Game Thread: Washington Commanders (1-4) at Chicago Bears (2-3)

  1. Best game of the year hands down! Both teams came to play! Fantastic quarterbacking from both sides! Can't wait to watch the next Bear and Commander battle to the wire!

  2. This is my favorite comment. Can you imagine the meeting trying to conjure up anything to roll as an ad for this game? “Tune in to see Carson Wentz next soul crushing interception” or “Watch the Bears attempt to sustain a semblance of an offense outside of broken plays”.

  3. I was confused with what I was watching. Sure would have been helpful for one of the teams to be called "football team"

  4. Both teams really played the game of football. I felt that they went out there and gave us all an example of what happens when two football teams play against each other.

  5. What is it with coaches and their brains just shutting off the second their offense gets 1st and goal at the 5 or closer?

  6. “Our show runner won’t let you leave until you give us a quotable sound byte about the shooting and adversity”

  7. Bills / Chiefs gonna pull a monster rating for CBS. Nationwide game. Won't be surprised if it pulls close to an AFC Championship number.

  8. Well, that was definitely a game played by two teams of eleven players on a rectangular field with goalposts at each end.

  9. Thank you. I've always said Giants fans the only other decent fanbase in the NFC East. Never had a bad experience watching a game with one. Unlike those rude, insufferable Eagles and Cowboys fans.

  10. The savagery of most fanbases has picked up this year after Denver fans were counting down the clock during the Texans game lmao.

  11. That is the dumbest offense I have ever seen by the Bears. If you already want Fields to fuck off then trade him before you destroy him you stupid fucks. What value is there in reverse showcasing a QB?

  12. look, not every team is wracked with indecision about having 2 good quarterbacks, the inability to turn one of them into draft picks, and then lucks into an injury to put the more experienced QB on the field.

  13. We suck. The Bears suck. At least the game ended on a win/lose play which I definitely though we lost on. The replay was obvious that he bobbled/out of bounds but it was at least a close suck game.

  14. I'm a little surprised about some of the optimistic comments for Fields. He hangs on to the ball forever, takes horrific hits, stares down his receivers and for every good play has 4 or 5 bad ones. He isn't a rookie. He just isn't good.

  15. I feel like the analysts are being way hard on Fields tonight. I mean, I only watched the 4th quarter.. But on that last red zone trip, Fields put the ball where it needed to be. They had chances. They didn't run once with Montgomery. The one time they ran it and Fields scrambled were the only yards they had..

  16. Fair play to them. We kinda suck right now, not enough to not beat the shit out of the bears, but still kinda sucky

  17. I feel bad for Fields. He took big hits all game long, but still stayed in there and made tough throws. Crazy good ability to make tacklers miss behind the line of scrimmage. Got them down inside the 10 with his legs, then put the ball where it needed to be, twice, at the end of the game...and his guys couldn’t make a play. Have to wonder why they wouldn’t just dial up a designed run and let him try to make one more play on his own.

  18. what does Fitz mean when he's saying late on the throw? Both of those throws were right in his hands?! They gave their best playmaker, Montgomery, zero touches when it was 1st and goal. smh

  19. Mooney and Pettis are going to be kicking themselves for not securing the catches. That punt returner is going to feel even worse because he gave Washington their only TD.

  20. The punt fumble was a game ender. Without that the bears probably win this, yet here we are. Special Teams is always important

  21. I know they can't legally do it for most of the season, but I think the games would be better if they moved it back a day from Thursdays to Fridays (other than getting rid of it all together which they aren't going to do) with the one extra day between games.

  22. This is some of the worst football I ever watched. Wentz and Fields don't even belong in the NFL. Both coaching staffs should be fired. The Bears don't even ply to Fields mobile strengths. They put him in position to fail. He probably will fail regardless since hes terrible. But Move him around out of the pocket. Amazes me how bad coaches like Rivera can just hang around in the NFL forever.

  23. Did you watch the Denver colts game last week? Which would you say was worse? And I completely agree, they don't play to Fields' strengths, but man he's bad when they don't.

  24. Wentz was at least a good QB at one point. I think I the injuries caught up to him and he’s like half the guy he was before.

  25. Dude played his heart out. Couple mistakes but a lot of awesome plays too. The postgame is pretty spot on imo right now. Trying to force him to be a pocket passer

  26. Good question. But I don’t think Zon’ is losing money because there is nothing else on right now except hockey, so viewership is probably still through the roof

  27. Best OSU QB in years in the nfl and he has to deal with that trash. Fields deserves none of this, his college WR’s were 10x these idiots catching passes for him. What a waste of talent.

  28. I want Fields to succeed so bad man. It’s criminal that the Bears didn’t even try to help his development. Going with a defensive coach and not adding any weapons to help your young quarterback develop is malpractice

  29. I respect the passion and effort from Fields. I think if he played for a team with a decent line that could protect his style of play, things might be different. At least he doesn't have a fucking catch phrase.

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