[Pelissero] The #Panthers fired Matt Rhule.

  1. Just lol, we mortgaged our future twice to the point where we're one of the most leveraged teams in the near future and we are the worst team in the league.

  2. For the best for both parties. Rhule will land with a college program where he'll do better, and the Panthers can finally move on from this failed era.

  3. I can see Rhule doing a year or two in Sabans Failed Coach Rehabilitation Program. He stinks so badly after what he’s done in Carolina for 3 years that I could see most college franchises being hesitant to pull the trigger immediately. But Saban is REALLY good at rehabbing horrible useless coaches and turning them into top 25 head coaches. Like almost better than he is at winning natty’s lmao

  4. No one is going to believe me, but I have a friend whose brother's coworker briefly dated Ben McAdoo. She said that on their first date they went to a restaurant and Ben McAdoo ordered two different bowls of soup and mixed them together one spoonful at a time before eating both bowls mixed together as one soup

  5. Please please hire Byron Leftwich before we do. I REALLY don't want a Brady OC. It's such a fucking trap.

  6. I really thought he’d be the exception to that. A lot of these college guys are egomaniacs, like Urban, Chip, etc. I didn’t get that from Rhule. Just wildly incompetent. Much like the rest though too

  7. Normally Jimmy G has to blow their backs out to make people this happy, but he made the whole of the Carolinas climax all the same.

  8. Man I still think the 9ers are better off with Jimmy. He's so much better than anyone gives him credit for. Lotta teams out there have qbs that are several tiers below jimmy. Be happy with what you have.

  9. Well yeah, you can't lean on your defensive coordinator. If anything I hope Snow stays in the NFL. College defense or not, dude can hang with anyone in the NFL on the defensive side of the ball.

  10. Honestly, it’s possible that there might be any Black Monday firings with the way college and nfl teams are removing coaches so early!

  11. I don't know why they gave him 7 year contract when most coaches only get 3 years. He is going to collect free millions seating at home.

  12. Dude, I saw that and was like, what? If we actually had a decent offense I’d be mayyybe okay with it, but our offense sucks and has sucked all year.

  13. But then we’d just make Del Rio or Scott Turner head coach in interim which would be even worse. Might as well wait til the end

  14. I just want us to hire a promising OC/DC with HC potential. Someone like Ken Dorsey. Is that so much to ask. It feels like most of the successful coaching hires in the last several years came out of that strategy.

  15. Ron Rivera has been an NFL coach for 12 seasons now and has exactly 3 seasons at or above .500 He’s got to be the most overrated coach of this century

  16. Hey now I actually felt really bad for you guys after that horrible RTP call yesterday. Guess I was being too nice >:(

  17. Lol, NFL network literally had to stop mid report from Rap talking about how Rhule was focussed on the game and deflecting in his presser, and how the owner was trying to be patient with him, and then BAM breaking news 🤣

  18. I suppose it's because I don't have the professional drive or will to succeed at such a high level, but I will never understand coaches that get fired and pick up another job leaving all that free money on the table. Dude has years left to collect, I'd be more than happy to chill out for two years and just recalibrate, though I guess one would run the risk of the game or relevance passing you by. I don't know, I just like not working.

  19. Thank you Matt Rhule for donating to the Daniel Jones NFC East Title foundation, your contribution will not be forgotten

  20. Matt can go ahead and start looking for homes in Tuscaloosa for his soon-to-be 1 to 2-year stint at “The Nick Saban Center for Coaches Who Can't Coach Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too”

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