[Jackson] Tyreek and captains have removed ping pong tables from locker room to focus on preparing for games. “That, to me, is leadership,” McDaniel said.

  1. Life is a never-ending succession of NFL teams adding ping pong tables w/stories about how they're finally coming together as a family and enjoying each other's company, and NFL teams removing ping pong tables w/stories about how they're finally taking football seriously.

  2. This also works well for tech startups. Just sub in references to “positive company culture” when adding ping pong and “prioritizing critical business functions” when taking ping pong away and it’s perfect

  3. That tweet was the absolute first thing that I thought of when I saw this headline. Just goes to show how much the reception to an idea can be shaped by how its presented/sold/etc.

  4. Meanwhile the team stunk with ping pong tables and Jay Gruden and now with Ron Rivera and no ping tables they still stink

  5. Reminds me of a company I worked for once where we moved offices and the new one had ping pong tables, shuffleboard table, literal arcade games, and sleep pods… business took a downturn and the sight of people playing ping pong while the company was struggling enraged upper management… even though they are the ones who decided to put all this dumb crap in the office in the first place.

  6. McDaniel is absolutely the type of dude who would have known about this tweet and made this comment specifically to reference back to it. It's like when Rich Eisen asked him to hit all of the meaningless coach-speak phrases in his opening press conference, and McDaniel purposely spouted all of them off

  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2018/01/19/no-spin-zone-how-ping-pong-annually-impacts-the-nfl-playoffs/

  8. I recall the Steelers did something similar after they started out undefeated a few years ago and then lost like six straight games.

  9. Yeah can't say I get what impact this is supposed to have, unless the Ping Pong tables are cursed objects that are directly causing Tua's injuries, it won't increase their chances of winning remotely.

  10. Kelvin Benjamin and captains have removed the buffet from the locker room to focus on preparing for the hot dog eating contest. “That, to me, is leadership,” Joey Chestnut said.

  11. Literally 2 weeks ago there were stories about how the table helped build competition and focus. They were thanking McDaniels for it.

  12. Tyreek was losing games, so now he’s taking that leadership role by taking away the table before he beats someone up for winning against him.

  13. A coach does it and they're a hard-ass for taking away fun. Players do it and it's "leadership" because winners don't have fun outside of football

  14. Yeah my first thought reading this was if McDaniel is so impressed by the “leadership” of removing ping pong tables, why did he as the leader of the team add the ping pong tables

  15. It’s kinda fucked now that you mention it lol. Flores gets lambasted for it, but when the players do the exact same thing next season they get praised

  16. "They have since replaced it with a TV playing MacGruber on repeat to raise morale", McDaniel added, "oh hey what up beast", McDaniel said to a passing Tua Tagovailoa.

  17. My favorite part about being a Jet fan is how pissed teams get losing to them. Steelers Safety was crying in the press conference how they were the better team. Dolphins instantly remove the ping pong tables. This week Packers are already talking about if they lose to the Jets than its a problem

  18. Dolphins fans on social media get more pissed any time they lose a game than anyone else I've seen. You'll get people making 4 page threads about why the Dolphins beat themselves.

  19. Tyreek and captains have switched the toilet paper to hang in the "over" position instead of the "under" position. "That, to me, is leadership," McDaniel said through the stall door.

  20. Gruden had Cousins for most of his time in Washington. Rivera had 6 games of Alex Smith where he went 5-1 and has had dogshit at QB since.

  21. McDaniel added "Tua was initially against the decision but calmed down after enjoying a Capri Sun while watching Trolls: World Tour."

  22. First Tyreek came for the pregnant women and small children, and I did not speak out - because I was not Tyreek’s pregnant girlfriend or infant child.

  23. I mean, in a city like Miami, isn't having your players dicking around in the facility playing ping pong with each other preferable to them going on and doing lines at the clubs?

  24. Exactly, it's not like they're playing ping pong during practice or anything. What a weird situation

  25. The games are starting to become unwatchable, may as well bask in the off the field drama. These are ma stories!

  26. Big Ben Roethlisberger and captains have removed microwaves and vending machines from the locker room to focus on preparing for games

  27. Tua yelled "There you go!" Jaylen Waddle gave a look of pleasant surprise. Mike McDaniel belted "We got some [expletive] focus now." And before Tyreek Hill hit the locker room door, ex-coach Brian Flores hugged him and said "I fucking hate ping pong"

  28. Kelvin Benjamin and other customerss have removed vegetables and appetizers from the Golden Corral buffet to focus on preparing for entrées.

