2022 r/NFL QB rankings poll RESULTS!

  1. If anything ZW is too high. Every single QB after him going down to Trey Lance is a better QB as of right now. ZW is obviously more valuable cuz he still has some upside, but if we’re tryna rank players objectively based on how good of a QB they are right now, ZW should be lower.

  2. I think zach wilson is pretty appropriately ranked tbh. I think my questions are more why some of the guys ahead of him are there when some of the guys behind are better

  3. Exactly what I thought. Personally would move a few a spot or two up or down but otherwise a very reasonable to accurate list.

  4. By all accounts Trevor Lawrence is the worst starter in the league going into this season. He was bad bad. Worst rookie season in the last 10 years. But....

  5. What has Kyler shown to prove that he's better than either of them? Dak and Kirk had better stats than him last year and both have done more in the postseason than Kyler has.

  6. I didn’t watch enough Kyler but I think the case for Dak over Kirk is stronger than the other way. But unfortunately after Daks second half last season I do think he is closer to being a Kirk than to being one of the top tier QBs

  7. I would certainly put Jones above Trubisky, Fields, Mariota if the matchup were today. Definitely Trevor Lawrence as well. I’m not even sure if Goff or Winston are clearly that much better than Daniel Jones.

  8. Kyler has the advantage of being a good FF QB. Most people probably haven't seen too many of his games, but know he scores a lot of points in fantasy.

  9. Carr is not better than Cousins. I’m not a Carr hater but he somehow gets a pass for being a below .500 QB who hasn’t won a playoff game.

  10. The moment I saw where Kirk was, I just laughed. He’s genuinely like 4-5 spots lower than what talent and stats show

  11. Kirk Cousins has been absolutely showered with offensive talent around him in Minnesota including Thielen, Cooks, Diggs and Jefferson. Not that it’s amounted to anything so that’s probably why he gets so much shit. But hey, at least he’s doing a bit better in the stats department

  12. Watson out of the top 10? Was this a personality contest or a QB ranking? Watson is a piece of shit but is more likely to be in the top 5 than out of the top 10.

  13. Deshaun Watson at #13 and behind Carr is a joke, right? Dude should be in prison and all that but he's easily top 10

  14. I really don't understand how you have Burrow and Herbert above guys like Lamar, Stafford and Wilson. They've only been in the league for a couple seasons they have way too much left to prove before they can be considered top-5 QBs imo. Ffs Herbert hasn't even made the playoffs yet. And Lamar/Stafford/Wilson have won either an MVP or a SB. Two years sample size is just not enough to rank those guys so high yet. If they have another good season or two, with Herbert ofc needing to make the playoffs at least once (postseason success is a knock on Lamar, why not for Herbert?), then maybe I'll agree with them being top-5, but not yet.

  15. Agreed. I like burrow and Herbert, but would move them down to 9 and 10. I think Jackson, Wilson, Stafford and Watson should be ahead of them for now.

  16. (Jags fan) seeing this and seeing TLaw above Davis Mills and Wilson makes me think this is more of a projection for next year? I could deff be wrong

  17. Interesting list, has molesting all these women affected Watson's QB abilities? I mean he has won more playoff games and had better seasons in terms of passer rating than Carr or Herbert, I love me some Herbert but he still needs to prove he can make playoffs, with a stacked roster too.

  18. Hey, we had to hear for years why Dalton was a bottom 10 QB because he couldn't get over the playoff hump. Now we have a QB who won 3 playoff games in 1 season so it makes sense right? Burrow should be above QBs with the same or even slightly better stats because the only thing that matters is that playoff hump.

  19. I don’t even think that’s too much of an overreaction, he needs to clean up a few minor aspects of his game and he’s an mvp candidate. And one of those things is the sack rate which is down to his o line quite a bit

  20. I had burrow over Herbert after the heat of their playoff run but now that I've cooled off Herbert is definitely over burrow although it is essentially neck and neck and preference.

  21. It's just because people can't separate team success from the QB. I think Herbert is top 5 and Burrow is just outside. Not that my opinion means shit.

  22. This is mostly reasonable but there are some headscratchers. Watson’s too low and Baker’s too high; people let their biases cloud that one pretty egregiously. I’m not sure if Goff is too high or Wentz is too low but it feels like they should be around the same spot, I don’t get the gap. Also, a 40 year old unsigned Fitz coming off injury in 25th, really?

  23. At one point last season Lamar Jackson was 6-1. leading the league in 4QC's and GWDs, and had the 4th overall vegas odds for winning MVP.

  24. Don’t compare Wentz 2021 season on the Colts to Goff’s 2021 on the Lions. If Goff had the weapons Wentz did, Goff would’ve had a much better year

  25. I think it's absolutely ridiculous how reactionary NFL fans have been towards Kyler. Everyone clowns him for shitting the bed at the end of the year, but people forget he was the MVP favorite halfway through the season until he got injured. I would put him at 6 or 7 depending on how well Watson has continued his development during the past year (assuming he isn't suspended next year, which he should be).

  26. Russell Wilson at 9th is way too low, regardless of how the Seahawks performed last season. I don't like seeing Joe Burrow above him after just 26 games played, or Justin Herbert with his zero playoff appearances, or Lamar Jackson with just one playoff win. For that matter, he accomplished more in his first four seasons in the NFL than Josh Allen has, and he's better than Matthew Stafford too.

  27. Wilson > Stafford is a biased take and I’ll always stand by this opinion even as he stays as a Ram. Stafford, in my opinion, has always been a better QB than Wilson, but the Lions bias has it skewed one way. Wilson had top 3 defenses for many years and a running game that could keep defenses in check for most of his career. Stafford didn’t, and NEVER had a running game, AND DESPITE THESE FACTS, STAFFORD STILL ALWAYS PUT UP BETTER STATS THAN WILSON. The only thing that has people biased toward Wilson is playoff success which isn’t fair given what Stafford had to deal with here in Detroit. Winning is not a QB stat. Stafford has always been better than Wilson. If anyone disagrees with me, sorry but you’re wrong.

  28. I'd take our boy Fields over anyone Matt Ryan on down. Understand where he's rated currently given his wasted Nagy year, but if Getsy turns out to be a real OC, I'm expecting him to jump up a solid 15 or so spots in these types of lists.

  29. I wonder how this list works for the 1-40 spots. The 75 or so I answered were constantly Geno Smith vs Matt Corral and Desmond Ridder vs Tim Boyle

  30. I'd definitely have Stafford over Lamar based on last season, but I'm sure there are more Ravens fans around here than Rams fans

  31. Surprised to see Tannehill at a reasonable 16. For sure thought recency bias was gonna plummet him to the 20s. Respect this list🤝🏾

  32. Kirk beneath Matt Ryan? Okay giant meteor, take us out now. This world is too stupid to deserve to be here anymore.

  33. Baker beat his divisional rival in the playoffs and Goff had a super bowl appearance along with a couple other postseason runs. Mac still has much to prove but he's capable of surpassing them both.

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