What has been the worst experience you've had at an NFL stadium?

  1. Yet I still prefer MetLife over FedEx any day. Also when I went for the last game of the 2013 season a giants fan gave me an umbrella cause I forgot one and it was pouring.

  2. Sobering up in the stadium is the fucking worst. Tailgate all you want but you’d better be able to suck a couple more down throughout the game or you’re going to have a bad time

  3. I did this in the Kohl Center for a basketball game. You had to unzip your jacket to show security there was no profanity. I wasn’t coherent enough to do so myself. My buddy finally found one guard that let us in. I ended up blacked out (already was,) and threw up all over my seat. He had to drag me out of the stadium. Oof, it was a super rough night.

  4. I ended up in medical at a Chiefs game…gotta eat at the tailgate, friends! Lost my favorite beanie that day (it fell in the toilet while I was getting sick…had to throw it out) but at least the Chiefs won that day.

  5. Ford Field is fine (attended the 2016 Eagles/Lions game there), they just 1) kept it too cold inside (wearing shorts and a T-shirt was not ideal) and 2) they didn’t show out of town scores often enough or on a dedicated board.

  6. I once went to a Lions game with my Fiancé years ago and spent the mid afternoon tailgating. Hetlr and I were having a good time but by the time we get up to the gates she has become very tipsy and belligerent. We pass through security and start heading to our seats. We stop at the bathrooms I stand around waiting for her to come out a while. About ten minutes pass by and a cleaning lady comes out of the bathroom explaining that my girl is in need of se assistance in there. I head into the bathroom and I approach the stall. She let's me in and she is covered chest down with puke. She also has had major diarrhea. Not very coherent she starts to scream at me in and out of consciousness. She then proceeds to vomit down my leg. This was going so well that it seemed time to get security. I got back to the bathroom and tried to clean her as best as I could to try and give her some dignity.

  7. Opening week against the Packers in 2016. It was so fucking hot out (and I'm saying this as a person with a lifetime of experience with Florida summers), and there was absolutely no shade or breeze whatsoever. To put it in perspective, parts of the stadium had started running out of water to sell a few minutes into the second quarter - and it only got hotter from that point forward. Every second was pure, unadulterated misery. The fact that we lost just was a shitty cherry on top of that shitty sundae of a game experience. Still can't believe that no shades, roof, etc. have been put in place at the stadium just due to potential medical liability concerns.

  8. You referring to a home game, or Wisco? Only asking cause it’s a misconception (not relating this to what your saying, just in general for others,) that it’s all cold weather games. Those week 1-4 games can be brutal miserable hot. I’m 99% sure you’re talking about Florida though!

  9. i remember watching that game on TV. lmao that was the first year i did fantasy so i took Blake. I watched every jags game that year lmao. i love the boat

  10. I got soaked with Beer from a fight across the aisle before kickoff of my first ever NFL game. Like within 5 minutes of getting to my seat. I had never been in the stadium before that

  11. You know how they do a water salute for an airplane’s first flight, with water shooting out of two fire trucks making a huge arc for the plane to pass through ceremonially while it taxis to the runway? That’s what happened to you. But beer.

  12. I have this image of you asking them real politely if they ever got around to fixing that cup holder. Just casually bringing it up at the front gate lol.

  13. Dude how did you not write an email to the team? I’m sure, especially for a season ticket holder, they’d have fixed it

  14. The Edward Jones Dome. It was so lifeless and cold. Like watching a football game in a huge empty Costco. It's crazy to think the Rams used to play there considering SoFi is the most incredible stadium I've ever been to.

  15. The Rams are playing in a super nice stadium for the first time in their existence, unless one wants to make an argument for the Coliseum in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Obviously by the ‘70s it wasn’t the best stadium or location for the Rams. Anaheim Stadium was a dump that suffered with the Rams playing there, and Edward Jones Dome was a depressing warehouse.