  29. He whispers what he wants to say in somebody's ear and then they relay that information to the desired target

  30. "Tyreek and captains have distributed bath bombs to all players to focus on preparing for games. "That, to me, is leadership," McDaniel said.

  31. Between the Tua laughing at movies on the plane ride quote to this. McDaniel is creating all the memes and I’m here for it.

  32. Kelvin and captains have removed drinks from bar to focus on preparing for buffet. "That, to me, is leadership", Reid said.

  33. Underrated comment. You know there’s like 4 guys on the 53 man roster absolutely more concerned with ping pong than the game and they spoiled it for everyone

  34. Their loss had nothing to do with future dishwasher repairman Skylar Thompson having to play QB…it was the ping pong tables fault.

  35. The ping pong people of the world need your help! For only $19 dollars a month, you can help this man go to a leadership school. Maybe the ping pong people prevail.

  36. If they need to remove a gaming table from their locker room so they have nothing to do but their job is an indication to me the team has bigger personality fit problems. The fact that McDaniel thinks that is a good idea, without commenting on the deeper underlying problems is also really interesting.

  37. I mean he’s gonna praise his players no matter what. Ultimately I doubt it matters or that he really cares past filling us time in his presser

  38. Tyreek lucky to be in the league at all after what he did in college. I wouldn't take leadership advice from a person like that.

  39. I don’t think that’s the best thing tbh. U still wanna have some type of place or activity where players can unwind and relax a little bit. Extra prep is good and all but u don’t want to be locked in 24/7

  40. I'm gonna walk down the hall and toss the ping pong table in our office kitchen out the window so that we can all focus on prepping for conference calls. Wonder if I'll get a raise

  41. Sometimes, a leader has to put his foot down and say “it’s time to stop playing with our balls in the locker room.”

  42. Kelvin Benjamin and company have removed salad tables from the buffet to focus on preparing for dessert. “That, to me, is leadership,” Reid said.

  43. Could you imagine if you don't meet a sales goal of some kind, and your boss took away a game from your break room?

  44. So stupid. If ping pong tables are the reason you are losing...well, there are much deeper underlying issues.

  45. First they came for the ping pong but I didn’t pong , then they came for the Xboxes but I’m a PC gamer ,

  46. Lol Miami removed half of their concussion protocol. The standard procedure is a game of ping pong and watching Macgruber on the plane ride home

  47. Kelvins Benjamin and captains have removed fruit and vegetables from the buffet to focus on bread, meat, and cheese. “That, to me, is eatin’ good in the neighborhood,” McDonald said.

  48. It was probably like 4-5 guys who played and Tyreek hates them. Like, the kicker and punter type fun.

  49. Is there an advanced stat that takes into account time spent playing ping pong? This could be the next big thing in analytics.

  50. Tua accidentally hit his head on the edge of the table while walking by and has another back injury now!

  51. I have a simple fix to the ping pong issue. Start the season with a ping pong table. Every win you don't make a change. Every loss you remove the ping pong table if it's in the locker room and at it back if it's not in the locker room.

  52. Don’t touch the foos ball or bubble hockey. Ping pong can be sacrificed as a show of leadership…but don’t mess w the teams foos or hockey.

  53. Golden Corral managers have removed ping pong tables from kitchen to focus on preparing for lunch. “That, to me, is leadership,” Benjamin said.

  54. What's funny to me is that everyone and their grandma has said that coach press conferences are the worst because most coaches are so by the numbers and rigid. You finally get a guy who speaks his mind and people are so ready and excited to pick apart his words.

  55. Speaking about something insignificant like ping pong tables as a sign of player maturity/leadership is a fairly generic line for a coach presser which is why it’s become a punchline over time

  56. This shit reminds me of the time that one Phillies player smashed the TV in the locker room cause guys were playing Fortnite while they were on a losing streak. And it's a surefire way to look like a grandstanding asshole.

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