Roger Goodell: Deshaun Watson committed "multiple violations" with "egregious" and "predatory behavior"

  1. I think this is what’s happening too. It’s not that the NFL actually cares about the victims, but this is the perfect combination where the league gets to slam a player and his camp for pushing back on them AND they’ll be almost universally praised for it.

  2. I genuinely feel like the higher-ups are deeply upset with Watson’s arrogance throughout this entire ordeal. Even with the shitstorm it brings, they authorized Watson’s contract and offered him a lesser suspension that would’ve given him the majority of said contract, but he essentially spit in their face and said “I did nothing wrong!” I do think Goodell does genuinely care about the victim’s, but his role as commissioner makes him put the league’s success first and foremost.

  3. Goodell is a smart businessman, that’s why the owners LOVE him. Watson is an idiot predator that is terrible for the league. There’s no gray area here. He would Kaepernick him in 1 second if he could.

  4. I also think that after the Snyder and Kraft scandals the NFL sees an easy but necessary opportunity to win some PR points. I'll be interested to see if the NFLPA sticks to their guns and goes after the owners on the basis of them being held to "a higher standard".

  5. This is 100% it. The had the arbiter to follow the rules that he is guilty. Saw the public reaction and now he has all of the other teams behind him.

  6. NFL got exactly what they needed from the arbitration process. In fact the underwhelming suspension was probably a blessing as it made it easy to appeal

  7. I mean this pretty much confirms it’ll be a year right? Roger all but confirmed that’s what they’re seeking and it’s not like the guy he specifically hand picked is gonna go rogue

  8. Exactly why I don't know why Robinson was getting so much hate. She made a ruling based on precedent and how the CBA was but made it very clear that he she thinks it should be more and gave the NFL exactly what they needed to set a new precedent. People just cherry picked quotes to make her look like a hypocrite.

  9. I mean honestly why wouldn’t you? Even if we think the NFL is singularly self serving and doesn’t care about morals (lol), it makes no sense to not go as heavy as possible

  10. NFL needs to add in things to their to define these acts. Make an example of Watson and say this is the standard for future sexual assault/harassment for players.

  11. I always felt kind of bad for Burfict. He's never had any trouble off the field (unlike some of our other players during his heyday), and he's a good player, but he gets too emotional when he plays and ends up doing stupid shit because he isn't thinking. Then he was kind of known as a dirty player and had that chip on his shoulder, which just made things worse.

  12. Give him the perpetual year. Suspended the season with the opportunity to apply for reinstatement until he’s old, fat and broke.

  13. Watch him be suspended for a year and proceed to do it again. He isn't going to stop his actions anytime soon.

  14. Ya know the other day, somebody had "Happy" written on his ass? He had "ha" on the one cheek, and on the other cheek he had the p-p-y. Yeah, everybody's having fun... WELL, I'M NOT!!!

  15. Not that I really think he's getting an indefinite ban, but it's really refreshing for someone in the NFL to have finally said this.

  16. We'll see, this is such a strange case since the Browns gave him the F-U NFL contract that I won't believe the league cares about punishing players until they harshly suspend someone that isn't making bad headlines everyday.

  17. Friendly reminder that the Brown's ownership is just the ownership team that won the sweepstakes. Several other teams (looking at you, Panthers, Falcons and Saints) were all-in on trying to get him despite the sexual assaults.

  18. That’s the piece that makes this even more sickening. You can’t even make an argument for it being something “in the heat of the moment” or something where he just acted on an impulse. No he planned and prepped to take advantage of innocent people. Seriously a disgusting person and he shouldn’t see a field again

  19. The owner who forced the drafting of Memphis Express legend Johnny Manziel would never make stupid decisions. I don't know what you're talking about.

  20. If Goodell actually believes this statement then he should boot him from the league completely. Anything less is a slap in the face

  21. I think it’s clear he’s just saying what he thinks people want to hear. Picking a designee allows him to say these things without really taking the fall for whatever punishment comes down.

