Game Thread: Green Bay Packers (3-4) at Buffalo Bills (5-1)

  1. A bit late but Alexander is an absolute freak of an athlete. I loved the chippiness but good lord man, he can literally shut down an entire side of the field. Kids gonna be a star for a while in this league and I hope the packers figure out their woes because that pass defense is scary good.

  2. You know what WR would be great on your team... I'm thinking of an elite guy who has extensive experience with Rogers and is on a bad team. He might want to go to a playoff contender.

  3. GG Bills. The officials sucked but it didn't matter, Bills deserve the W. I hope the Packers learned enough from this game to turn this season around. We lost but this is the most heart I've seen this team show all season.

  4. Was trying to figure out the difference I saw in them. Outside of the 2nd quarter, team played well and executed the game plan well. Love the swag from Jaire tonight. But love seeing some young guys make big plays. Jones looked unbelievable. Thought Rodgers looked the most accurate tonight that he has in the last few games.

  5. If packers had a better line and ends, I’m thinking this game would have easily went in their favor. Their run game was chipping away yards and eating up the clock in a way that the Bills weren’t managing effectively. If Rogers had time in the pocket to seal the deal on passing plays, forget about it.

  6. tbh I don't expect most teams to come out of half up that big and give full effort, it is just the way the league is

  7. Man if we can still win by 10 while Josh playing pretty mid I'll take it. But idk man. Between refs being completely in our favor and Josh playing garbage it doesn't feel great coming out of a bye. Josh def needs to get back to form next week. The rest of the team was solid outside of the DTs.

  8. When it “mattered”, as in the first few drives of the game when the game was in doubt - he did whatever he wanted to. I’m a fan of neither team...but when both were giving full effort and the score close is what i would care about. And he dominated that timeframe.

  9. As a non-Bills fan living in Buffalo, a little humbleness would be great. Your fanbase is quickly crossing over into arrogant. Used to be a fun, lighthearted group.

  10. If the packers aren't going to trade for a receiver they should trade rodgers and get some picks for him. or start love and see if he could be the guy or if we have to draft a qb next year.

  11. Yeah I think they all collectively were trying to score on Alexander and failing to do so and the pettiness was coming back to bite them in the ass

  12. One of the most uninspired second halves I’ve seen in a LONG time (from the Bills). I was honestly hoping the Packers did something in the second half to teach the Bills that just because you’re up by 3 scores doesn’t mean you should stop playing.

  13. I’d say he’s not deserving of MVP considering what MVP is supposed to represent. Is he really the most VALUABLE player in the NFL? I’m not sure.

  14. Is this you telling the world you’re having wings for dinner? Maybe post it on your social media so you can get a like from grandma instead.

  15. This year is so much better than I thought it would be, not because my team is any better than I expected but because the packers are just as bad as we are

  16. I don’t care whatever pack fan Stan says having your quarterback talk shit about everyone else besides himself does have an effect in the locker room. It’s worked in the past, but when you’re losing games it’s shows.

  17. When Rodgers had that “I still own you” moment last year I pictured Bears fans just being like, “Jesus yeah we know dude. Just please stop.” It’s gotta be a nice feeling watching the crash a little lol

  18. Never thought that a double digit loss riddled with injuries on primetime continuing a multiple game losing streak would ever be a “feel good loss” but yet here we are.

  19. Man that missed 4th down conversion changed the entire end of the game. Even a field goal and we are handling ourselves differently there at the end

  20. This game was more entertaining than I expected. The offense looked much better in the 2nd half. Green Bay is playing with so many young and inexperienced players but a game like this gives you a good feeling if they can continue to improve.

  21. Josh Allen played like this against the Jets in game 17 last season, then he went super saiyan in the playoffs

  22. They got half the cap tied into Throw Rogan out there....they just gotta eat this season and hope the draft swings some cheap talent for them next year 🤷‍♂️

  23. Usually when you come out of the bye sloppy, it's something early that you fix in the second half, not come out swinging and then try your hardest to flare out late.

  24. Felt like focus slipped big time. Run blocking seemed to get way less effective in the third quarter, and Josh made some of the worst throws I’ve seen him make all year. Still never felt too worried because Leslie’s scheme wasn’t going to let a depleted Packers offense get back in the game for real, but not great all the same. 2 out of 5 stars.

  25. Meh. Bad halfs happen to every team. That was probably the worst Josh has looked all season. Not worried about it. Weird thing to say but I kinda miss when we were a mediocre team because I like the stress that comes with football. Unfortunately I feel no stress outside of the playoffs.

  26. Allen looked like ass, but we still won by 10. This shouldve been more of a blowout but we usually look like dookie coming off a bye and defense holds it down

  27. The game was such a blow out they had trouble focusing. Didn’t bite them this time, but could in the future.

  28. Like the third shitty snap in field goal operations tonight alone. The holder has been bailing out the long snapper all night

  29. Interesting that we will be the 'get right' game for the Packers and give their fanbase hope again only for it to be crushed by the Cowboys the week after.

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