Game Thread: Indianapolis Colts (8-6) at Arizona Cardinals (10-4)

  1. Arizona started 7-0… now 10-5 so 3-5 since undefeated mark. Kliff K has a reputation of starting a season strong and then flailing out. Texas Tech before they fired him after 6 seasons and 3 consecutive losing seasons: Won 64% of games in first half of his schedule, and then would go on to win 31% of his second half of season games So far in AZ after 3 seasons- wins 71% of his first 8 games, and only 31% won of his last 8

  2. Both Kliff and Kyler are overrated. Kliff makes dumb decisions and Kyler just comes apart when the pressure come on.

  3. Recency bias at its finest. May I remind you that dak has thrown an amazing 3 TDs and 3 INTS in his last 3 games?

  4. They had 4 fucking minute down 2 scores with a time out. So they had 2 minutes to kick a field goal and still get the ball back. But they took over 3 minutes to kick a field goal... What the fuck you morons

  5. Why the fuck is he on tv. All he does is tout his boys. The rest of the time you can barely understand wtf he’s talking about.

  6. We straight up stole that game. JV offensive line, practice squad secondary, defensive anchor out, and a kicker that can’t kick past 40 yards. Just wow

  7. Well regardless of the game results, I hope everyone here had a wonderful Christmas. I saw Encanto today with my sister, it was a great time.

  8. I doubt it, Andy Lee the punter and holder was out with COVID. Prater had two different holders this game both who aren’t great. Hard to put it squarely on him.

  9. Kirk should've ran out of bounds so they could've kicked a FG with a little over 2 minutes left. That would've given them 2 clock stoppages to stop the Colts 3 runs and get the ball back with 1:20 ish to drive the field.

  10. Kingsbury can cash in that leftover timeout for a free 4-piece nugget at any Phoenix-area McDonalds tomorrow.

  11. If you turned off the game after that failed onside kick... wew. You just missed the craziest fucked snap ever. Cards gonna win this huh?

  12. A tale of two teams. One started out hot and is floundering as of late. The other floundered early on and is getting hot right now.

  13. We would have beaten the Titans once if we had a healthy team early in the season. Oh well, we can go the hard way. Let's clinch the playoffs next week and go from there

  14. Not a chance! A full titans team obliterates a full Colts team. Let's continue this discussion in the playoffs!

  15. Looked like the best team in the league against us and then look like one of the worst teams in the league against the Colts. Fuck you Cardinals.

  16. Cardinals made a lot of mistakes. Literally not making one of them and this is a different game at the end entirely.

  17. I mean didn't he have a losing record in college? He was hired because his system fit Murray perfectly but Murray isn't really developing at the rate you'd like to see. I know he's a Pro Bowler but he's in year 3 and still looks pretty raw as a passer.

  18. You’re definitely right. The lack of discipline is actually astounding. Watching the Cardinals all season it’s obvious they’re a team that NEEDS momentum immediately or else you might as well call it a game.

  19. I know it doesn't matter but I would love to see the coach explain the logic on not going for the endzone on 3rd and goal there...

  20. It’s completely nonsensical. If you go for a field goal before the 2 minute warning you have the ability to kick off and try and hold them 3 and out, but that doesn’t work when you’ve wasted all your time

  21. All I can think of is if they go for it on 3rd and don’t get it they’ll have to rush the FG unit on and it could lead to a botched snap or something bad. Take the points.

  22. I agree. I know you need a FG and a TD but its way easier to get a FG after an onside kick than a TD and you're already at, what, inside the 15 yard line? You go for the TD there. You're not saving much more clock going for the FG there.

  23. It’s a movie about him, but actually it’s a low budget JESUS movie that looks like it was filmed on green screens by a budget YouTuber.

  24. His biopic came out today but apparently its super religious/faith based and not really a pure football movie.

  25. I am still worried the Colts will screw this up. I need the clock to be at 0:00. Yes the Colts have hurt me but Texas has hurt me more.

  26. Dumb decision to kick instead of taking one more end zone shot. Sure you've got to get down the field again and you need more time to do that... but you only need to get back into FG distance, and they already did the hard part getting into the red zone.

  27. Actually it was pretty bad considering that the Colts wanted them to dink and dunk down the field and get tackled in bounds. Which the Cards proceeded to do

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