Game Thread: Game hub/RedZone (Week 6)

  1. It's annoying because it's the eagles, but to still be in the game that late with Rush playing like he is supposed to (not good) is good. Hopefully with Dak and some better game planning we can get them back in December.

  2. Funny now we see all the “Rush is a bad QB” comments when for weeks idiots kept saying with a straight face that he was better than Dak and would keep the job.

  3. Jets win by 17, despite FBI investigation levels of referee bullshit calls trying to give the Packers the game, LeBron "I can't believe this is my life" dot jpeg feelings

  4. Would he have come back with his helmet on, on the sidelines? Not being a dick, just curious. Thought he was coming backin

  5. Is LeBron coming for that at&t chicks job? He puts on enough jobs at pretending he is Michael Jordan (I'm a LeBron guy so I can say that)

  6. The mods legit are trying to mitigate damage to reddit by starting this gamethread as late as possible... Open the flood gates. I've already had a six pack and a shot of crown and talked trash to my friend in Philly, in ready for eagle fans online.

  7. Well, if there’s any season for the Bills to get over the Chiefs hump in the postseason, this is it. Allen and Mahomes are basically the exact same qb, only difference being Mahomes is better at improving behind the LoS, and Allen is much more dangerous as a scrambler beyond it. As far as the teams around them, the Bills are simply better. Better pass rush, secondary, and more offensive playmakers, and it seems like the Chiefs will most likely be going through Buffalo in the playoffs.

  8. I have mixed feelings b/c I know there's no way I'm getting bills over chiefs and eagles losing on the same day. no one's that lucky :(

  9. I really wish that KC buffalo game had ended in a 0-0 tie so ugly that the NFL would have penalized both teams with a loss and loss of first round picks.

  10. ggs bro crazy game with bullshit reffing on both sides. see you guys at the divisional again lol

  11. Tennessee Vols won and Buffalo won. Couldn’t have been a better football weekend for me, but also emotionally drained


  13. I guess it's only fair, I watched the entirety of your broncos game and that felt like getting stabbed in the eyes, constantly, for two hours

  14. Gotta have the wife roll some more js thank god for legal weed best shit ever just smoke on the back patio and eat chicken watching football sat and sun while shitposting not using sentences n shit

  15. It's crazy that there's a real chance it will be Bills vs another NFC East team in the Superbowl through this week. It's the Eagles turn to blue ball them.

  16. I just want to watch football, fuck yourself with all the stupid political ads, telling me beer is more expensive because *insert rival politician* won't make me vote for you.

  17. Where is the cowboy game thread? The game is about to starts mods and I have to see what the eagle fans are talking about us

  18. Tough beat but I knew the Bills were legit already. Just another chapter in an all time great NFL rivalry. Love you knuckleheads and catch u next time (until 2030)...

  19. The pass from mahomes really wasn't shocking, but that play for the interception was unreal, one of the most athletic and we'll read picks I've ever seen.

  20. This is why I was lowkey happy we had the 4pm slot. Games like that in primetime really affect my work performance on Mondays.

  21. Love this rivalry. I do hope we see them play again the post season. They are the two favorites. But I can still see Ravens, Bengals, and Chargers messing it all up. Dolphins too. Heck even the Patriots lol.

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