Game Thread: Game hub/RedZone (Week 9)

  1. I’m dumbfounded at how truly awful they are. Like I knew fellow fans were delusional in the off season when they were talking about another possible SB run but, they’ve just been pathetic.

  2. The Applebee's cheers commercial made me think that old bar space in Boston probably became an Applebee's and now I'm sad

  3. It’s actually in a super expensive location right by the state house across from the common and million dollar homes. Applebee’s probably couldn’t afford a location there

  4. Normally I try and run an errand or get dinner started between the late games and the night game so I never watch the NBC pregame show. Man, Chris Simms and Jason Garrett should NOT be on screen together, they look like weird incest twins who grew up in a cult

  5. They saw the Time Life book commercial in the late 80s/early 90s where the guy had a weird premonition before getting on a flight and didn't fly and the plane crashed.

  6. I could really go for less of these interesting personal interest pieces and more highlights. They done 4 games dirty with showing one clip and moving on.

  7. Reminder than andy reid is a terrible father and his sons are convicted felons. Yet fat andy is still viewed as some kind of role model and has been made a millionaire by idiot owners like Lurie and hunt. Shame.

  8. Not excusing anything but there are far far far worse figures in the NFL than a failed dad. I hope you have the same vitriol for sexual predators, made millionaires by idiot owners like Lurie and Hunt. Shame if you don’t. At the end of the day Reid’s son is an ADULT, his actions are his and his ALONE.

  9. When I was coming up, betting on sports games was seem as taboo and unacceptable. To see it so freely advertised now is surreal.

  10. Calvin Ridley was the beginning of something more. There's going to be a modern day Pete Rose, only a matter of time. Sports leagues right now will take the cash but they are playing with fire.

  11. I want to see the “I’m Him” montage from Jalen Ramsay after being torched by a dude named Scottie

  12. So everyone is outraged over kyrie comments, yet nobody mentions britt reid getting ONLY 3 years for drinking alcohol at chiefs facility and crashing into an innocent family. Instead the dumb neckbeards on this subreddit are jacking off over andy reid and chiefs like usual.

  13. I can’t believe you nephews are blaming the Rams D… if you hold someone to 16 points your team should win the game

  14. Brady plays like shit for weeks, remembers what the Rams did last season, and had to resign the soul contract one more time

  15. I fully believethat Brady is the type to seek revenge on your future bloodlines if he feels you’ve slighted him.

  16. This is really not my day. Bills embarrassed themselves, then Brady put up 2 minutes of decent football and now people are going to suck his geriatric dick till he goes back to shitting the bed next week.

  17. for anyone watching Sunday night football, expect a blowout most likely… Malik hasn’t produced very well and we only have so many plays for a running back. GG, see y’all next week.

  18. Six drops by his receivers, including a potential game winner. And then he still drives the team down to win the game? He made this win happen.

  19. It's the NFL. Shit is hard. 44 seconds, no timeouts, TD game winning drive over the defending SB champs. If you can't give props for that then you're impossible.

  20. McVay running it three times to go three and out when a first down wins the game feels like it happens every week

  21. We should not have won that. Please fire Leftwich and let Brady run the two minute offense the entire rest of the year.

  22. I honestly thought they were gonna be complete ass this season. I also thought the Broncos would be competitive. Shows what I know lol.

  23. If you're a Rams fan, be deeply, profoundly, fundamentally ashamed with you franchise today. They showed a perfect example of defeatist football today. They played the weakest Brady led team in years, and revealed how much they hate themselves, the game, and their fans. Feel it in your bones.

  24. I think disgusted might be the right word. They had an opportunity to win that game right at the end, the defense handed it to them. And they can’t even get a first down when it really matters

  25. God I get such a boner watching Rodgers piss and moan postgame and then get to see McVay's smug ass losing later in the evening.

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