[B/R Gridiron] Mike Tomlin is now the NFL’s only active Black head coach after Brian Flores (Dolphins) and David Culley (Texans) were fired this offseason. One.

  1. I’ve seen like 4 pictures of him today and thought he was white without a second thought lol. Just googled him though and I can see it

  2. I only knew it because some people were complaining that Eric Bieniemy wasn't given the Texans' job over the offseason because of his race, conveniently ignoring the fact they hired a different Black coach.

  3. It feels like I've been holding my breath underwater this whole season. I THOUGHT HE WAS ITALIAN. I didn't want to say it. OMG.

  4. Idk man he might be. The owner club is tight and those dudes won’t hire someone who clashed against an entire organization, and especially another owner, the way Flores did.

  5. I can’t even blame y’all. He’s kinda white passing. I didn’t know he was black until Texans hired him and we got comp picks

  6. Maybe that saves the organization if the management doesn't get in the way. People focus on Watson's sex assault allegations but I think forget the way the front office let things fall apart before that.

  7. Something tells me there will be more than one by the start of next season.... that or Tomlin is gonna get a very awkward call after our playoff loss. Lets hope its the first lol

  8. I don't think there is any chance Tomlin will get fired, but even if he is, I think he could just call a bunch of teams and say this is how much you are going to pay me and I'll be into the office on Monday.

  9. And there's 7-8 job openings. Let's save the overreaction for when they're all filled by white guys who have been fired multiple times.

  10. I made a joke on the Jets sub that the qualifications for being an OC/HC in the NFL seems like you need to be young, played football at a D3/FCS/G5 school, have a relative who also coaches/works for the NFL, have a "little more on the top" hair cut and be white and a bunch of whiny snowflakes claimed that I was making a joke about white genocide.

  11. It also completely avoids someone like Saleh who, IIRC, is the third Muslim HC ever and the first Arab HC ever. I'm not saying the league's HC jobs aren't dominated by white men, but Black is not the only minority. I'm hopeful more coaches that aren't white men become a thing. Where's my East Asian coach? My Polynesian coach? etc.

  12. Not just that but as a person who is neither black nor white nothing annoys me more that "minority" in the United States typically just means black people and "diversity" just means how many black people you have.

  13. Race is not a quality for a coach (or anything else). I don't care what the coach looks like as long as he's doing a good job... fk off with that race nonesense already.

  14. Yeah, that’s what happens when a bunch of people get fired, you have fewer people. Unless OP is hinting that they got fired because they were black this isn’t news.

  15. God I hate these articles. I find it hard to believe that a majority of these franchises are trying to find the best head coach AND one who’s white.

  16. Obviously it’s extremely unlikely that any owner or GM is going “find me a new coach and he better be white”

  17. Wasn't there first one in nearly a decade playing this year? I can't remember his Mae or team, but I swear I saw a headline on it.

  18. Asians don't play football, why do white people always bring us Asians into this shit. Something like 1% of the league is of Asian decent, so it makes sense that there aren't really Asian coaches. But ~60% of the league is black yet 3/32 of NFL head coaches this season are black. And nearly every NFL coach played at least at the collegiate level, which is about 50% black. It's not that hard to understand there's so kind of disconnect here

  19. Always found it funny there's more white receivers in the NFL than there are white cornerbacks on the rosters of all FBS schools combined.

  20. I have no clue why either coach was fired. Culley getting to 4 wins with that Houston roster is pretty good honestly and Flores is a damn good coach

  21. Hes the only coach in the league that I literally have no idea what he looks like. And I watched an entire game he coached like 2 months ago.

  22. I was thinking the same thing. I can’t say I watched a Texans game this season and I’ve only had a glimpse at Culley. Now that I look at his picture I see it.

  23. Whether you think it's actually due to race or not, objectively I think you have to admit the head coaches fired this cycle who are black were given a much shorter leash than the coaches who were fired who are white.

  24. All anyone should care about with a coach is one thing: can he consistently win? Race or any other thing is stupid. NFL doesn’t care.

