the most obnoxious imo, but that is a given considering I'm a Packers fan.

  23. Man, I get that roughing the passer was technically within the rules, but what a cheap way to finish a game.

  24. The missed face mask call on Goeddert was about as bad as anything I’ve seen this year. It wasn’t a quick grab and it seems like it made a difference in the play, and in turn the game.

  25. He had kneeled for 2 seconds before 55 even started his dive. There was no letting up when you're diving seconds after a kneel lol

  26. It wasn’t roughing the passer, it was a late hit on a player that’s given himself up. It was an obvious call to make.

  27. Well, at least we got a new strategy to make football even shittier. Drop to a knee before you're about to get sacked and hope for the penalty. That should be fun in the future.

  28. It is ok to admit that the Eagles defender fucked up. I get the reasons, but you can't try to skull-fuck a QB who is on his knees, not moving. This wasn't some split second move that was taken out of context. He had time to take 3 steps and then still tried to tackle a guy who was already on the ground being tackled by his teammate. I just am not sure what else you expected the refs to do.

  29. Lost 300 bucks because of this garbage. How you let the redskins win refs!!!!! Also trying to increase the garbage sale value.

  30. Heinicke always puts on a show and I really hope we get to keep watching him in this league. He's beaten Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and now an 8-0 divisional rival on their turf.

  31. I don't think he is an NFL caliber quarterback with that interception he threw tonight. That was bad bad. Had him wide open and lofts it up toward the safety

  32. He makes some bad plays here and there but the team rallies around him. Hope he can get that starting job long overdue imo.

  33. You got beat by Justin Jefferson... that dude is legit. Looking forward to watching the true supebowl if we meet you guys in the playoffs.

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