  16. Lol yeah it felt like you were in a jail when walking in the concourse, super shitty dim lighting everywhere too. And the inside of the dome looked like someone wiped their leaky ass all over it

  17. 2009 Steelers at Bengals, Paul Brown Stadium. Exciting game, fun environment and we finally beat them at home for the first time in ages, problem was just before the game winning touchdown the old guy behind me had a heart attack, fell into my back and died right there. Everyone was ecstatic after the game but I was obviously not.

  18. Oh that’s terrifying. When I was in high school we had a substitute teacher who had a heart attack during 6th period gym. He did not make it. One of the scariest things I’ve had to witness

  19. That's so sad. I believe it, too - I knew a guy who went to a Titans game with his grandfather and he had a heart attack at the game and died. Can't even imagine..

  20. My first ever NFL game was the Rams back when they were still in St. Louis, and it was Jeff Fisher moustache day where they gave fake moustaches to everybody. So just imagine that for a minute.

  21. The old Schaefer/Sullivan stadium, where the Patriots played before Gillette. Royal class shithole. Concrete “bleacher” seats that were cold as fuck. They whole place was gray and looked like a prison. It was maybe 30% full which made it even more depressing. The drunk guy behind us was stomping on mustard packets, splattering the shit everywhere, while yelling “Block the kick” (on second down, btw). Place was a nightmare.

  22. It’s really not that bad and kinda funny in hindsight, but it was annoying at the time. I went to Detroit to see the Packers play the Lions. We sit down, and shortly after a Lions fan comes stumbling into his seat behind me. He’s very clearly hammered, a bit loud and rowdy but nbd. But for the rest of the game, any time the Lions had any small kind of success, this dude would bellow “PUT SOME CHEESE ON IT” into the back of my head lmao

  23. I drank too much trying to stay warm watching December Bengals @ Browns and I became the asshole trying to fight everyone. Embarrassed myself and the Browns lost and missed work the next day with the worst hangover. I'm doing better now

  24. I had a buddy come up from Florida for a December bengals vs ravens game. He brought a windbreaker. Needless to say, he drank as much as he could to try to stay warm and became the asshole himself as we left so I understand this completely lol. Pretty sure it was around -10 windchill that day, in an isle seat right next to the tunnel opposite the river and the wind never quit, definitely one of the top 3 coldest games I've ever been to.

  25. I’ve never had a truly terrible experience (and I’ve attended 49 NFL games, including 10 NFL games and 11 total games at FedEx Field), but I remember at the very first NFL game I attended (Vikings/Eagles at Veterans Stadium in 1989) seeing guys peeing in the corners of the restroom, sinks, and in utility closets in the 700 level. That was an eye opener to the nearly 17 year old me.

  26. I was sitting behind these guys that were just loud, obnoxious and drunk at Qualcomm (RIP). Before the game even started, one of them puked all over the very nice lady and gentleman in front of them. It was the grossest thing I've ever personally witnessed in public.

  27. When I was 8 I went to a game at the old Meadowlands stadium to see the Raiders vs Jets. Being a Raider fan I was extremely excited to go with my dad and was decked out in whatever gear I had. Some Jets fans didn't take kindly to that and poured beer on me... an 8yr old child... So yea, that was fun

  28. Also my experience. Went to the game on December 5th. It was about 34 degrees and pouring rain with nasty winds across the upper deck. Was turned away at two gates since my wife had a fanny pack on and god forbid you bring a bag with a buckle on it into the game. Andy Dalton managed to throw 4 INTs in a lifeless route by the Cardinals. On top of it all, paid way too much for seats since I bought the tickets earlier in the season when there was some semblance of hope. God awful time.

  29. I went a couple years ago and sat in the upper deck of Soldier. It was just drunk fans heckling Nagy the whole game.

  30. Bengals/Seahawks 2019 in Seattle. Absolutely awful fans from entering the gate and all the way through the game. I've had better receptions in other AFC North stadiums. Lost the game on a weird ass Dalton fumble that was clearly an incomplete pass.