  22. I'm glad Stefanski and Berry decided to put this fanbase through this, hopefully they lose their jobs and we can just move on with Brissett, I'm done hearing about Watson and dealing with all this bullshit, suspend him indefinitely and free us from this shit

  23. The browns are probably hoping for that at this point so they can get out of that fully gtd contract… I mean how the fuck do you trot that guy on to the field with a straight face after the commissioner condemns his actions like this.

  24. Look, as a Vikings fan I understand pain. But surely this must be the last straw as a Browns fan, and its time to pick a new franchise?

  25. I am willing to give them a slight benefit of the doubt because this reeks of ownership interference.

  26. Srsly. Otherwise we get to look forward to “comeback player of the year.” And hour long feature biopics on ESPN of Watson “overcoming the hardest road.”

  27. He still hasn’t shown even an ounce of contrition and still maintains he did nothing wrong. I would be fine with him never playing again.

  28. Exactly! So many people in this thread think Goodell is suddenly a good guy. Nah, fuck that prick. He's only acting righteous for publicity.

  29. Goodell playing 4D chess. Throws a judge out there to low ball the initial suspension… gauges people’s reactions and then shows as much outrage as the fans do….. keep this up and he might get cheers at the next draft

  30. 1 season isn't enough. I hope we don't settle for that just because the expectations are so low. He shouldn't be allowed to play in the NFL period. We, as fans, need to stop making excuses for this behavior from players. Goodell needs to set a new tone and precedent for the league.

  31. I hope 2 seasons until a chance to apply for reinstatement showing he's completed 200 hours (at least) of counseling and education. Giving this man a chance to be wealthy and famous when he has shown zero remorse is just asking for him to be sneakier with his actions going forward.

  32. All the sources are making it clear that there's plenty of proof that he did a lot of extremely fucked up shit to a lot of women..and six games or a one season suspension is all he gets?

  33. As a former Washington fan, I respect the decision to rescind your fandom and encourage others to do the same. "I can't stop rooting for _____ because I've been cheering for them my whole life, and my entire family are fans," is gross and cowardly.

  34. At minimum it should be 6 games per case the evidence supports which would be 24 games based on what they presented with the possibility for more as the accusations are investigated.

  35. Maybe it’s me, but it feels like Goodell came out with this statement that he deserves a year so that when the other guy announces an indefinite suspension, Goodell can try to act like he was trying to appease both sides

  36. More like when the other guy announces an 8 game suspension, Goodell can say “I tried” while all the owners know he will never let their investments get fucked.

  37. Ban him from the league. Watson and the Browns were basically laughing at the victims and gave them zero credibility, yet he's now been called a predator by not only a judge but the commissioner too. Not a good look for the league to have the highest guaranteed contract in NFL history going to a predator.

  38. It's weird following this saga seeing every fanbase say how dumb/immoral the Browns are as if every team in the NFL didn't have at least a meeting to evaluate how they could sign Watson.

  39. Every offense should double up the number of games suspended. If a first offense earns a 6 game suspension, the second earns 12 games, third earns 24 games, fourth earns indefinite suspension equivalent to at least 48 games. Repeat offenders need to be treated as such, guy should never represent the NFL again.

  40. I agree, I dint get the first offense logic sone people are using. It's his first offense assaulting 24 women? So he has to hit another 24 to get in trouble again lol? It's his 24th offense

  41. So it’s gonna be what, nearly 3 years since the last time Watson played a game? When was the last a QB took 3 years off and played even remotely close to an NFL starter level?

  42. Between the terrible PR, owners hating his contract, and him playing hardball with the NFL by not accepting their initial offer, he's definitely getting the hammer dropped on him.

  43. Yes he did, it should be lifetime ban from any kind of involvement with the league. No involvement whatsoever allowed in any official capacity with any of the teams or the league.

  44. Hmm the Browns sub reddit is slightly less cocky than they were after Robinson's ruling. They were kind of cocky, dare I say giddy, when they thought he was going to play at some point this year and making fun of the reactions we had in this sub.

  45. Well if Ben R (who’s admittedly an Ahole) got 4 games for one accusation that was settled (the other dropped by the DA), then Watson absolutely should get the entire year at minimum.

