[Buffalo Bills] Here’s the first look at renderings of the New Bills Stadium.

  1. Three giant mutant bison guarding the entrance is a bold choice. The faith that they won't just rampage through the crowd. I want to know who's going to pay for the research. Hopefully not the city.

  2. Excluding the beginning of this season, this is a 100% punch down. If they wanted to pick a team to throw a haymaker at, they should have gone with the Patriots.

  3. And to open up the roof instead of flipping a switch, 1000 Bills fans must climb to the top of the stadium and simultaneously pile drive the roof inward

  4. Not a broken table, and not like a dildo was thrown on the bank of lake Erie. I'm utterly disappointed they didn't consider Buffalo's cultural heritage in designing the place.

  5. They should shape it like a hospital, so it reflects what the state sacrificed to spend $850 million for a stadium in the suburbs outside Buffalo.

  6. Did you see the people in the stands for the Bills v Pats playoff game? This is the exact crowd. Look closely and a shirtless Ryan Fitzmagic can be found in the stands 👀

  7. That's a Bills game for ya. Went to a game last year that was probably in the teens temperature wise and dudes a couple rows down from me were shirtless.

  8. The ones in short sleeves are also wearing invisible booze coats. Drunkenness will get them through 4 quarters of Buffalo weather.

  9. Add it to the list of stadiums that are better than MetLife. It's basically all, except FedEx field. I'm very salty MetLife is so terrible

  10. It honestly blows my mind that between the Jets and Giants organizations, Metlife's current layout was the best they could come up with. . .

  11. I’ll take MetLife’s boring toaster that was privately funded over these other stadiums that robbed the taxpayers.

  12. We both start playing better and maybe a new stadium will come in the future. The fact that it will almost certainly be tax payer funded though makes me really not care abt getting a new stadium anymore.

  13. Went to MetLife for the first time this year. What do you hate about it? Was able to easily get to the concession stands with almost no line (behind the end zone), nice parking lot, and easy to get back to Manhattan from the train. Wish it was a dome but perfect for September

  14. i mean whatever who fucking cares. all stadiums these days are ugly messes with overpriced bullshit and too much noise and other shit taking away from the experience of watching the game.

  15. Ctrl C + Ctrl V, then collect millions in fees of taxpayer money. If you're paying a couple billion for a stadium, you'd think it woukd be nice to have a unique building.

  16. It could have been a dome, downtown and Buffalo wouldnt qualify for a super bowl. The infrastructure, lodging and parking requirements are no where close.

  17. The stadium is in a small town near Buffalo and doesn't have the infrastructure to host a Super Bowl regardless of dome vs. open air. I still wish they went with a dome though, simply so they could get more use out of it.

  18. Every city that pays to build a new stadium with the idea that they're going to host Super Bowls on a regular basis is going to be disappointed when they get it once a decade at most

  19. If they do, it will be like how Metlife got one as a reward for building a new stadium, and then never again.

  20. The city infrastructure isn't up to it, we're talking 10s of billions to rework transport and build hotels, then you have the fact that it's under feet of snow in Feb, which even with a dome would keep people from coming. Niagara Falls and proximity to Toronto are the main tourist draws and that's not enough either. Luring a Super Bowl was never on the cards.

  21. Exactly. There's something special about playing out in the elements. I'm surprised so many people here are wondering why it's not a dome.

  22. So, rectangular to follow the shape of the field with rounded corners as you would get when you expand outward for seating, but missing 1/3 of the structure and made out of different materials.

  23. I was worried for a second that they were going with a big open back on the top decks in cold Buffalo but it looks like windows when you compare the outside. I would expect that window gap to be the first thing to be cut though, (look at Tottenham for reference) they love putting in way too much glass in the first renderings lol. And then you get to cut out all the glass and save a bunch of money!

  24. The fact is this is a state in near constant debt with the governor crying poverty. People are leaving in droves due to high taxes, seriously underfunded programs, schools, underpaid teachers, failing infrastructure, and so on... yet this is where we decide to send our money?

  25. I for one am so glad my taxes continue to increase while we blow a billion dollars on a stadium 3 hours away from me, while my city is crumbling and public services are underfunded.

  26. This is a problem everywhere though in terms of teachers and schools. NY actually has some of the highest salaries for teachers, and a lot of public schools are considered decent.

  27. I agree billionaires should pay in full for their stadiums, but people are not leaving New York in droves lol. Tons of articles about that, but the census proved that it’s not the case.

  28. I agree with the sentiment but underfunded schools and underpaid teachers we do not have lol, we have some of the highest paid,if not the highest paid in the country. The absurd government corruption however....

  29. Yea, so many have left and now there’s so many apartments vacant. Oh wait actually vacancies are low and rents are the highest in the whole country

  30. Our tax dollars go to this nonsense then if you want to go to a game at the stadium that you paid for, you STILL have spend a shit ton on tickets, parking, food, etc. It’s bullshit

  31. Yea but how much did the state tax payers chip in for citi field and yankee stadium? Oh, right, $615m and $1.2b respectively. And this one is getting under $500m of public money.

  32. Insane amounts of public dollars being spent and it’s not even designed in a way that makes it available to be utilized year round as a mixed-use venue to host concerts or other sports. Really poor use of funds.

  33. Disregard my flair because this is a genuine question. What makes this different than all the other tax payer funded stadiums? or is it just that this is the most recent?

  34. Hopefully they plan the roads in an out with a bit more thought than the current flood plain for cars that exists outside the current stadium. I typically drive to Buffalo a few times a year for games (Pats specifically) and getting out is always hell.

  35. WNY taxpayers contributed to Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, Barclays Center, and the islanders arena. It’s not like every downstate project is funded privately

  36. Sure glad our tax dollars in WNY went to yankee stadium. Oh and double the amount. Oh and with no repayment program like this one. Oh and the exact same for citi field.

  37. Looks great, but $1.4 billion, including $850 million in public funding, for a stadium in a cold weather city that won't have a retractable or translucent roof?

  38. I’ve never seen even one person walking around with a flag outside the stadium yet this rendering makes it look like it’s commonplace

  39. Anybody who thought Buffalo was getting a SB is bias lol, Buffalo doesn't have the infrastructure, hotels, etc to handle a SB.

  40. The new Bills stadium Looks quite familiar to the Tottenham hotspur stadium to me, based on the exterior shape of the rendering.

  41. Pretty sure a retractable roof would have raised the price by ~$1 Billion. Non retractable was $500 Million. It wasn’t possible

  42. A lot of people here asking why it doesnt have a roof. Its because Bills games without snow lessen us all. Blocking the snow would be an abomination. Seriously.

  43. Elon Musk could build one of these in every state in the US for slightly more than he maybe paid for possibly buying Twitter…but instead all of NY and particular the people of Buffalo, fans or no, are going to pay that $1,000,000,000+ price tag. All while the team rakes in the cash and doesn’t pay taxes. Cool. Looks great.

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