  31. Entering a preseason game. Wife had to stop at the bathroom. Said two women were rolling on the ground fighting, throwing fists.

  32. A pretzel that was so dry, I was more disappointed in it than the Cowboys losing to the Chargers on thanksgiving.

  33. Seahawks stadium, shoved in one of the tunnels by four dudes, throwing me against a wall, spitting on me and telling me they should beat my ass because I had on a Rodgers jersey during a Seahawks-Packers game.

  34. That game is why I hate the Rain City Bitch Pigeons, at least my 49ers hatred is because they are good, and Kyle Shanahan was the OC behind 28-3, but Golden Tate's "TD" probably sent Green Bay to San Fran instead of San Fran to Green Bay, but now we know how much that matters

  35. My aunt and uncle are packers fans in WA and had a shitty time there too. Had the fans on either side of them screaming directly into their ears the whole game.

  36. Probably going to get buried, but many years ago (probably between 10-15) my dad took my best friend and I to a Giant’s home game using one of his friend’s season tickets. We used to go maybe 1-2 times a season. We were there when Tom Brady and Randy Moss broke the record! This probably happened a year or two after. Same seats every time - decently high up, one row of seats between us and the balcony.

  37. That's a underrated bonkers stretch for an NFL franchise. If it happened today the internet would be trashing Bud Adams. It's like what Spanos is doing to the Chargers but significantly worse.

  38. I was 11 when my dad (PIT native) took me to a Steelers @ Ravens game. I swear in my little kid mind it was like being Frodo around a gang of orcs. Guy behind us was so drunk, screaming "GO BACK TO FUCKING SHITSBURGH!" and my dad, being a typical yinzer was like "Quiet dahn, ya bum!" I swear the only reason my dad didn't fist fight the entire city of Baltimore is because I was there. Oh and it rained the entire damned game. 1998 I believe it was! What a time.

  39. Being at Superbowl 38, in the absolute worst nose-bleed seats (vendor told me "those seats go to charities") Not even able to see half the field. The two fat fucks from New England wedged up against me, couldn't see the nipple. Did see the streaker (you TV folks didn't ha). Drunk ass relitives spent barely more than my "PSL lotto" tickets which I was offered 5000 a ticket for right after winning, and they're on the 40 yard line bullshitting with George Bush and Tara Reid. Panthers lost on maybe the ONLY shank John Kasey ever kicked and the car battery died. Bad enough?

  40. This one wins. I’ve read every one, and just the stakes at hand, couple with everything else, with a car battery to top it off. This takes the cake.

  41. I once went to a Ravens-Steelers game in December. I had an upper-deck seat. It was like 9 degrees after the windchill. I mean this game was brutally cold. And Polomalu forced a turnover or something and we didn't even win.

  42. Before the super bowl in minneapolis, eagles vs patriots, I saw an eagles fan take a diarrhea dump on the sidewalk outside a bar just across the street. Not in the stadium, but it was a memorable experience.

  43. My bro is a Jags fan and I flew with him to the home opener two years ago. It was scheduled at high noon with a pleasant 130 degrees at kickoff.

  44. I had a similar experience at a game in Tampa Bay. Only way to escape the sun and humidity was to hang out in the concourse. Brutal.

  45. Had a drunk guy saying casually racist things to a white Pats fan at a Bills game who didn’t really know how to handle it. Just being loud and obnoxious the whole game.

  46. Went to a Seahawks Bears game in Seattle. Was in 2007. The Bears had knocked the Hawks out of the playoffs in 2006. Wife and I attended in Bears gear.

  47. Yeah it's bad there. The worst part is that I'm pretty sure they've normalized it to such an extent that every person there repping Seattle thinks that's how you're supposed to behave at a football game.

