Game Thread: Game hub/RedZone (Week 8)

  1. It may be way too soon to say this, but it feels to me like two different eras of QBs are ending or winding down this year with the Rodgers and Brady generation playing poorly and likely to retire as well as the Ryan, Stafford, Wilson generation all playing well below expectations.

  2. How do I find how many td’s were scored on sundays games minus the snf game? I try to count the red zone highlight but I always lose count

  3. It’s crazy how quickly every major sports league did a complete 180 on gambling the minute that they realized the sponsorship dollars in it.

  4. Players would still get in a lot of trouble for betting on games they play in, given the opportunity for point shaving.

  5. Ok Buffalo I made my own sauce and I precooked the wings and they’re ready for a second fry. Question is … do I just cook them now because you are clearly gonna win or wait until halftime hoping it’s somehow a good game?

  6. Giants are still legitimate. You can’t expect them to go 16-1. NFL is tough, and going across country playing here is never easy. 6-2 and they are still right there in their division. They will be pain to deal with all year long for any team playing them.

  7. Injuries to a couple offensive lineman hurt them today (especially Neal), but losing Daniel Bellinger completely stymied the offensive rhythm.

  8. Yeah, this was a clash between two good teams. Just because one had to lose, doesnt mean they’re suddenly bad.

  9. Having lived in Buffalo for a bit, I have a soft spot for that city and would love to see them get this win tonight and go on to finally hoist the Lombardi.

  10. As a pats fan I just chuckled at that one — it really shouldn’t have been called and completely changed the game

  11. Really fucking sucks that Getsy, Flus, and Fields didn’t find their identity until last week. They really could’ve won the Green Bay, Vikings, and Commanders games much easier. But hey, if they keep it up, then good for them

  12. How odd that the eagles are a big superbowl favorite with a weird turnaround of new coaching and some roster remnants in such a short time. I guess Howie Roseman is a god.

  13. Howie Roseman is an eldritch horror that has consumed every GM in the NFL, and now they do Howie’s bidding as he wills it

  14. In all seriousness, Russel Wilson/Geno Smith is seemingly becoming the textbook example that you can be a 20% better player, but if you're 50% of the guy the coach and team want to be around, then you're basically useless to the team.

  15. It seems like Geno knows how to run that offense very well though. Quick with his reads. Very accurate arm. Not trying to “win the game” by chucking it indiscriminately.

  16. I know Eagles should win next week like 38-13 or something. But the NFL always offers up something that can’t be explained lol. Eagles win but watch it’ll be like a 16-9 score.

  17. 3 games ago I would've agreed, they seemed to play up or down depending on competition but right now they seem dialed in and willing to play four quarters of football offensively. Defense still gets soft when we get a big lead.

  18. Tiffany Smiley and her campaign are a threat to reason, I'm a left leaning undecided voter, but her video op scares me because she and them, are you so obviously lying to drum up votes....

  19. Yeah she’s terrible and clearly doesn’t understand what a senator does. You’d have to really not know anything about anything to be moved by those ads. Can’t wait until political season is over.

  20. 5-3 and we’re actually pretty fun to watch. Other fans seem to have some love for us too now that Russ is gone and Geno/Pete being likable. Kinda like this timeline

  21. No big name players for media to go on about, at least until now. A 72-year old coach out there jumping into refs. We are lucky to have such a team.

  22. My friends were estimating we'd have between 7 and 9 wins this season. I appreciated their optimism but thought they were nuts. I was not expecting this year to be as exciting as it's been. I was just happy to beat the broncos, I didn't think we'd be an actual competitor though

  23. I mean fr if Dallas uses it right which they won’t 3rd down Zeke with Pollard 1st and 2nd would be not mid.

  24. guys my vitrazza glass office mat shattered when I was doing tricks in my X-chair with optional rollerblade wheels. How do I clean this up? My dog keeps wanting to eat the Vitrazza eazy-glide® glass shards.

  25. Is it just me or does it seem like in this Giants Seahawks game there are so many procedure penalties getting ignored

  26. Is Geno smith in the MVP conversation right now? He might not be as flashy as Mahomes and Allen (clear front runner atm imo) but damn numbers dont lie and he definitely passes the eye test.

  27. No way is he sniffing MVP right now. He could improve into it, but I don't think he's having a better year than Mahommes, Allen, Jackson, Hurts and it's close between him and Cousins, Burrow, Murray, and Herbert. What has he done to rise above any other QB? Nothing really.

  28. I hope Geno gets a fat bag in the offseason man. We were clowning him cus who would've expected a 10yr vet backup to ball out like he's doing? Dude's a fucking dawg.

  29. Dude also had such an unlucky career getting sucker punched before his potential break out season, into a season ending injury the following year.

  30. Pete has a LOB type defense again with a veteran “Russ”. Be very afraid. No marshawn but K9 is younger and just as beastly. Be very afraid.

  31. Damn Geno should be in the MVP hunt - he’s been so valuable this season and this game was nearly error free.

  32. Eh, good game seattle. Giants fans, let’s not beat ourselves up. We have Uber drivers starting across the team, conditions were subpar, two long flights to Jacksonville and Seattle, we’ll be okay. Enjoy the bye, let’s go get that “get right” game in 2 weeks

  33. I know it's a first world problem, but I wish the top five plays excluded TDs, since we get a montage with all of the TDs anyway.

  34. I have witnessed the commanders beat both of my teams in back to back weeks. I don’t even know what to say anymore.

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