  46. Hey Goodell.. how about you just handle the appeal yourself them and you could have sentenced him already.

  47. Oh, have no doubt… if we were talking about a second string kicker this would have been settled a year ago with a permanent, non-appealable lifetime ban from playing the sport and attending NFL events.

  48. With a statement containing that language, there is no way he doesn't suspend him at least the entire year.

  49. Very tongue and cheek tbh. He could have avoided all of this nonsense and distraction to the shield by putting him on non-exempt list and not allowing 13 teams to inquire for his service… 4 teams to have a sit down interview with him… and one giving him the largest contract in nfl history. It’s ironic he chooses now to be forceful because of PR but had year and a half to make this decision and could’ve kept the entire league from dealing with it. I hope people stop acting like the nfl and goodell truly care about women and this nonsense that keeping Watson out is gonna get rid of the problem

  50. The NFL couldn’t have played this better. Someone else recommend a lil 6 game suspension. So Goodell can look like he’s coming down hard. If he’s gone for The year. I can watch my browns another season. F the ownership. Lessgo Jacoby! Super bowl. Calling it now. Run the ball. Run the ball. And don’t forget to run the football.

  51. I usually hate Roger goodell, but DeShaun Watson got himself in some serious shit this time and poking the bear was not a good idea

  52. Is it bad that I kinda want this to go to court and get super messy? I think it would be fascinating to watch the NFL's dirty laundry fly in a public forum.

  53. A year isn’t enough. His actions directly correlate to his status as an NFL QB. Ban him…he’s a sexual predator…the league can’t possibly continue to bang their equality drum while they allow a man who has preyed on dozens of women to be one of their most highly paid employees.

  54. Ever since Baker was traded to the Panthers this “ultimate Cleveland sports show” vids have been showing up on my YouTube for some reason. I decided to watch one of these vids and HOLY SHIT the mental gymnastics this Garret Bush guy and “the Bull” and other hosts are spewing are almost unbelievable lol. From “predatory can mean many things “ to laughing that all these women just want a paycheck, to “this is what the black man goes through in America “ if you watch it you will literally not believe what these guys have convinced themselves of. A complete echo chamber circle jerk of dudes nodding their heads and agreeing with each other that the Browns and Watson are victims. I honestly thought at first that it was like a SNL comedy spoof sketch. But sadly it’s real

  55. ray Lewis helped kill someone, got a statue in front of the stadium and a nice ESPN job. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  56. That's something I've thought about quite a bit. Like, the dude helped kill a man in cold blood and not only got away with it, but is praised as one of the greatest defensive players of all time. The other people working the desk with him know this; they show up to work with Ray Lewis, and they put on a good performance of jovial commentary/banter with him, but it has to be in the back of their minds. Do they wonder if it'll be their bloody jacket he gets rid of if they say the wrong thing?

  57. I don’t like that I’m surprised to see this statement from ole Rodger. Should be a no brainer from the get go.

  58. I think the most important takeaway from this clip is that the Jags employ Dr. Nick Riviera as their team doctor.

  59. I hope Watson gets everything and then some I truly do. The one thing I point out is that do not forget is that if there wasn't such an uproar about the initial ruling, Rodger would have rolled with that. Do not get this confused. Do not think that hes doing this because he cares. He cares because it made him and the league look bad not because of the actions of Watson itself. If he cared all that much he would have taken the matters into his hands much differently right away.

  60. The only reason he got just 6 games is that Judge Robinson based her verdict wholly on the precedent set by other cases. She did find him guilty and without remorse.

  61. He should get 2 years, and CLE should be punished by losing a 1st round pick and voiding Watsons contract with them.

  62. The nfl should set a new standard of punishment that should have been in place from the beginning. This is the perfect chance for them to do it right. In terms of picks, seeing as how both teams have been scummy on things, the picks involved should be completely voided, as does his contract. No picks for anyone. Either that or they go to the lions. Those guys need as much help as they can get.

  63. Dan Synder did some shady things with Washington Football team committed multiple violations with egregious and predatory behavior for many years. I hope Goodell bring that same energy for Dan Synder when it is time.

  64. I like the language here and it sounds like the statement you make before throwing the book at somebody. Fingers crossed they do the right thing.

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