  48. This will be oddly specific, but I hate Minnesota. I am a Ravens fan living in Chicago and travel the Midwest to see games when they’re playing around. Most cities have fun fans that will rib you some, but in a relatively playful manner. Nothing some counter-ribbing and a beer won’t solve. The fans in Minnesota suck. Only time I’ve thought I’d be victim to, or cause, violence. Not just one or two rowdy assholes. Many of them. Fuck Minneapolis and fuck the Juicy Lucy.

  49. My experience lines up with this pretty precisely. Not sure where this "folksy, kind Midwesterner" reputation comes from because I've never really seen it hold. Polite, maybe superficially, but nice? Mmmkay.

  50. Took my mom and my now stepdad to Eagles @ Giants Thursday night game in 2018, my moms a giants fan and figured a night game would be really nice. Fuckin monsoon all before kickoff and finally dries up… giants fumbled the kickoff at the 4?? Yard line and eagles score a touchdown in the opening minute. Then giants did giants things some more, just wanted my mom to have a good day damn you Giants

  51. I was maybe 10 years old at the time and I was at the old NY Giants stadium and went to the bathroom and it was packed and everyone was lining up at the urinals and when I finally got to one, an old man to my left said, “hey kid! Look!” and waved his dick at me, drunkenly. A lot of people laughed and it kinda freaked me out and to this day, I still would mostly prefer to use a stall with the door closed in a crowded bathroom unless I’m drunk or have to piss really bad.

  52. Yeah, it’s absolute shit as a visiting fan, even a non-division rival fan. Worst sporting event experience I’ve ever had. All this, and the Saints won comfortably. They were just all assholes.

  53. Went watch Redskins v Eagles at the Vet on a freezing cold day. My experience wasn’t terrible I did not wear any Skins gear. A few rows in front of me are a bunch of guys in Skins gear. Swoop the Eagle mascot rolls up in front of them on his ATV and pulls out a super soaker a soaks these guys. They show the whole thing on the Jumbotron and the Philly fans go wild.

  54. Idk if this qualifies but my ex gf took me to a game (NE vs NYJ 12/21/2014) and my eyes wandered to the guys phone next to me and saw the N word with an R on the screen…kinda wasn’t comfortable there plus my gf was black. Idk, I shouldn’t have been nosey and it wasn’t intentional, it just sorta happened. Didn’t like sitting next to a racist tho. Idk if that qualifies.

  55. Was at Bottlegate. We were sitting 3 or 4 rows from the top. Got covered in beer from people thinking they could chuck their bottles from the nosebleeds onto the field.

  56. I've been to several games, it's never been a good experience. A few hundred dollars for one nosebleed seat, so you're easily dropping $1,000+ if you want to take a few people. You spend 6-8 hours of your last weekend day off, a good portion of that just traveling to and from the stadium. Then when you're at the game, you can't really see shit and it's tough to tell what's going on.

  57. Yeah, I’m one of those weirdos that will take a game on tv over the stadium 10/10 times. Cause when it’s over I can just walk over and do whatever the heck it is I want to do. Like watch another game lol. Not as easy in a traffic jam.

  58. I've been to games in Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, and Denver. For whatever reason, the only bad experiences I've had were in Denver. As a teenager going with my family we got heckled way beyond normal trash talk, cursed at, and at a Sunday Night game two trashed dudes tried to kiss my mom and got ejected.

  59. That’s sad to hear. The last game I was at was in the black hole in Oakland decked out in Broncos gear and everyone was super chill.

