If you had to choose one player to be duplicated 52 times and make up your entire roster who would it be?

  1. Gronk. I think he could bulk up enough to be a pretty damn good offensive lineman. One of the all time great blocking TEs. And we all know what a freaky athlete he was in his prime.

  2. Jamaal Williams. Wouldn't be very good but just mic them all up and it would be the most entertaining team of all time.

  3. 22 derrick henry's running the wildcat and a cover 3/cover 4 heavy defense might could occasionally score/get off the field, assuming the OL/DL henrys could be given time to bulk up and the WR/DB henrys could shed 20-30 pounds

  4. Kam Chancellor. He was an emergency QB, gigantic specimen of a human being, and he had the athleticism to play in the secondary. To me, he can probably do well enough at every position to be a scary person to line up against.

  5. If I can pick anyone from any era I’m picking Walter Payton. He did it all well as a RB and would punish people trying to tackle him.

  6. We’re homers but I think it’s legit. 6’5” 240 he’s trucked, leaped, juked, stiff armed, all those things.

  7. I mean Tim Tebow is a linebacker playing QB in a tight ends body who could also call the game and bless the knees.

  8. Lamar jackson would be interesting. You’ve got freak skill positions, Lamar throwing to 3-4 Lamars and another Lamar or two in the backfield.

  9. Would be entertaining to see a bunch of Tom Bradys running the field, looking like a herd of newborn giraffes…

  10. Andrew Thomas, we already know he can block very well, and catch. And hes big enough to run through a team of not-Andrew Thomas'. Defense might not be great but we scoring

  11. How is Bo Jackson not the only answer? I know these things arent supposed to have a right answer. But he is absolutely the right answer.

  12. Prime Adrian Peterson. A team full of pure running backs that can't do anything else, just to switch things up.

  13. Tom Brady has dragged entire teams to Super Bowl wins single-handedly, just imagine if there was an entire team of him.

  14. Somewhere aways above us here, somebody said that a team of Bradys would look like a bunch of newborn giraffes running around on the field and I laughed my balls off

  15. Not true, JJ Watt played TE for the Texans in Red Zone situations and caught 3 offensive TDs (scored 5 total TDs that season, first player in like 60 or 70 years to score multiple times on offense and defense in a season). 2014 JJ Watt was a beast, also had 20.5 sacks, 10 passes sWatt'd, 4 forced fumbles, 1 pick 6. Got 26% of the MVP votes that year, but according to rumors, didn't get votes because the Texans didn't make the playoffs.

  16. Historically, Daunte Culpepper. Having an elite passer would be such a huge advantage over other single-player teams. He's 265 pounds, 6'4", and ran a 4.56 40, so he was big and fast enough to competently play any position.

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