[Rapoport] A new QB in Carolina: The #Panthers are acquiring former No. 1 overall pick Baker Mayfield from the #Browns for a 2024 conditional 5th-round draft pick, sources tell me and @TomPelissero. Deal is pending a physical. All parties split the financials to make it happen.

  1. Even more crazier if you were to add that this QB would also make Cleveland relevant for the first time in forever and actually win a playoff game against their biggest rival.

  2. Guarantee you they'll be post something on Instagram or Twitter about being chill. Al that stuff washes away once you're teammates with somebody

  3. A caravan lead by none other than FAKER MAYFIELD is coming to stop our GEQBUS from making Carolina great again! Real patriots stand back and stand by for the next orders to stop the steal!


  5. Considering they viewed him as a negative asset, at least they didn’t have to give away a draft pick for someone to take him

  6. I feel like everyone would have a little different feeling toward Baker if he didnt play through what seemed like his whole body injured last year.

  7. Good for Baker. I may not be his biggest fan but now that he's out of the division and conference I hope he does well

  8. I wonder if they wait out the 49ers and Jimmy G. It will be curious if the 49ers end up releasing him, considering he’s got the 7th highest cap hit among QBs and they could save $25M by releasing him. Useful money for extensions to players like Deebo or even just to roll over for next season.

  9. Good deal for Carolina. If he proves himself this year then you sign him and you've got your QB. If not then you only lose a 5th round pick.

  10. Did the Browns really manage to take the best QB they have had this century, play him injured, then trade him for a 5th round pick? All on his rookie contract? And all so they could aquire a sexual predator for TONS of picks and pay him a quarter of a billion dollars?

  11. Back in 2018 the debate was Mayfield or Darnold...but what if I told you that you could have both? ESPN presents 30 for 30: The Terrible Two

  12. Less so a battle and more of a curb stomping. Baker is miles above Darnold as long as the injury heals, and even if it doesn’t he’s still probably a clear upgrade.

  13. Happy for you guys! Honestly. I loved watching Baker play for us. I hope your organization treats him better than what we did to him.

  14. I've been cursing geno Smith with every breath since his dumbass cost me $200 on a parlay in that first game he started last season. Absolutely terrible qb. And then he has the gall to insinuate the NFL of not starting him over race.... there's some players who can make that claim. Geno, throw it to the other color jersey Smith, is not one of those players.

  15. They have some really good weapons there if everyone can stay healthy. Huge opportunity for him to come out of all this smelling like roses.

  16. Memes aside, high upside, minimal downside because we expected to suck anyway, basically for free. Very happy with this.

  17. Suck it, fabricated Seahawks interests! I'm so excited for this. I can't wait for the commercial where Baker moves into BoA Stadium.

  18. Baker voice: Moving can be a tough time in this market. Luckily with progressive, I’m covered! Check out my new place! Better than that shit hole I left, right guys?”

  19. i cant believe im saying this, but i think ill actually miss him in the AFC North. Browns and Ravens match ups have been a lot of fun the last few years, when we arent decimated by injuries anyway.

  20. First QB to win them a playoff game in forever and they traded him away for a throw away pick while their $230M gaurnateed QB might never play in the NFL again.

  21. What will be lost today is that Jimmy G is gonna be starting for the 9ers when the season comes because his market just shriveled up and died.

  22. As an aside, this means that Browns are paying TWO quarterbacks this year that won't play a snap for their team. And in the case of Baker, they are paying him to play against them.

  23. Incoming progressive commercial of Baker packing up his belonging, saying bye to all the people from his commercials, then driving down the road passing the Welcome to North Carolina sign.

  24. I wasn't going to watch any browns games this year but I will make an exception for this one. I cannot wait for Baker to just fucking t-bag us. I'll venmo Goodell $100 right now if he flexes this to prime time.

  25. Carolina gave up a 5th round conditional and only have to pay him 5mil since Baker willingly gave up 3.5mil of his base salary. Baker wanted out BAD.

  26. So sad to part ways. He fit the culture of the city like no QB I’ve seen in my lifetime. Tear it up in Carolina, man. Best of luck

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