  60. I think we're always paying for those nineties teams unfortunately. I've lived in Colorado my whole life and at certain points Broncos fans have been absolutely insufferable. I was in middle school for the Broncos first glory run, and would get shit talked by grown adults in grocery stores etc . The second run of super bowls they've been better, and I legit enjoyed seeing Demarcus and Peyton get a ring. I'd say their true fans are typically really chill, but the bandwagon fans are either homer in the bushes or obnoxious as fuck. Their long term sustained success has made them super entitled. Recently a friend of mine was complaining about how long ago the win over the Panthers felt like , fuck I'd be glad to watch the boys lose a NFC championship game lol

  61. I wonder if there’s a Commanders fan in this sub that got soaked in shit water from that one time in FedEx Field

  62. Baltimore, hands down. Got rear ended on the way to the stadium by some idiot who doesn’t know how to drive/merge who took off my bumper. Had wait for the cops and call my insurance, then to run around (because I couldn’t drive with my bumper scraping the ground) to find bungee cords to secure my bumper

  63. Easily the Superdome when I was a kid. My mom is a Bucs fan (wore a jersey to the game) and I was 11 at the time. To start off with it's easily the worst stadium I've ever been in. At the start of the 2nd quarter my mom and two beers "accidentally" spilled on her. Left before half because two grown men were yelling at us. Sucks for them because we went back to the hotel, had a great dinner, and watched the Bucs stomp them.

  64. Senior year of hs hung at old giants stadium during a game against the Saints in ‘96 or ‘97. It was below freezing. The game was terrible and made my hangover worse. I ate a hot dog and threw up all over the seats in front of me, luckily no one was in our section to care

  65. Commies @ Bills I think 2019, Bills won but a scumbag behind me talked shit to an autistic kid who was next me to, the adults near me handled it and got security who only moved the guy, fuck him.

  66. Home game at LA Coliseum against 49ers in 2019. It was an extremely ugly game and all the 9ers fans around me were trying their damnedest to start fights with everyone they could think to try to incite

  67. The bathrooms at old Foxboro stadium were a war crime. Instead of urinals or even a trough, there were these piss fountains. Everyone stood in a circle to piss. I was just a kid, and it freaked me the hell out. I didn't want to ever go back.

  68. When the smoking policies went into effect around 2004-2006ish. I was just a teen but basically everyone at the new eagles stadiums would smoke on the outdoor stairwells. Every landing there would be like 10-15 smokers. Go down a flight, another 10-15 smokers.

  69. Went to a Bears game at “old” Soldier Field. GF peed in my cooler because the toilets were too far away. She crapped in a different cooler years later. I bought more coolers. Got rid of her.

  70. Guy a couple rows in front of me at the old Patriots stadium spilled his drink on his pants and they froze solid and maybe to the seat. It wasn't really a seat so much, just a metal bench with numbers on it. His pants ripped when he stood up. He had to take off his coat in the freezing cold to put around what was left of his pants just to sit back down. Idk where he got it but somehow he ended up with a blanket but he seemed pretty miserable for the rest of the game.

  71. Boston fans are some of the most racist and despicable people I’ve met. Patriots fans aren’t as bad as Celtics fans but they’re not too much better. Moving out of Boston was one of the best choices i ever made.

  72. I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. I’ve been to Gillette a few times and I’ve never witnessed anything that bad. Generally speaking all the people I interact with in my sections have been polite, if not kind of sarcastically aggressive - and that goes for away team fans as well. I think the worst experience I had was when they lost to the Chiefs at home a couple years ago, and one Pats fan drunkenly pushed his way through the crowd and knocked my wife over.

  73. That sounds terrible, if you ever come across tickets to such a heinous event please send them my way for disposal.

  74. At the Vet in Philly. I was 12. Eagles cardinals. I saw McNabb throw 4 tds and 1 pick on a broken fibula. After the pick, the drunk guy behind screamed, “PUT A WHITE GUY IN!”

  75. Watching the Ravens decimate the Chargers last season but that had nothing to do with the fans or stadium. I've nothing but good things to say in that regard.

  76. I related my personal story, but a friend of mine was at a game and this drunk dude who apparently was a very, very big drunk dude, tripped on his way to his seat and spilled his beers and nachos on the poor unfortunate visitor fan in front of him. He laughed, picked a chip up off the ground and scooped cheese off of this mans back before eating it. I'm maybe going to lose that fight, but we're going to find out.