  25. As a Korean person where the fuck are the articles about zero Asian head coaches in the nfl. Zero.

  26. Hate this shit, majority of players are black and you don’t see people making articles that white people are under represented

  27. Literally like 80%+ nfl are black. I just don’t see the issue here. If you’re going to make a point there aren’t enough black coaches then make the point there aren’t enough white players, or at least proportionate to population.

  28. Obviously skill level at the position is what’s most important. But to everyone who says the NFL is mostly black anyways, the reality is that the most important positions for teams are usually the QB and head coach, both of which have historically been white guys. Again skill level should be the most important thing, but if there’s people of color period who are qualified, seeing them get opportunities would be great.

  29. Black players were thought to be too stupid to be QB for a pretty long time, there’s still bias now. still at the younger levels they get moved into different positions, hell there was talk about putting Lamar at WR. hopefully guys like lamar can start a snowball though

  30. Honestly question - why do we care about proportionate racial representation when it comes to coaches but not when it comes to players? Do people think of coaching as an unskilled job or something?

  31. A tweet like this just feels unnecessary and needlessly provocative when there are numerous head coach vacancies waiting to be filled, and when Brian Flores is being hotly tipped to fill one of those vacancies. The number could be five or six in three months, and then this tweet would just look even more foolish. If there are 32 head coaches in charge in the NFL and Mike Tomlin is the only black one, then you can say 'Is something going wrong here?' but when a quarter of the league is looking for a new head coach, Mike Tomlin being the only black head coach cannot be flagged up as a worrying thing.

  32. These race baiting clickbait tweets/articles are always trash. The owners and nfl are all a bunch of greedy old dinosaurs who just want to make money and hopefully win in the process. They hire who thinks will bring them the most success. Considering that the majority of the league is black and a shit ton of franchise/star players are black, I don’t think the owners give a shit what race the head coach is. Head coaches make less than star players and are barely in the spotlight or household names anyways unless they’re scandalous like urban Meyer or highly successful like belicheck.

  33. I like how we can’t just appreciate how good or bad a coach because we are only happy when there’s enough of a certain skin tone. Seems like we should focus on hiring people that are badasses and not just box checkers.

  34. Seriously. White people are the devil. Hoping to see 100 percent black representation across all sports to show how diverse and progressive we are as Americans.

  35. The population of the USA is 12.7% African American. So that means if 4 out of the 32 teams (12.5%) have a black coach, we can achieve the appropriate level of racial equity for this utopia of diversity that these headlines advocate for. Four coaches. That's it. Last season there were 3. In 2018 there were seven.

  36. Or you could say Tomlin is the only black head coach who knows what the F he's doing. News flash, being black doesn't auto qualify you as a good HC.

  37. I'm not worried about this yet. Flores and Leftwich are two hot names on the market right now and you never know if guys like Bieniemy, Joseph, or Bowles will get a shot. Let's wait until 1/4 of the NFL no longer has a vacancy at HC.

  38. Can someone explain what this means? Not American. So what? The 'right' coach is chosen for a job. What's that got to do with skin colour?

  39. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't blacks the majority of players in the NFL, and in a wildly disproportionate number as compared to the general US population? Idiots trying to stir-up racism because it gets them attention.

  40. Im getting really tired of these stupid ass race baiting articles. Hire a Japanese coach, I bet they wont

  41. Undisputed just found something to talk about for an hour tomorrow, in-between Cowboys discussion.

  42. Imo there are more white coaches then black coaches because white people aren’t as athletic hence the higher percentage of white college athletes take coaching jobs while some of their black teammates become players.

  43. Equality of opportunity is absolutely something to strive for, but man sport would be depressing if it weren't meritocratic.

  44. flores will get a job, theres been talk about caldwell getting one, and bienemy is a perennial candidate. the offseason literally just started for some teams.

  45. Sure a big change of tune on this sub when everyone 2 years back wanted to burn Urlacher's jersey for not bowing down to BLM.

  46. I get Culley I never got the impression he was anything more than a 1 or 2 year transition, but Flores makes absolutely zero sense to fire

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