What's your "nightmare" Super Bowl match up?

  1. I think the NFL should have a Toilet Bowl game where the two worst teams play for the number one draft pick. I would watch that any day. Also play it in London.

  2. Why would the players want the team to get a better pick lol. Yeah I’m sure the QB will play real hard for the team to draft that generational QB

  3. I'd be rooting for the Pats there which would be wild to me. I wanna see BB get one at HC without Brady and if its against Brady then that's even better to me

  4. As awful and annoying as the Brady vs Belichick storyline would be, it would still be one of the most watched Super Bowls in years

  5. I want this so bad, because it would legitimately one of the most historically interesting sporting events ever, but I would have absolutely no choice but to black out all sports media for at least the two weeks leading up to it.

  6. Rich Eisen dedicates all three hours of his show for a solid week waxing philosophically about how this is the denouement, the grand finale of the American mythos.

  7. Pro tip: If you don’t like Nick Wright, you don’t have to watch his shows. Nick Wright doesn’t exist in my life.

  8. Last time I listened to Nick Wright, he was dying on the hill that OBJ was the best PLAYER in the NFL.... This was the same year AB and Julio cleared 1800 yards.

  9. The only time I hear about him is when he's calling Jokic the worst MVP of all time. That's all I need to see to understand the guy is a complete and total moron.

  10. 3rd time is a charm though right? I used to always ask Santa for a bengals super bowl win and I feel this would be quite perfect

  11. We haven't won a single playoff game since 1991. Even the slightest whiff of a Super Bowl appearance this season is SO FAR from being a nightmare.

  12. Patrick Mahomes is lucky to be in the league the same time as Tom Brady. Reading these comments it’s pretty obvious no one is sick of the Chiefs despite their massive success only because there’s still someone out there who’s even more successful lol. If Brady wasn’t here for people to be sick of watching him succeed, the honor would definitely fall on Mahomes shoulders.

  13. A COVID tarnished Lombardi leaving a foul taste in everyone’s mouths for months. If Mahomes or Allen or Brady or whoever comes down with it 2 days before the game it would cause uproar.

  14. Imagine taking the nightmare nugget of Patriots-Bucs and have Brady and a bunch of other Bucs starters test positive and miss the game. Then the Patriots win in a game that looks like that Browns-Raiders Monday afternoon game, causing a large portion of Americans to metaphorically vomit.

  15. The worst would be if a QB who has been vocally pro-vax tested positive the day before and they were facing anti-vax Rodgers and the Packers. Can you imagine the Rogans of the world reacting to that, especially after Rodgers wins a SB after the last year of drama?

  16. Let’s just hope it runs it’s course before we get there. The US has nearly 20 million active cases right now…

  17. Even as a Pats fan it would be insufferable. If there was no media I'd love the matchup. But the forced need to debate who was responsible, etc. No thanks.

  18. Hooooo buddy, and you thought the constant announcer circle-jerking about Ben's last home game was bad....

  19. After the game thread this year during our game with them I think I'd be fine to never play the Cowboys ever again

  20. THE STATE FARM BOWL! Packers v. Chiefs I will not watch this superbowl. The ads alone would make you want to throw your buffalo chicken dip at the TV.

  21. I feel like it is my duty as a Buffalonian to implore you not to waste any of that glorious dip. That said, it would be an annoying matchup (though probably a reasonably fun game)

  22. Anyone vs the Chiefs. Just because I have a co-worker who is a die hard Chiefs fan and she never shuts about them and has all this Chiefs memorabilia on her desk and wears Chiefs sweatshirts and hats. She also wasn't a fan until Mahomes second year in the league. She also went to the same high school and was in the same graduating class as Brady Quinn and had no idea he played for them (Dublin Coffman). So yeah, Chiefs. Cause of the one coworker.

  23. Lol, so she's from Columbus and is a Chiefs fan. How convenient. If Joey B goes on a run expect to see more orange and black on her desk.

  24. If the Pats and the Bucs make their conference championships I’m legitimately worried the NFL may rig it

  25. May rig it? Man... this league is far from being "clean" at every level, every fan is aware about that in some way

  26. I obviously want KC in the super bowl but one of my most hated matchups would also be Chiefs v. Bucs. I can't go through that again.

  27. New blood? The chiefs won their first super bowl in 50 years and two years later its old? Ten years for the packers. Boring would be brady again.

  28. I want us to go aginst the Buccs. It might be the nail in the coffin for Brady to hang it up if we rise from the ashes of last year.

  29. As a Titans fan, I’m most worried about the Packers or Brady so either of those vs the Titans would be my vote.

  30. A lot of people hating on Packers vs Chiefs, but we've been denied a Mahomes-Rodgers matchup despite the two teams having met twice. Of course if they make the SB, one will probably wind up in covid protocols before the game.

  31. ITT: No one seems to care at all about game quality or intrigue. You care more about espn coverage and stats. What the fuck happened to us

  32. Any two teams that are missing a considerable number of players and only advance via improbable performances and turnovers. I want to see the two teams that are the best on paper and on the field, hence why less intensive sports play series in the playoffs.

  33. Patriots/Bucs. Absolute nightmare fuel. Either Brady wins again or Pats win and we get a whole new level of cocky Pats fan to deal with.

  34. Cowboys-Patriots. Arrogant fanbases getting in your faces and bragging about the Super Bowls wins your favorite team doesn't have.

  35. Dallas sniffing a chance at winning would be dreadful as there would be even more cowboy fans than usual with the bandwagon cheerleaders. Seeing them get there and lose would be awesome though lol. I just want the birds to make some noise and upset a few teams to show they can beat a team over .500 and gain the playoff experience in the process.

  36. Brady vs Anyone. The amount of dick sucking the networks do to him for two weeks is unbelievable. Yes, he's amazing, but he's not Jesus!

  37. Pats Buccaneers or Packers Chiefs. Weve seen all these teams /players time and time again. Time for some new blood, a two tone blue team perhaps 😉

  38. Chiefs VS Packers is my nightmare, I'd rather have a first time winner win it all, so time to step up the Bills, Cardinals, Bengals, Chargers and Titans.

  39. BUF-TB. The coverage would be 2 weeks of insufferable gobbling of Brady’s balls and if we lost to him I might actually walk into traffic

  40. Everybody in the AFCs nightmare match-up is now basically our version of every past nightmare AFC Championship Match-up

  41. Packers and steelers. I'm a bears fan that lives in ohio, so I really like both the bears and the browns, and hate both the packers and the steelers.

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