  77. At an Eagles game, the man behind me threw up all over. It went to the ground, but it just stunk the rest of the game. Even in the cold. He did not stop drinking, if you're wondering. Then on the walk out of the stadium, a different Eagles fan stabbed an opposing fan because the Eagles lost.

  78. Sun Devil Stadium in September. It was just hot no shade and metal benches, this was back when it could still fit over 70000.

  79. Buffalo Bills home game in late November. Sitting on frozen metal benches. I had to chip away the thick layer of ice to sit on the bench. Then in the third quarter, a blizzard arrived and dropped feet of snow! The bus ride back to Toronto took over 10 hours which was normally a two hour drive. It sucked! I vowed to only go to Bills games in September or October after that experience.

  80. Going to see the Cowboys play the Panthers in 2015. Thanksgiving day, Romo’s first game back from a broken collarbone. He throws three interceptions in the first half, then re-injures his collarbone in the third quarter. Out for the rest of the season. Cowboys lose the game 14-33.

  81. The old Qualcomm stadium in San Diego was straight out of 1990 when I went in 2014. It was so run down and dilapidated. There was even old crt televisions hanging on the ceilings above the shaded seats.

  82. Went to a chargers game with my dad and brother to watch the giants play them for the last time before qualcomm stadium was gone. We were hyped to see the giants play since we rarely see them on the west coast, so we went all out and tailgated and wore our expensive jerseys to try and have a blast. Well my dad had a few too many beers, maybe thinking we would take care of him or something. And when we got to our seats, we were surrounded by chargers fans. Overly drunk, loud, and obnoxious chargers fans at that. Every first down, every scoring play, every chug of a beer by another fan....chaos. Well the giants are sucking at that point in the game (no surprise) and it might have been one of ekelers break out games in the past, it's hard to remember all the details...but the chargers fans are getting louder and drunker all while my dad is drunk and all pissy about the game. You can probably guess where this is going. The guys sitting in front of us were some very passionate chargers fans...big burly mexican dudes wearing charger ponchos and hats in the shape of bolts. The chargers scored a touchdown and they both sat up and cheered, turned around to my dad, and purposely poured beer on his head and all over his expensive and signed jersey. Yeaaahhhh....did not play out nicely. Dad jumped over the seats to fight them...turned into a 1v10 brawl. Ended up getting kicked out of qualcomm. Crazy that my dad didnt get seriously hurt. But yeah....no bueno. Not fun. Would not recommend

  83. I was at a preseason Panthers game (note PRESEASON) and there was some drunk old lady who wouldn’t shut up about how they were playing in a PRESEASON game. Ruined my first and only lower level experience.

  84. Going to Fins vs Bills in Buffalo... it was 35 degrees in December and freezing rain the whole game. Of course Miami got whooped up on. Some jackass a few rows in front of me was screaming at me the whole game anytime anything happened to the point where we were ready to fight and his friends made him move a few rows away. Just trying to walk back to the car after the game and everyone is screaming at me the usual fuck you, you fucking suck, go home etc. Some chode comes up and shoulder bumps into me violently hard so I ended up in a fist fight kicking his ass before a bunch of fans jumped in and broke it up. Drunk Bills fans are the worst if you're an opposing rival fan.

  85. On behalf of Bills Mafia, I'm sorry you had such a shitty time. Majority of us don't condone such behavior. Rivalries are supposed to be fun and lighthearted, not cause for literal fistfights. Please don't let the degenerates make you feel some type of way about all of us!

  86. The only game I’ve ever been to. I went to the Vikings, WFT game when Griffen had that crazy long run.

  87. Rams vs Seahawks 2016 in the LA Coliseum. Was actually the Rams first regular reason game back in LA. The game was incredibly boring I think both teams scored less than 10 points, and it was incredibly hot with no shade and it was difficult to access water.

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